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  1. I'm not sure if I understand your question, but if there is a bodyslide slider, you can set it up in the MCM and have it manipulated. I think I have 14 or 15 different body parts that get affected with rads. The mod author has done such a fantastic job he/she has also included negative values so if you want something to get smaller with rads, you can do that also. So say you have a chunky character, just make a slider using the waist slider and instead of going to 200% go to -200%. Your character will get skinny with increased rads.
  2. I'm sorry if I am stating the obvious, but from my own experience when I couldn't get things to work, it was because I was not using the right slider name\display name. Or it was something sneaky like a space, or a spelling difference like Breast size and I would write Breasts size. I know it may be more complicated than that, but I always try find the easy fixes first.
  3. My bad, I have the WDF 1.5b and I need vault 81 perks I believe and something with vault 111 also. Maybe I just don't know where to find the Perk Comics and I have it all along. I went to vault 81 and picked up 3 or 4 of the comics on desks, but I still need vault 81 level 1 I believe.
  4. Am I missing something, I can't seem to craft anything because I don't have the perk. I'm level 19 and can craft just about everything else. I can craft milk bottles and milk crates but everything else shows I lack the level 1 perk. I'm just getting into Fallout 4 and the crafting interfaces so, I'm sure I'm just being a bonehead, but if anyone could give me a cliff note, I would be in debt. Thanks everyone.
  5. Going back to work after 2 months. I know, who wants to work, but I think not being productive in my profession was taking a subliminal toll on me. I'm happy now.
  6. Got it....thanks! In my real life I'm a carpenter and I deal with wood, glue, hammers and nails. I can build a house from footing to shingles, but sometimes the most simplest of tasks on the PC get me all twisted up, lol.
  7. Sex vault .06 was pretty fun. Bunch of different things happening. I mean it all leads to one thing, but the way you get there is diversified. On a totally unrelated subject....anyone know why my font is so big all of a sudden?
  8. That is probably the case. I did have some errors at first with the Killer Bed or whatever that is called, then I just changed the option to eliminate it in the installer and everything is fine. If you end up with errors on the first install of AFF, does it change the AAADebug_on .ini flag to true? or maybe change the priority value? Otherwise it was probably just me being careless and not noticing I installed the Debug Version. Sorry for taking up your time!!! Either way, everything is just fine now, thanks!
  9. I am getting the same message "Debug Version installed...with a bunch of pyrus processing etc. No errors just the message that the debug version is installed. But when I go into the aff_settings .ini the Debug_on is set to false. debug_on = false ; This turns on/off an output window that shows information/warnings/errors on-screen during gameplay. api_debug_on = false ; This turns on/off showing the output of API events during gameplay. debug_to_papyrus_log = false ; Sends AAF information/warnings/errors to a log file found at: ".../My Games/Fallout4/Logs/Script/User/" I install all my mods manually so it can't be MO doing it. I am going to try turning it on, and then off see if that works. Ok, I think I found the problem...AAADebug_on .ini flag was set to true......I didn't see that other .ini file the first time. Nevermind. lol.
  10. I believe the textures for the mod are for UNP. If you want CBBE, you are going to have to pick out a different body texture. I don't know if that will mess up the presets or not. I'm really not qualified to say much more, just a observation I made. Good luck though, I'm sure someone can work out the kinks for you.
  11. Uggg, I was afraid of that. I tried to give scripting a shot once....once. Iol, It wasn't very pretty. I believe I ended up wiping my entire skyrim and started from scratch after that. Basically I had to "Nuke it from space". Sorry I was a big fan of Aliens. Thanks for the reply! I appreciate your time.
  12. So I guess I am just getting bored with Skyrim and I believe I have messed around with just about every mod on LL. Sad, I know....but I have had a lot of time on my hands. (Virus). Anyway, I used to have Sexlab hormones installed and there is a gender change quest, that I really liked the idea, but it was basically when you got the curse YOU had to go into racemenu and change your gender etc. I know absolutely NOTHING about scripting or coding, so even though I would love to make a mod, its out of my range. I can install, uninstall, mods. Tweak them here or there, and I like to mess around in Bodyslide and Outfit studio. But that is my limit. So I was messing around in Bodyslide and made a character(female body), that looked extremely busty and curvy at 0 weight, and I used all the morph sliders to make a very masculine, muscular shape at 1 weight. So I played around my game that has Devious Body Alterations and it does all the work in terms of weight gain and weight loss, so gender change looks more progressive. The problem is, the head. I think you are stuck with what you got......but I was thinking.......I messed around and made ten or so presets(keeping them all female but going from very feminine, to looking like a guy basically, and I was wondering if there was a way to progressively change your head presets while ingame? I am assuming the key is never changing your gender in racemenu, or it wipes out your settings. I'm not sure about the schlong, but other mods have spells to increase and decrease even with a futa, so I would think that would be possible. Anyway just looking for some thoughts or some ideas if its even possible. Thanks everyone. Stay safe !
  13. This is more an annoyance more than anything. I am using Fusion Girl and the physics are working just fine, but there is this constant boob bounce if you idle, or come in and out of the pipboy, things like that. When walking and running everything works fine. Its just when they shouldn't, they bounce. I'm not talking about an situation where the dampening could be set too low and they continue to bounce forever, no this is like something is being updated every few seconds or so, and the boobs bounce for no reason. I know it sounds confusing, but if anyone understands what I am trying to describe and has a solution, I would be incredibly appreciative. Thanks!
  14. Perfect! Now does anyone know where I can get a good pair of glasses?😔 Right in front of my face in green and white. Anyway, fantastic mod. I have been playing around with it for a few hours now and everything is working perfectly and I am having a lot of fun with it. I don't know how to mod and write scripts so this lets me be a little creative with sliders and unequip events. Thanks for Help!
  15. Does anyone know how to find what slots are currently being used on your caracter? Everything is working just fine in the mod, but I think I tried to get to cute with the unequip of items, bacally, big butt-pants, big tits-shirts and tops. etc. But somehow my weapon get's un-equipped as well somewhere. I was using the slots/numbers from a Fallout 4 Wiki page that was 3 years old, so maybe something has changed?
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