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  1. Is there way to add recon scope effect without using a weapon modification? For example just having a recon scope effect default for a custom weapon without upgrading to a weapon with recon scope effect?
  2. He deleted because his mods were being shared on the console without his permission. He quit modding because of that. I think he posted his mods on GUN.
  3. maybenexttime

    Ghost Armor Port by maybenexttime

    Well put it this way... I paid a HUGE amount of money for hand built ghost armor/gun. If I ported the one from SC2 game it would look really bad to today's standards. So I felt like I had to hire a professional 3d modeller to make one. However, there are slight issues with the mesh and textures that I want fixed. I paid a lot so I want it made to my desire. My 3d modeller is working on a different job right now so I have to wait to get my content fixed. I have absolutely no idea when the armor and gun will get its fixes. I'll try to get someone to rig my old version from FNV (HoTS style)
  4. maybenexttime

    Ghost Armor Port by maybenexttime

    Alright so this is going to sound a bit strange. I OWN the assets of the armor and gun BUT I am not actively working on this mod. In fact, I BARELY worked on this mod, just adjusted some values on the CK. The mod work is being handled by someone else. I have no ETA on it currently because I am not the one working on it. The mod I am working on is something totally different and its for NV. I currently lead the Fallout: The Frontier project and that is my priority. I was going to post my old ghost armor but ran into some delays.
  5. maybenexttime

    TES 6 - "a very long way off"

    Well guys, this puts all rumor to rest. TES 6 is not in development and have not been started yet. http://www.pcgamer.com/bethesda-is-not-working-on-the-elder-scrolls-6-just-yet/
  6. maybenexttime

    Fallout: New Vegas now on Xbox One!

    Well, it was fun while it lasted guys.
  7. Microsoft just revealed 7-8 games that are now BC and one of them was FNV. Now the biggest question is... does that mean NV will have console modding support in the future? This makes me wonder... I honestly think it wouldn't be too hard to implement console modding support for FNV but I'm not sure they will pull the trigger on that. It will be interesting to hear what else is planned for FNV now. Source: http://www.gamezone.com/news/rumor-fallout-new-vegas-and-seven-more-xbox-360-games-headed-to-xbox-one-via-backward-compatibility-today-3440726
  8. maybenexttime

    TES 6 - "a very long way off"

    Yeah I figure whatever this project Starfield is will be one of them. Probably a space rpg to give Mass Effect a run for its money. Which is cool I wouldn't mind a change of scenery, hopefully it will still allow for modding. A change of scenery will be interesting. I really wonder though how fans would react to it. I do think their future games would be moddable as well. Just not sure if it going to be an open world game.
  9. maybenexttime

    TES 6 - "a very long way off"

    2018? Seriously? My sweet summer child. Well I mean all of this is conjecture really. Fallout 3 was October 2008. Skyrim November 2011. Fallout 4 last year. So around a four year wait between flagship releases skipping New Vegas since it was a side project with Obsidian. Only reason I say 2018 is they have ramped up production. Always around October or November to catch the holiday sales crowd early. Dishonored 2 will drop this year. Bethesda has been working on whatever this "Starfield" project is for three years now. So I'm guessing it will systemically be previewed at E3 next year and dropped in 2017. And then TES VI the following. You'll still have the side projects with other developers to fill the catalog. But as for TES VI, I'm guessing 2018, possibly 2019. http://gamerant.com/bethesda-starfield-trademark-renewal-193/ I wish I could share your optimism but I really doubt it be released anytime before 2020. Todd Howard said they are working on two massive games which rivals Skyrim and Fallout 4 in size. He also mentioned these projects will most likely be out before TES6. I doubt these two massive games will come out in 2017 and 2018 and than TES 6 in 2019.
  10. maybenexttime

    TES 6 - "a very long way off"

    You forgot to include that Bethesda Game Studios is working on two "very big" games that is bigger than FO4 and Skyrim that is slated to be released BEFORE TES6. So 2021+ is almost 100% guaranteed.
  11. maybenexttime

    TES 6 - "a very long way off"

    Doubt it. Todd Howard said BGS is working on 2 different games and will be released BEFORE TES6. So until we see those two mysterious games we won't see TES6.
  12. maybenexttime

    Rumor: Skyrim remaster at E3 2016 !

    It's mainly for next gen console, there may not be a PC version. Apparently they too will get modding support (as if the FO4 console mod support wasn't a headache enough)
  13. maybenexttime

    Adding legendary effect to a weapon via CK

    Wow thanks a ton! It worked Thank you for the instructions mate, appreciate it!
  14. maybenexttime

    Adding legendary effect to a weapon via CK

    Do I click on "Collect from 3D" and type in "ap_legendary"? After that is there a way to add a "deadeye" ability to the gun manually? Not other random legendary effects.