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People are toooooo laaaaazy this days?

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Hi all,


Im really interesting - people are really lazy this days ?


Some time ago i build and launch my own website for my own skyrim mods (followers mods).


And after i made some works and let people download them. I thought that ppl who downloaded and enjoyed my works , can later put a simple facebook like for my page which can potentially bring more ppl to my website , anyway just help to promote my website in fact.

On my website on any page you can see the button for this damn facebook like. All ppl need to do is just - simple click (not too hard , right?)

And the funny thing - when i checked my website statistic i saw that in latest few days my website visited about well 2500 people, AND, about 400 of them downloaded my mods. BUT NO ONE put a like for my website)))

You maybe think that my works are quite bad quality and that is why i didnt had any likes? no i got some very positive comments.

I dont really care about this damn likes, but just interesting are ppl THAT lazy to make a single click as appretiating of my hard work?


P.S. sorry if my english is not THAT good.

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Guest Omega1084

Well, a lot of people don't have a Facebook or don't bother liking things a whole lot.

Till recently I didn't have a Facebook, I only re-opened my old account because of some friends I wanted to keep in touch with.

Doesn't necessarily mean those people not liking your works aren't lazy, just means they don't care for Facebook a whole lot.

I certainly don't. I never like things on it. ^^;

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I'm not on facebook either. Something just feels off with the way the like system sometimes works.


You know..




"Bad news. 8-( My poor gramps just die.."

Facebook_like_thumb-36x36.png Emberheart, and 9 others liked this.




Exactly. Facebook really needs a "sympathize" button, or something.

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i think it is because they do not read. we generally go to the strait point (downloading the mod).


i would make a small pop up window with a small question  "do you like the site "  need to click on  "yes"  or "no"   to continu downloading.

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Greetings , bonjour.


"Fesses-book" , désolée je n'y vais jamais .... pas plus que sur d'autres "sites" de ce genre.

Vous devriez aussi tenir compte du fait qu'après avoir téléchargé un mod , cela peu prendre pas mal de temp de le tester  afin de se faire une opinion.


Il est donc normal que pour certains mods il faille attendre avant d'avoir un "retour" des gens.


Well now english machine translation , because i'm a " very laaaazy person " sometimes ... ;°)


Greetings, Hello.
'Butt-book', sorry I will never... no more than on other "sites" of this kind.
You should also take into account that after download a mod, this little lot of temp take test in order to form an opinion.


It is therefore normal for some mods need to wait before having a 'return' of the people.



Sorry i'm  pretty sure this is a nasty translation... most of the "translator"  cannot translate correctly from french to english ...


A question please : why "redirect" people to  "Face-book" ? If you want they let you an advice it's better that they do it directly on your blog , isn't it ?


Now i will take a look on your blog ...;°) .. but i 'll probably not download anything because , firsrt ,i don't play Skyrim at this moment ( i'm tired to switch from Oblivion to Skyrim and "vice versa" ) , secondly because each time i dowload a non-french mod i need to customize it  ... and yes sometime i'm too  " laaaaazy "to do so . 




PS : i need a link to your blog ...!

PPS , no please no "Pop-up" ... because most of the time they use "Flash or Java" and this is a very bad think for security reasons !  Find another  way.


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Now, I don't know the nature of your stuff but Facebook is certainly not  the place I would put a like for a Skyrim mod for all friends and family to see.


"Sexlab Rape and Enslavement mod"

Mumin and 666 666 other pervs liked this  :lol:


I know a place where mods preferably can be promoted though: Lovers Lab :D So why don't you post your link as AnnaFly suggests?

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Guest Mogie56

Don't have facebook. don't like it never have. it is about as trust worthy as google or verizon or at&t. No thank you.

You want to bring attention to your site/blog, make a signature and link it to it.

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i got some very positive comments.

I dont really care about this damn likes, but just interesting are ppl THAT lazy to make a single click as appretiating of my hard work?


You think people are lazy but you also have people putting in effort to leave positive comments. But yes, people are that lazy. I'm so lazy I don't even have FB. I consider laziness a virtue and the reason why we have remote control for TVs.


Is your website still up?

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Yes facebook would be the last place I would place anything. It is full of pop up hell I just went to one page that had 18 yes 18 fricken pop up on one page not too mention trackers that are being used on the site. I remember awhile back where the owner of the site was caught selling peoples info to 3rd parties makes me glad everything on my page that I never use is 100% fake. I have never liked any site that wants you to give your real info for everyone to see.


If you are uploading stuff just for hoping for likes you might be disappointed. I have two files uploaded one has 6K+ views 364 downloads and has 7 likes my newest upload has 467 views 25 downloads 0 likes. If you want more traffic for your site you could make accounts on some of these other mod sites for skyrim add some pictures to posts on those sites with links to your web page you can also put your link to your site in your signature on sites that have that option.


I know myself I usually do not like something right away I first want to open the rar/zip look at everything in it put it into game and see how it looks and how it works in game before liking something.

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Okeeeeey, I really didnt thought to get so many comments here)


So , lets go -


thank you Omega84, - yeah maybe you are right , and all that ppl for real dont have facebook.


Emberheart - thank you also, yep i too dont like some things in facebook system, and thats why i never ever put there  any real info just few pics and some VERY BASIC info.

I need it to be in contact with ppl who i need for professional matters and who is not living in my country but my professional/work contact and/or real life friend(also from the other country)



Queen Bee - yeah, that could be nice)


kingkong - thx, maybe i do that later) (yeah looks like mostly ppl are like that - FREE, ok i take it and thats it)


AnnaFly tahnk you for quite big comment, well i guess i agree with you in most (but not in all) (redirect people to facebook? well basicly i just wanted more traffic for my website thats all) (It is not a blog it is a website) (here is LINK - ShadowDancerMods )


Mumin - hahaha , no my blog is quite friendly and there is NO stuff you cant show to your mother for example) (there is no that creepy/strange stuff like "big spiders from skyrim having sex or something like that hahah, i hardly can imagine a person who can enjoy that or any other that kind of show hahah) (My website is not a kitty show either, but I CAN show it to my mother)


Mogie56 - yeah fb is not THAT friendly as it looks like))) thats true, but i need it. And yep alreayd did that. I just was so busy that i completely forgot about signature thing here or on any other blogs.


Pornphile - yes my website is still up and more than ok)


EvasiaDutch - np at all ;)


Myuhinny - yep , signature looks like the best way) and i hate that pop up s**t also it just reallly annoying)))


Art_B - embarrased you say? thats why i have a detailed description with picturesssss for every mod))) and BEFORE you download something READ first , WHAT you going to donwload))) (and honestly on my website there is nothing tobe embarassed about)))  (yes my followers are naked when you install them, but damn even Nexus allow that))) and I would be happy to put armor/clothes and weapons in download but modders of original works of armor/clothes/weapons wont allow me to do that)


Pheeeeew, that was fast)))


Thank you all for comments)))


All the best ;)



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@ ShadowDancer


 I cannot reach your website with IE8 ... yes i know it's an old "navigator"  but most of the time i can go everywhere with it ... but sometimes my Kaspersky Internet Secutity doesn't allow me to go to some  "places ".


First time , nothing appear, second attempt my navigator crashed !


I will try later with another computer ( and another " Internet Explorer" ) or with Firefox , but my security tools works better with "IE ...something " than with other navigators. I cannot do what i want , because i always use my computers with a limited account , never an "Administrator account" ... and yes , i still use only " XP " for the web actually ...





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If your goal is to get popular or rich maybe you should stop modding and start practicing soccer as the FIFA World Cup is the most watched event in the world afaik.  :P


No offense, shadowdancer, but modders share mods so other people can use them, not to get 'likes'.  <_< ( I hate this 'like' thing personally, it doesn't suit to soooo many situations )


If they like your mods, they will tell you so and maybe tell other people to download them, but don't get mad if you don't have comments or 'likes', people are people.


Keep doing your best to get your mods work flawlessly and maybe you will know success but even if it happens don't get too full of yourself, it leads to self-destruction.

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I dont really care about this damn likes, but just interesting are ppl THAT lazy to make a single click (you can register in one click?) as appretiating of my hard work?




I don't use facebook myself, never understood the appeal


While I've not tried your mods I can confidentally say even if I had of tried your mods and loved them I still would not register on a social networking site purely so I could like your page.


I know "everybody" on facebook is under the misunderstanding that the entire population of the world is on facebook but actually this is not the case (which kind of irritates me as traditional media basically bends over backwoods to cater to social media as they also seem to think everybody uses it)


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Facebook cannot have anything besides a Like button because it goes against their beliefs. FB is dying though and is becoming the next Myspace. Twitter is the new thing really, but then again all social sites are complete crap. Social sites are just a way for girls to chit chat with their girlfriends about cute boys and to bully people to commit suicide. Well...at least that's all they are anymore.

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FARCE-book? N.a.F.C. IMO completely useless.

It's "A Pyramid of Chicken Legs with an Egg in the Exact Center". No known function.

My wife has 4 accounts because it keeps F'N up and won't let her access them or delete/remove the old ones.

I'll post a comment instead, thank you very much.



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I can understand your frustration but honestly you shouldn't mind too much. As long as you know that a few people who really enjoy you mods should be enough to make you feel satisfied. Or that might be the way I think but still... I don't mind if someone gives me a like or not... As long as there is one guy who truly enjoys my mod, that's more than enough for me

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