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    Furry bara~<3 Or really just bara in general. But I like mods for both men and women, since I play both genders in the games I play.
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    Hi! You can call me Vesuvian, or Vesu for short~ I'm just another guy who likes other guys.
    Mostly playing TES IV: Oblivion these days but I also dabble in Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Skyrim.

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  1. Accidentally posted on the Adult version of request & find for this mod, my mistake. Anyway, I was wondering where one could find the interior overhaul for the Bravil Mages Guild as seen in this vid (timestamped):
  2. I'm 99% sure these robes come from enemies in the Hentai Mania mod.
  3. Haven't been playing Oblivion in a while, but I remembered I took this picture a while back of my Khajiit character. Not exactly too sexy, but I figured it's sexy enough.
  4. Hi all, would anyone happen to know what upperbody type matches with GSB's vagina mod from here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/134-the-gsb-compendium/ I use it and while I don't mind the clipping too much, I'd still like to know what upper body it uses so I can minimize the clipping.
  5. What armor is this? I can't seem to find it in the Dwemer Art - Desert Alik'r mod, so I'm thinking it's not originally from that mod like I had thought. Comes from this post:
  6. Does anybody know what hair/wig mod was used in this image?
  7. I think I stumbled into Meridia's Realm. at least that's what the door said it is.
  8. Have you tried Highwayman Hideaway? It's a cave home/hideout for thieves.
  9. There's Umpa Sneak Walk, I don't really know of any other sneaking animation replacers apart from this one though.
  10. I would be so into having Male versions of the monsters included in the mod! There already are a few packaged in, but I ain't saying no to more males! Unfortunately my knowledge of modding in Oblivion is relatively limited, so all I've been doing is editing it to fit my tastes, either way I would love to see a version of that sometime in the future!
  11. Preach! As a test run, I tried to see if changing the gender of the captives in the MG mod breaks anything-to my surprise everything still works as intended-they get into pose and you can save them and they give you kiss marks for saving them. The only problems I've encountered are that the blankets they equip when saving them don't have a mesh for males-defaulting to tan robes-and they don't seem to follow the player after saving them, unlike the female captives. Still, better than nothing no? Since I'm done with adding generic Argonian and Khajiit captives I think I'll add male captives now. 😀
  12. They work, yes! Khajiit generic captives!! Can't wait to run into one of them the next time I go dungeon hopping. These ones are some of the more...err, gore-y captives. So warning if you don't wanna seet Khajiit guts.
  13. The Monster Girl mod captives seem to be mostly humans, with only a Skyrim Khajiit captive from what I've seen and a Khajiit corpse as the only representatives. Curious, I hopped onto the CS and see if I could make Argonian captives. Bad screenshots but I just wanted to see what the results of me messing around in CS would do, surprisingly it works. Now to add Khajiit captives.
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