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  1. Emberheart

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    Horribly timed doorbells. Nobody comes to your door, not once all week long. It's piping hot outside 32 centigrades (90 F*) and up, you already smell kind of ripe again by lunchtime, so you take a quick cold shower and then decide since your curtains are closed to keep the heat out anyway, you're fine sticking to your birthday sit. You sit down to play a game, doodle some sketches, eat your lunch, whatever and "RRRRRINGGG" there's someone at the door. Not even once during the week, except of all days today, of all possible moments right now. So you run swearing and cursing to your bedroom, put on a robe, long shirt, or atleast something to hurriedly wrap your waist within the next 15 seconds and bloody hell, they're already gone again. If fortune really isn't going your way, they try again atleast an hour later.
  2. Emberheart

    What's on your mind?

    Will my Skyrim install reach its next milestone of 2500 hours total? That'd be the equivalent of playing 100 hours straight. Admittedly, it does run in the background when I mod or create stuff.
  3. Both bodies look great, far more lively than the usual UNPB and 7B. Which body is 'canonically' Idun's nowdays? The slimmer one or the buxom one? If you need more testers, I'm always up to try things out to check them for bugs or problems.
  4. Looking great, I love how it worked out combining those screenies.
  5. Emberheart

    youtube fun vids

  6. Emberheart

    I need to whine a bit

    Many armour mod makers, especially those who do not properly rig things in 3dsMax, Blender, w/e end up messing with entries inside the .NIF which they really just can't mess with, resulting in ugly errors with handling certain animating commands. Where other games just dump an item or animation feature and just stick the character in a T-pose with an error message, Skyrim loves to loop, get confused and crash. Personally, I blaim the choice of refurbishing what is essentially Morrowinds or Oblivions engine. Hex-editing the TESV.exe will show you a load of remnant Oblivion and Morrowind data Skyrim doesn't use either, it's good for a laugh. And if the unofficial patch team has to fix mistakes like Bethesda writing == instead of = in their scripting, you ought to furrow your brow and wonder whether or not they took on actual monkeys, when they were hiring more codemonkeys.
  7. This is an interesting mod with potential. In my playthrough, with some editing, our heroines found the collective strength to get out of their predicament, hiding what humiliating badges they can with bandanas torn from the armour taken from their former captors. It'll be interesting to see what the final version will be like.
  8. Emberheart

    Afraid of women, help me guys and girls

    After getting a bloody nose for so many times, I decided that women prefer the alpha male type. I tried to be that. But it didn't fit me, I didn't like to pretend to be someone I am not. So instead of going "alpha male", I decided to stay the stupid romantic nerd in the background. Didn't help me with girls/women, though. The ones I liked always went for the guys that cheated or beat them. (Not looking like Brat Pitt didn't help either ) Conclusion: I still can look in the mirror and see myself. Not that I like what I see, because it is a lonely romantic fool. But at least it is me, a cuddley, romantic guy and always the "good friend". Who cuddles with his pillow.... alone.... in the dark.... being bitter.... But I do not blame the women I met. I blame myself for my insecurity, romantic views and being kind of a blob with a job that is safe but doesn't pay well. I am not an alpha.... Or you've been looking in the wrong places?
  9. Emberheart

    Afraid of women, help me guys and girls

    I've not read it all yet, but what I can add is that I often hear of guys who go to train a real lot, or work purely on getting a well paying job to be "the man", sometimes taking on a tough or hard-ass attitude against the person they used to be. In my opinion, when a guy tries to change who they are just to impress a girl, they are only affirming their insecurities further. Then when they still get refused, they now blaim that girl, because they are convinced that they have become a much better man themselves, sometimes turning violent or bothersome to that girl. The underlying problem is that of a lack self confidence and likely that of having a crooked view on what girls like in a man. It can also mean that the guy has gotten himself the wrong attitude towards being single, causing him to feel a huge need to have that girl which he likes and only chasing her away because he wants to eventually marry her, live with her and so on. She on the other hand may like that guy, wanting to see step for step how far it can get, but feels threatened or uncomfortable if that guy cannot control his eagerness to be a couple, because he rushes it. Just adopting a different approach to girls isn't done overnight and often therapy or a coach can help a huge deal. Other guys might benefit from a one-time get together with a call girl, especially if they're a virgin who fantasizes about their first sexual time. If he gets that out of his system he might be able to look at dating a lot more level headed. Having a coach or meeting a call girl is not something wrong and is nothing to feel ashamed about. Those are not measures because you cannot get a girl, those are measures to find yourself again and then to meet a girl. What you should ask yourself is not why you wouldn't be good enough. Ask yourself if your image of what being good enough means is right at all. And keep in mind that if you're not 25 or up yet, most girls of your age often do not yet see the qualities of another guy and simply fall for the stereotype shallow hunk. They'll eventually break up and realize they want a guy who is his own person. People under 25 will not understand this, they will also not believe me, thinking they matured. I can only say when you pass the 25-26 years of age, you get this feeling of revelation as if you become an adult a second time. They'll see. :-)
  10. Emberheart

    youtube fun vids

    Misheard lyrics really can go wrong sometimes! Hansi Hinterseer's Ski Twist 2013. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8338eyFQgss
  11. Emberheart

    Star Wars - Episode 7: The Force Awakens (trailer)

    Yeah, that sabre looks like someone thought "hmm, Darth Maul's staff was brilliant, what now? Let's brainstorm!" and then didn't quality control the ideas that came up. Presumably all the sabre-spinning from Ep1-3 will also be +1'd and surely those prongs would make it as dangerous to the wielder as to anyone else when doing that. AND sabres lock when clashing so you don't need guards like on straight-edged metal swords. Makesnosense. Ep1-3 bad acting apart from Hayden Christiansen's wanking scene, that looked convincing, if a little lethargic. Hehn, won't find that scene on YT, at least not with that tag. Atleast they're not sabers with curved blades. Curved... blades.
  12. Emberheart

    Star Wars - Episode 7: The Force Awakens (trailer)

    I mostly look forward more to this than the trilogy because this won't touch or try to re-explain the original trilogy, like the prequel trilogy did. I always imagined the Jedi to be rare, a handful, a circle of 10 or so do-gooders who were betrayed by a young new member with great potential. Instead we got Jedi armies.
  13. ... ... ... ... It's finally out. The REAL trailer. For the fans amongst us, it looks good from what we can tell. STAR WARS - The Force Awakens is made by J.J. ABRAMS, previously known for making the STAR TREK REBOOT and takes place about 30 years after Return of the Jedi. The movie features the original cast of MARK HAMILL (Luke Skywalker), CARRIE FISHER (Leia Organa) and HARRISON FORD (Han Solo). Other original stars who played CHEWBACCA, WARWICK the EWOK, C3PO, R2-D2 and many more will also return in the movie - The Force Awakens is a new story, which ignores all of the novels, games and comics created in the wake of the original trilogy by various writers Also, for a change there's no lens flare in a J.J. ABRAMS movie, a fact for which I'm really glad - Thank the force! ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... D E C E M B E R . . . . . 2 0 1 5
  14. Is tired of being a german?