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  1. Okay so anytime my NV runs a script for a slide show; DLC intros/outros or most recently and most annoying when House or Yesman forces you to watch the upgraded Securitrons in the basement. The DLC i can manage to trip the needed scripts to avoid this. However due to the structure of the Wildcard/House always wins there isn't a way to bypass this as no console command I've found is able to affect the non quest script that makes either of them advance passed this stage. Further console command starting the next stage doesn't help only leaves them saying you have to go to the basement which is kinda funny given that if you handle the quests normally you're booted down there anyway... so why even have that line of dialog? Any help welcome.
  2. Actually never mind just figured it out and thank you for the help, been bashing my head against this for a while then bolt outta the blue fixed.
  3. That's the part that has been driving me nuts for a while I literally copied the original forms by renaming them as such there shouldn't be any difference in the biped or any of the other data. As for editing in nifskope what entry do I need to alter for that?
  4. I've been trying to use a texture replacement for dwarven armor using CT77's meshes. In nifskope and CS the leg armor and the panties are on the model however in game these parts have disappeared on my character or anywhere else for that matter. I created entirely new forms for the retext pieces so I know the normal version still has these parts in place, anyone have an idea?
  5. Okay pretty sure Sheogorath is lurking somewhere in my computer, OTHER than where he should be, I've had this issue before and it's returned once again (more to the point I just started messing with Skyrim again after the last time I couldn't figure this out) I go thru all the required steps with Mod organizer and Bodyslide having all that working fine just due to tastes there's a fair bit of clipping in the max weight meshes out put. Now if I just move the meshes from override to a normal folder game plays fine, however if I use outfit studio to clean up the clipping any NPC in cell or if I put on the "cleaned" armor mesh with weight at 100 the game CTD's instantly anyone have any idea whats going on here?
  6. Anyone know of a patch or fix to stop FNIS Sexy Move from adding coins to mannequins?
  7. Man if I understood half of what you just said I might not need these tools. Sadly I don't so all I can say is one massive thanks for all the hell you've been through to produce these. So, THANKS AGAIN!
  8. Anyone managed to get a decent Latice from Growlf's feet to a Robert's HGEC?
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    This should be LL's manifesto.
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    Vault 69, 1 Female + 999 Males = ...

    Well that aside couldn't the scripting used for Tranquility Lane from FO3 be used as a basis for the parts where the character switchs over?
  11. Sweet that trick with the skeleton worked like a charm thanks much Anna. Also huge thanks to Gerra6 for the tool!
  12. Bigger Double Melons top, DMRA version of Manga Wide bottems, seems like I hit a wall trying to deal with teh skeleton trying one more attempt with it before looking for a bit of help. Fingers crossed.
  13. Hmm hadn't considered that point I guess I'll try clearing out that skeleton first. thanks for the idea.
  14. I can send you the altered models see if you get the same issue I have. Got another conversion that I'm gonna try to see if it was just that one set of files or if it just too much cramed into the conversions.
  15. Think you missed the bit about my conversion issue being with a lower body mess not an upper but i got that ironed out with a bit of bullheadedness. Also does anyone know of a utility that optamizes nif files? I was trying this conversion process for Cenobites Archmage Sorcereress outfit but the thing has such a massive poly count that wearing the thing started to lag my system a bit.