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  1. Good that its working and that is a more "normal" sized log than your last one, there isn't really such a thing as a "clean/okay" log as the the normal thing is to play with it turned off so I'd suggest disabling papyrus logging as there is a bit of a performance hit from having it enabled (i.e. the time it takes to write to SSD/HDD verse keeping in RAM) so you don't really want to play with it turned on all the time (unless your using the couple of mods that rely on it being turned on which i dont think you are) One thing you might want to do while your in the skyrim.ini file is set fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=2000 as i think thats the only universally recommended skyrim.ini change (gives the game a bit more time to set up a cell on load) as the majority of the other skyrim.ini "tweaks" don't really work out
  2. Would doubt that would work tbh, i'd try a new game without it and check that you don't get the super slow papyrus issue so we know its the issue Then to try and rescue your existing save, disable it and try and load and make a save and then use a save script cleaner ( https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/5031 ) to remove all the orphan scripts, load that save and make a new save and then re-enable devious cursed loot - imagine you will lose whatever progress you have made in that mod but it will hopefully clean out the dead scripts and allow them to load correctly
  3. Installed and PC didn't immediately explode which is always good, I've been meaning to ask, what is this for in the MCM?
  4. lol yeah bit concerning that for 45 minutes you have 19 million lines worth of log While i don't use it a google of the script name (dcur_sashaQuest) brings up devious cursed loot which appears to be throwing shed loads of stack dumps, looks to run from line 4206 to about line 19,883,198 Maybe try without that to check its the reason and then try the support thread for that mod
  5. Prolly not the best time to do it with the whole AE thing and all
  6. No if you've altered skyrim.ini located at \Documents\my games\Skyrim Special Edition it should start appearing in \Documents\my games\Skyrim Special Edition\Logs\Script (or the LE versions of those folders, works all the same regardless of which edition you have)
  7. That is the papyrusUtil log which is a seperate mod that sexlab (and others) use, papyrus itself is the scripting part of skyrim and needs to be enabled by adding to the skyrim.ini
  8. Kinda out of idea's tbh other than maybe checking correct version of SKSE for AE and then address library is installed as i believe thats a new requirement for sexlab (although other mods required it in the past so you'd prolly have)
  9. I'd suggest posting a papyrus log of it happening as maybe there is something going on in the background which is causing a general slow down Does it happen all the time? or just when a save reaches a certain length of play?
  10. I wouldn't think it would be script lag tbh, even with papyrus logging enabled running elephants script latency test i seem to get a fairly consistent 80ms and anything below 100 is considered fine i believe Weirdly all the whipping/shocking of that slave forced her into in love and she would then accept the dialogue and begin to speak respectfully but using manipulator to change relationship rank of another slave doing the same to lover didn't do anything Before/after stats on the slave that did accept the request to speak respectfully look the same The two slaves it was occuring on had different voice types (Haugtyhighelf and DarkElf) so would doubt it relates to that
  11. Still seeing the loop where you ask a slave to talk to you respectfully, they refuse so you punish, ask again and still refuse which keeps going on, slave stats are reasonable to get them to do it and others did start doing it with similar stats Did try to make a log but i can't see anything useful in it relating to this (could be i need to tick something on in PAH MCM)
  12. I've got this on a NPC, will make a log for Clifton Think the reason it gets noticed as a DoM issue is that it goes into the punish options in PAH when it happens but if you use them you get the DoM message about punishing for no reason, ideally you'd want that to be a valid DoM punishment reason, maybe for didn't listen like what happens when you try to comfort and they don't listen
  13. Yeah its the black ebonite harness collar with a iron slave collar ontop @CliftonJD Bloodlet Throne netted me 10 vampires, 5 of which were female sultry - its the place you go for the deposed jarl of falkreth (the old guy) to kill his relation
  14. More Informative Console - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19250?tab=description You need to mouse over and use the shift key to expand an option, if you try clicking it will just target whatever is in the world at that point
  15. This might also help (assuming it is the .dll issue) And i think in the SoS thread there was a no Dll version but that has a larger papyrus impact
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