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  1. Love the mod, really its the only reason I am still playing Fallout. I do have a very simple question, and this might be a situation unique to my own game and mods( I also have Rad Morphing). I looks like there is some Nipple morphs being applied by your mod(possible) and if so everything is working, but as the breasts and nipples increase, the nipple distance decreases, or it stays the same and just looks like it because the rest of the breast is increasing. Therefore you get big breasts with nipples very close together. So my question is, does your mod use the nipple distance morph, and if
  2. Is Mama Murphy there? For some reason, 50 percent of the time I start a new game, Mama Murphy is not where she is supposed to be and Preston will not talk to me. All I have to do is use the console and bring her into the scene and everything is back to normal.
  3. Worth a shot. lol, what is the worst that could happen. Thanks for the reply.
  4. I did try that, but it wouldn't hurt to try again. Thanks
  5. Piper had the institute leg cuffs put on her, and I released her, and even took them out of her inventory, but she still does that very annoying bunny hop thing. I have tried everything, I even dismissed her sent her away and re recruited her. Nothing works. Anyone have this happen, or have any ideas?
  6. Yes there is a perk for Mad Cow and maybe advanced Mad Cow. Now I forgot what the other one was, but they are there.
  7. Lol, I was attacked by a Vault 88 mole rat, but I haven't really seen any changes or effects. Maybe I am not supposed to, or maybe it takes some time for the virus to take affect. Any hints as to how long it takes or what to expect. Just hints, no need to give it away. Thanks. And thank you for all your work on this mod, its one of the few left that anyone cares about anymore.
  8. lol. That was one of the biggest disappointing fade to black moments I have ever seen. I am so glad you are fixing that! That npc is also one of my favorite characters. I have searched and searched for more voice acting but never found anything else having to do with Skyrim. I really hope you are right about Enter_77. Bringing back "that npc" in another mod, would be cool!
  9. One of my favorite mod authors makes a sexlab patch for my favorite Quest mod of all time. How much better could it get? Thank you sir, your work is very much appreciated!!! The only thing better would be Maids III coming out, but I fear Enter_77 is done with his work on Maids.
  10. schak site,..... could someone give me a hint? Even the old obsolete files look very good. Hitomi fan for a long time, but it looks like her smile could be turned up a bit. Maybe with the new files it is .
  11. I have not seen anything like that in Skyrim or Fallout. I did have a mod in Oblivion that had it but that was the last I ever saw of anything of that type of fetish. The only thing I think you will find is expansion in regards to the nipple in Skyrim or Fallout.
  12. I have tried the rad away milk but it does not seem to be reducing the breast size, is there any other way? Things are getting a little out of hand, I cranked up the morph powers to test things out, and now, well I can't seem to revert back to the original body. Even using the Family planing repair option after pregnancy. I have tried just about everything, and I can't seem to get them back to a reasonable shape. lol, I took 5 or 6 of the milk rad away combination and didn't do anything. I will try that again unless someone else has a idea. Thanks for the help if anyone has a idea to try.
  13. I'm not sure if I understand your question, but if there is a bodyslide slider, you can set it up in the MCM and have it manipulated. I think I have 14 or 15 different body parts that get affected with rads. The mod author has done such a fantastic job he/she has also included negative values so if you want something to get smaller with rads, you can do that also. So say you have a chunky character, just make a slider using the waist slider and instead of going to 200% go to -200%. Your character will get skinny with increased rads.
  14. I'm sorry if I am stating the obvious, but from my own experience when I couldn't get things to work, it was because I was not using the right slider name\display name. Or it was something sneaky like a space, or a spelling difference like Breast size and I would write Breasts size. I know it may be more complicated than that, but I always try find the easy fixes first.
  15. My bad, I have the WDF 1.5b and I need vault 81 perks I believe and something with vault 111 also. Maybe I just don't know where to find the Perk Comics and I have it all along. I went to vault 81 and picked up 3 or 4 of the comics on desks, but I still need vault 81 level 1 I believe.
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