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  1. Majority of zombie fans and you tubers who mainly have channel only for TWD and i follow all thought this was amazing episode. I disagree with how they made Morgan bit unrealistic to safe every human being even if its horrible gruesome terrifying murder machine he still want to safe them all thats silly. I think he even dislike carol now. Carol was already one of my favorite but now she is up with daryl shows most favorite. I just hope michone gets better role in next episodes. Female killing machine Carol Love season six so far they understand what TWD fans want already saw
  2. Dissagree because DayZ major failing don't mean survival or EA are desperate attemp to sell some games ARK ahve proof that by now. I hae never seen in 15 years online gaming so much dedication by developer and there game. It's just unbalievable how many patches content and constant improvement ARK devs come up with every week. From launch they work there ASSES OFF to make ARK a experience you want to keep playing. It's almost sin'ds launch in top 5 games on steam and i don't see this change anytime soon. It maybe EA but its way better developed then MAJORITY OF AAA games.
  3. I liked his videos showing if it was good PC port or not. Yeh its terible at that age having cancer like that hope for him because he is still young some kind of cure or prolonged life with some quality.
  4. Stalker is comeplete different game at time with first game i loved it and enjoy it alot. DayZ which failed for me in so many ways(i have played mod+standalone for more then 1500+ hours). ARK survival evolved for me perfect sandbox survival(only hardcore official for me it's very harsh but i love it, btw rest of server types sucks for me i hate private servers). Solo is nice option. Myself i can't almost play non open worlds anymore i need the freedom(blame bethesda for that ). It all comes down to prefference and taste. I would love seeing a kind of stalker sandbox ga
  5. Wow just wow season six episode 2 one best ever ive seen so far 10/10 Carol is awesome !!!!
  6. Yeh you hit nail there Sarathis formula is kind same every season. Still like the show very much. I'm bit dissapointed with role morgan played, thought he would be more dominant role not a kind errant boy for rick and do what he say. But maybe thats change? Had no real trouble with black and white it was just flashbacks show what was before and present. This first episode was not as good as season 5 first episode which was alot better. I rate it as 8/10 Still enjoyed it.
  7. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/must-see-moments-the-walking-dead-fan-premiere_56188f44e4b0e66ad4c81af4 Looking forward to new season 6 after seeing Fear The Walking Dead last episode which was awesome im very excited to see The Walking Dead again.
  8. Im running windows 10 for 2 weeks now(had to switch windows7 i could not install anymore) and it force me nothing on driver part, so all say it does lie. As for the spy part well i disable or remove the install so thats to a minimum as with windows7 or windows 8.1. I have no webcam or use a mic so they can try get my voice or my face thats imposible this way. I removed onedrive fuck that. Cortana will never be a problem for me i will never use it. If they realy start forcing things then i'm going to abandon windows. For now its all not that bad its fraction faster and because i dis
  9. Wrong. Flat Ass Wrong. Skyrim @ true 4K rez with 8K textures x 4 + parallax will go over 6 gigs. This is not an opinion, it's a fact. I should know because that's what I'm running and if you have over 5 ugrids you will routinely hit over 6 gigs around Solitude and Whiterun, much less anything from DragonBorn. The HAFX airflow potential is almost double fractal's output and both flagship cards from either manufacturer will routinely hit 70 degrees with an unmodded bios when being pegged by Skyrim or any other game that utilizes full memory bandwidth (GTA, Killing Floor 2, Dragon
  10. Well this site is was nice two years ago but if i see how it's going down wrong way like some who call others childish names and no matter what thiking they know it all(which he don't) it's realy sad how spme person can make a visit to forum and aweful one and make you sad. Some have no clue at all about PCs thats obvious but become rude and calling names is just plain stupid and very childish. LL is not what it use to be only because of some nasty and negative persons My blocklist grows ever bigger kind of sad have to do this
  11. This! Do people take up your advice(bragging rights, no clue)no(wel most don't, see: brag-clue Your reply can save many alot of money if there smart about it
  12. No need for over priced titan x the 980 ti will also do the job just fine. Also go for Fractal design case not HAF X.http://www.fractal-design.com/ Or if you want a cool card under full load 50+ celsius and silient go AMD Fury X HBM 1 if you can get one
  13. Still got it installed on this laptop the version i bought when game was launched i think with community patch also. I probably belong to those first 80 thousend only copies sold. I never understood why this was not more popular among general public even with bugs (many more popular games sometimes also have major bugs still sell good). Also heared the rumor of many DL it on torrent sites (Always bought my games) Great game.
  14. Fix my whole PC problem finally after a week i can play again 100% healty PC. Not installed skyrim yet im still not sure if i want to go through that again hehe.
  15. Sometimes it's just about nostalgia and the feel. I remember playing this just before going to work in the morning going up 1 hour early so i could play some MGS hehe. But i loved how they re-released Zelda:OoT on 3DS i just bought the 3DS for that game(still have it also on my N64 what a difference in graphics if you comepare the two)so i could play zelda again man was this a great new release better graphics still almost same only few minor changes i love it playing zelda just on road i would never guessed that back in 1998 when i was playing it on my N64. But i don't have smartphone
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