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  1. So that i'm at the correct stage in the quest after having purchased the milking machines from doughall I'll stick in a spoiler in case someone hasnt done the quest that far yet If there isnt a easy way to get back to that i'll just go back to an earlier save and repeat
  2. Tried this but i think i've gone offtrack on the quest, after updating the husband on the farm has the dialogue again to make a simple harness by going to balimund but i'd actually reached the stage of making the milking machines which are now at the farm quest stages are Last one i did was talking to Doughall to buy these What stage do i need to setstage to to get back to this? Thanks
  3. This thread is probably the easiest way to find stuff Along with this one for mods that werent originally made for SE
  4. After sticking into the CK.ini to load the archive SexLab-StoriesDevious.bsa it let me regen the face data when i went down to actors --> redguard and did Ctrl + F4 which stuck In there and then let me load into the cave and talk to her but yeah the cow's on the farm both worked fine without me doing anything so pass on why it didnt like her Comparing the one in the .bsa to the one i just made only thing i see is some weird floating hair (might be normal)
  5. Progressed a quest a bit more for the milk maid and being sent to Torvalds cave but when i try and enter i'm getting a crash with this in the framework crash log Possible relevant objects (7) { [ 1] BSTriShape(Name: `Marker_error:0`) [ 1] BSFaceGenNiNode(Name: `BSFaceGenNiNodeSkinned`) [ 1] BSFadeNode(Name: `Marker_error`) [ 1] TESNPC(Name: `Yaeli`, FormId: 2604C090, File: `SexLab-StoriesDevious.esp`) [ 13] BSFaceGenNiNode(Name: `BSFaceGenNiNodeSkinned`) [ 17] TESNPC(Name: `Hunter`, FormId: 000C49DD, File: `SexLab-StoriesDevious
  6. I was getting that when i was trying to do the same for a different NPC, ticking the box here Then doing Ctrl + F4 let me do it without the CK crashing and then i went back and unticked (assumed there was a reason for it not being ticked)
  7. new to the CK but does show when i had a look (trying to work out how to use it) When i select
  8. Yeah i'm using vortex, it did solve the issue as i had made a save just before the crash happened so could repeat the crash and after doing what you said it no longer crashes at the point it was Thanks for your help
  9. For a high submission/sex slave having a high arousal slave be more eager would make sense although that would probably involve amending dialogue options which are more in the PAH area (i think) but for a low sub/sex them getting aroused when they are an unwilling captive of someone wouldnt make a huge amount of sense tbh but arousal itself doesn't really take that into account as it ticks up based on factors that have nothing to do with the NPC's current state so other than putting a block on it ticking up don't think there is much you could do Playing a sexy idle when a slave or
  10. Eventually worked out how to do that after downloading the CK but checking in \Data\meshes\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom its only in the skyrim.esm folder that a file updated, file 000B1CFF.nif to be precise as the stories.esp folder is empty (presume thats due to it using a .bsa) Is that what should have happened?
  11. Anyone happen to know what this might be, from NetScriptFramework crash log Possible relevant objects (5) { [ 1] BSTriShape(Name: `Marker_error:0`) [ 1] BSFaceGenNiNode(Name: `BSFaceGenNiNodeSkinned`) [ 1] BSFadeNode(Name: `Marker_error`) [ 1] TESNPC(Name: `Frightened Woman`, FormId: 000B1CFF, File: `SexLab-Stories.esp <- Skyrim.esm`) [ 145] Character(FormId: FF004F41, BaseForm: TESNPC(Name: `Frightened Woman`, FormId: 000B1CFF, File: `SexLab-Stories.esp <- Skyrim.esm`))
  12. Tried reset multiple times along with reboot but neither work, the only one i've found restores the ability to remove restraints when applied and make them follow is to use the reclone option although that ends up making another slave Edit: Found a way around it, moved them into HSH and then used reboot and then when they come back was behaving normally
  13. Seemed to have lost the option to remove restraints now, after doing dialogue - you need to be punished --> restrain they go into the pose correctly but instead of remove restraint i get follow me now slave but using that or removing restraints from inventory and then using it doesn't work, they show as follow_player when i look in the MCM but dont move from the spot they were restrainted on This is with the 7.5.5 repack (Fellglow slave camp has re-appeared on the map) and i tried using the restart option but the same happens Edit: Also just noticed using t
  14. Does the other random stuff include paradise_halls_fellglow_Slave_camp.esp as i'm being told its missing when i load a save after installing the 7.5.5 with all addons, just unzipped it and deleted the immersive creature and MHIYH original patch's and then re-zipped and installed Can see a texture bsa and bsa with that name but no .esp
  15. petite means short - if you look up piper perri on pornhub as an example she is listed as one, definately of adult age though so why would making animations for that be against a rule?
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