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  1. Will come back on the new game, least thats what happened when i used the console to remove serana's more irritating spells
  2. Dunno how much of a difference there is between a 1060 and a 3060 but it does look that a new store brought is currently cheaper than doing seperately like myuhinny says Advert i got from ebuyer yesterday
  3. Never had farengar do this either but does sound like the behaviour of the dark elf mage thats in the giant mushroom building over on the island added in by dragonborn I'd be tempted to try using removespell (spellID) on him on the console and seeing if you can remove it that way Was bugging me, guys called Neloth and has my (dirty SE) Farenger only has
  4. This I don't mind christmas or christmas songs but as there are so few new ones hearing daily for an entire month year after year really gets boring
  5. Always naked i imagine you'd get use to and its not really a choice if you have no clothes anyway, naked on demand/whim of another i'd think would still have an effect (but yes that could be a long discussion) I use it occasionally but it doesn't really have a purpose other than getting slaves into the pose that i've noticed What your talking about sounds a lot like the apropos wear and tear system but that only works for uniques and the vast majority of my slaves come from hostile NPC's which are not considered unique so linking inspection to wear and tear wouldnt really work i'd think
  6. It will depend what use your putting them to i suppose, there origin and then there personality type but with Aegilief (random PH generated name) from my screenshot they are a vampire thats getting to slaughter there way across skyrim through bandit hordes so for a blood sucking vampire i'd think that comes pretty close to there definition of heaven (RPing that the dragonborn is letting them drink their fill between slaughters) as its all the feeding they could want with none of the danger (since who really decides to pick a fight with a companion of someone that killed alduin) so happy/content/fulfilled/excited would all seem appropriate for that scenario Humiliation i've found quite easy to train by giving them low quality clothing and then making them strip a lot, same with Zaz items like collars, blindfolds etc For me its always resignation that takes awhile to train
  7. Define hysterical. Believe they mean this part in the "enjoying your new life slave..." dialogue, this one has been in love for quite a while but still shows as hysterical While i don't know exactly how much "skyrim time" it has taken i've been to all 3 of my player constructed homes and re-trained all slaves to be 100 in everything and in love, been to all my HSH cells and done the same and somehow trained her up to about 500 combat skill but is still hysterical on that dialogue option
  8. Surprised anybody is checking by category tbh, when the site upgrade was done and you had to do it that way browsing for mods seemed much harder to me compared to just clicking skyrim LE/SE
  9. Anyone else noticed that the dialogue you get regarding how a slave you sold is performing seems to have nothing to do with there stats and is always based off the owner? I.e. i sold 4 slaves to 2 farmers in Rorikstead and farmer 1 always says his two slaves are awful and farmer 2 always says her two slaves are amazing, stats on all 4 of them were identical (all 100) at the time they were sold
  10. Don't think its intended as a sexuality change but more of a statement of what you've made them do, i.e. you've made a women have lesbian sex with another women, made a guy have gay sex with another guy etc Whether its worse/better/equal to coerce someone into a sex act that doesnt match there sexuality compared to one that does though is prolly a debate for another thread (imagine it would get huge) Anyways what is actually controlling thoses message as i've seen the "looks like it was XYZ's first lesbian experience" when i've triggered group sex with sexlab eager npc's so it doesn't seem its just PAH initiated sex that will cause those
  11. Disagree, i'd rather scroll a bit more than have to click through more options and wait for them to load as you can scroll quicker than skyrim will load a sub-branch of dialogue
  12. Noticed that if you move a PAH slave to a thug they retain the thug dialogue even when back under your control/you have no more thugs I had two thugs who i decided to re-enslave after using the hand over you slaves dialogue, the slaves respond to me and are doing what they are told but the come follow your master / go with your trainer, now! has remained in there dialogue choices. At the time i took the screenshot had zero thugs
  13. The timer is how long they do the idle after being raped although only really works to begin with while you are using the punished options for oral,vaginal,anal that appear when they are tied
  14. The quest to become thane of markath/the reach comes from the jarl - https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Thane_of_the_Reach You have to go retrieve his fathers shield although maybe another similar quest is stopping it from appearing, seem to recall that can happen with the quests were you have to go kill/clear out a bandit area if you already have a quest to kill/clear out a bandit area from someone else
  15. Silverpeak Lodge is quite a nice large player home - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/37817?tab=description
  16. Amorous adventures might be of interest to you Your best bet though is checking the compatibility thread listed as i think pretty much everything is there and will take you to the mod page where you can read what any of them do that take your fancy You can do that btw, just go downloads and select skyrim SE and change the sort by
  17. Tried 2.1.4 and i'm still getting the scald dialogue for the praise option but the weird thing is that its only when i use the hotkeys i've set Praise/Scald from the dialogue option listen to me --> you've been good/bad has no response from the slave Praise from hotkey i've bound (key #3) gets scald response Scald from hotkey i've bound (key #4) gets scald response The debug notification for all is correct, i.e. praising slave, scalding slave etc, its just there response to it that is either missing from dialogue option (maybe as dialogue box is still open/in the process of closing) or incorrect when done from a hot key
  18. Good that its working now (again as i think you had that before) so it might be an idea to disable papyrus logging as there is a performance cost for having that running (i.e. time it takes to write to the SSD/HDD verse keeping stuff in RAM) The MCM menu while sounding like it would be different is actually a script (aygasmenuscript.pex) so maybe if you having problems with the script it extends (SKI_ConfigBase) it won't appear In the DoM thread it was mentioned as maybe being load order related but if you've not changed anything and its working prolly best to leave alone
  19. Only played a little bit so far but took my slaves out of HSH in one of my homes back into PAH to finish up there stats and i'm noticing that for praise they are doing the same dialogue line in response as scold, i.e. i praise a slave for being a good slave and they respond with sorry This is on 2.1.3 which i moved to from 2.1.2
  20. Have had the sale issue you mention but was only for the 8 NPC's added by the addon mod for Immersive Daedra Worship: Temple of Molag Bal (can't find that right now) , slaves made from base skyrim i was able to sell so i ignored it tbh and chalked it up to them being added by that mod
  21. If you really really wanted to enslave ulfric an option might be to do it after the civil war quest and after defeating alduin as ulfric shows up in sovngarde, never tried myself as don't want him really, since at that point i think he's been in all the quests/scripted events he's required by
  22. That mod still shows in papyrus with a load of stack dumps, dont use so i can't say whether thats good/bad/meaningless (this is the problem with papyrus, you only turn it on when there is a problem and other to the author of the scriped mod its hard to say what is good/bad/meaningless) AYGAS does appear there though - [11/17/2021 - 03:18:59AM] [aygasMenuScript <aygasCore (2500182B)>]: Registered PAH - And you get a slave! at MCM. But you also have a load of [11/17/2021 - 03:21:34AM] warning: Property PatronRef1 on script aygasworkdetectorscript attached to aygasWorkDetector (25012726) cannot be initialized because the script no longer contains that property [11/17/2021 - 03:23:45AM] Error: Array index 1 is out of range (0-0) stack: [AUAConfig (1500DC53)].AUAConfigQuestScript.ClearOptionBuffers() - "SKI_ConfigBase.psc" Line 952 [AUAConfig (1500DC53)].AUAConfigQuestScript.CloseConfig() - "SKI_ConfigBase.psc" Line 841 [SKI_ConfigManagerInstance (11000802)].SKI_ConfigManager.OnModSelect() - "SKI_ConfigManager.psc" Line 136 [11/17/2021 - 03:23:45AM] Error: Array index 1 is out of range (0-0) which runs for several hundred lines saying the index is out of range A simple test here would be to load both, let everything load and then go see if you have the AYGAS dialogue - Ever dreamt of having a servant (or whatever it is) when you speak to a NPC as that would imply its the MCM thats the issue (doesn't look happy from the amount of SKI_Config mentions) and not AYGAS itself
  23. Yes in 2.1.0 or 2.1.1 there is a new dialogue option in the "listen to me slave" that appears when a slave is in shocked mood "What's wrong with you" which has a few dialogue options, comfort with guilt (dunno if that actually does anything) comfort with care (slave and master hug again dunno if it really does anything other than play the animation) "comfort" with insult (again dunno if it does anything stat wise) and comfort with sex (yep thats right also dunno if anything happens stat wise) The hug/sex one does look nice tho
  24. @Antiope_Appolonia for the bards i think your best bet is to download another mod to stop them playing, i use Bards play less https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29968?tab=description which is for LE but works in SE Anyways Comfort with sex dialogue for me is working but also shows as punishment As they were crying it worked out okay but imagine from the context that shouldnt count as a punishment as we are "comforting" the slave
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