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  1. You probably need to manually put the SOS texture into the proper file path since SOS only places the textures into vanilla races by default.
  2. It should be fine. I have SKSE in my data folder and added ini files through MO. It worked for me.
  3. Any time you add or remove animations you have to run FNIS again.
  4. The cave is in Whiterun hold, can't remember the name of the cave... Redoran's Retreat? EDIT: Nope. Swindler's Den, I think. Redoran's Retreat is the other one. Yes, you got it. This should be a stumper! Western Europe in 1945?
  5. Since you're using Mod Organizer you don't need to reinstall anything. Nothing at all. The reason is that MO keeps all that junk outside of the Skyrim folder so reinstalling just returns the game to the exact same state! That's the biggest reason to use MO in the first place. So come here with very specific questions so we can give specific answers to fix those issues. That's all. Forget about reinstalling anything. Install FNIS into MO just like any other mod. Then go to the right pane and click the data tab. Scroll down until you find FNIS and open folders until you find the Generate for Users file. Right click it and set as an executable. Then run FNIS through MO. The generated files will be in overwrite afterward. I like to right click the overwrite folder and choose "create mod". I name this pseudo mod after the profile's name (like "XXXX Overwrites") and keep it activated at the bottom of the left pane.
  6. We all started modifying Skyrim the same way. You learn as you go. Some find it fun actually. Once you learn enough the rest becomes easy, it just falls into place. If you need help just ask. Of course, it's a forum so you might have to wait a bit for an answer. I don't know of any place more helpful than LoversLab or one that's any faster. Nexus has a larger membership, but getting answers there is kinda' tough. So what it wrong?
  7. I did. But that profile isn't getting much attention. And probably won't until there are more things available for it. Now that BS2 has in-game RM morphing there isn't a LOT of reason to use CITRUS. I still use the CITRUS head, though. That kicks ass.
  8. UNP (even the base version) has breasts over a D cup at max weight. And B cups at the smallest while at the lowest weight setting. Then toss in RaceMenu and the XPMSE skeleton and the breasts can be so large your character couldn't walk with them bumping her legs. It is not only the breast size, which me does not please, it is predominantly the shape of breasts. with larger setting they look like two silicone balls that is equal to with 7B. the breasts of CHSBHC by CherryHotaling are unique, no other Body Type could this breast shape imitate. UUNP has a CHSBHC preset and sliders. Just sayin'.... :wink: And it does it with more polygons so those curves you like will be more curvy and less angular. I have different MO profiles with different bodies in them. I have UNP HDT-PE, Demonica and UUNP in them at this point. And even though UUNP is SOOOoooo adjustable and Demonica looks great and smooth, I still prefer UNP HDT-PE because it does everything quite well and RaceMenu combined with XPMSE allows so very much adjustment all itself.
  9. UNP (even the base version) has breasts over a D cup at max weight. And B cups at the smallest while at the lowest weight setting. Then toss in RaceMenu and the XPMSE skeleton and the breasts can be so large your character couldn't walk with them bumping her legs.
  10. Search Nexus. There are thousands of them and I don't know what you are looking for. There is everything from portable homes in a bag to massive mansions/estates/castles. Something that might be cool to incorporate into SexLab mods would be "Become High King of Skyrim" and that comes with a castle and small town, complete with a lot of characters.
  11. Alternate Start: Live Another Life. Go to Nexus and get that. It eliminates the carriage ride altogether and gives multiple start options. It's a necessity for anyone who's already played through Skyrim. BBLS is a script hog. I'd avoid it personally. It's bugged my game out in the past and you can't even clean because the dirty edits are needed for it to work. Sad because I'd like to use it. But it can be problematic. There are tons of cool home mods that don't have issues, though.
  12. You can see the difference in in-game screenshots and during gameplay if you look. But performance is a real issue for some. One side effect of the UUNP body, too, is that it animates better. It doesn't get as weird looking during animations (adult and non-adult both).
  13. You can remove armor bits with NifSkope, too. If you aren't using BodySlide it's probably your only option and I still find it a quicker and easier one that BS.
  14. The breasts collapse into the body? Or hands pass through them? If they're collapsing into the body then it could be a skeleton issue. The old XPMS skeleton would do that with HDT. The XPMSE(extended) version is necessary for HDT. Also, if you choose the BBP rigged skeleton while installing it you could have issues. I haven't installed it in some time, but it's the regular rigged option if you're using HDT. Never saw a groin issue before, unless you mean the SoS schlong just clips into the female groin during sex animations. That's normal if you aren't using a functional HDT vag, though.
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