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Sites to get Skyrim Mods (other than Nexus) OTNx

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Can I just say that Wolflore definitely does have NSFW content? In fact it hosts the adult portion of the Morrowind Modding History site, among other things.


You do need to register and log in though, or the grown-ups-only sections are invisible.

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I`m not sure if this might be a re-post. One site two links. One for the main site. http://gomapudding.x.fc2.com/index.html

One for the links site. This is a whole list of blogs that contain all sorts of mods. A couple of the links where dead. http://gomapudding.x.fc2.com/link.html

In the blogs that the link site show cased there are many more links. There is also two excellent translation sites that I use. http://www.systransoft.com/lp/korean-translation/

and http://www.online-translator.com/


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Another fansite with links to some awesome, mostly skimpy/sexy, armor mod links.


Sky TM: http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/

I've downloaded some of their armors but I don't know how to use them in-game. Pls help

You mean you can't find them in game?


The hard way: open console ingame and type "help" followed by name of mod/armor.


The many times easier way:

End frustration and install this:


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My personal favorite sites posted here (in this thread):





Russian mods, but I always liked russian mods for Bethesda games (actually I like Russian games in general). They feel really unique, and nothing like what you can find on western modding sites or western made games






A lot of people don't like asianized Skyrim, but for certain play throughs...you can find some pretty amazing mods here :classic_smile: A lot of cute characters too






This one is by far in my top 2 favorites. Beautiful body (TiddyMcButt, beautiful armor/clothing for the body






Its in russian, but if you use chrome, you can right click and auto translate the page. But it has awesome mods






is my own site. Has a lot of skyrim mods but also a focus on other games too.

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The only reason you're searching for alternatives to the Nexus is most likely because you're banned on the Nexus. You're not going to find an alternative  to the Nexus, you're just not. Their staff are douches, and so is the owner, but if you want to mod Skyrim then you need Nexus. So if you're banned, don't worry. You can still get onto the Nexus.


    I've been banned numerous times, and I'm black listed on their website. I still use their website, just use a proxy. They can't stop you.  Come get me Nexus snitches that lurk here on LoverLabs. Oh yes, there's people here who are loyal to Nexus here on this website that will report you to the douches over at Nexus. One of the times I got banned was from some bitch here telling on me. 

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Their staff are douches, and so is the owner


and you will cry a lot when their site will be gone


ps : have post a screen with a modo getting busy on my profile

no reaction, and i am not banned (as if i would waste my time arguying to give her a reason to ban me, haven't post tits, and it was just a screen, not a file, she can't ban me)


but got curious, how did the "bitch" found out what your nexus account is from your loverslab account?

and if you are shouting in town you shit in your pants, well... of course the toilet paper police will head about it

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