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  1. that don't make much sense blurry landscape? unless you mod the climate, lighting template or whatever, that's how it is supposed to look to make the crappy lods less crappier it's purple stuff you are supposed to see if your ram get full game unload the biggest textures when the ram is full (missing 3 textures is better than missing 20), it's uncompressed body msn for most, if the body diffuse wasn't unload, there's no light on that mesh, so it's dark (because of that the skeletons in soul cairn are dark, it have setting for _msn and it get _n, there's no light on the mesh, so the bones are dark) anyway, the sse technical forum isn't empty, so much for the stability of fallout upgraded engine on skyrim (sse it's just that) an exe that can use more ram, that only allow you to ram ctd later an exe that can use more ram, that do nothing about the nif that have bones that doesn't exist in the skeleton an exe that can use more, that do nothing about empty leveled lists there wasn't much stuff for sse when it was released, and they had to restart from helgen, because of that they had less ctd at the beginning skyrim or sse for stability, that change nothing you can't port all skyrim stuff to sse (sse skse is the same as skyrim skse? sse enb isn't the same), so there's nothing to debate, sse it's skyrim with less crappier textures (that are crap compared to texture replacers) for the console players to rebuy the same game
  2. yatol

    Bijin mod series fat faces

    and why are you messing with female head nif when the problem are some male npc? those npc facegeom have nothing to do with the head nif, since that was made with racemenu all those npc are a copy paste of the same one, so they all look the same in crap kit the missing headpart it's the hairs those npc don't have, and it's fine if crap kit can't load those hair, those npc replacer don't have sg/ks/whatever as master, either you copy paste those hair headpart in the mod (doubles), either you rename the hair mesh to femalehairnord01, and give that to that npc (not that they did either) anyway, if some npc have no tint mask, or what they call the grey face bug, instead of doing some crap in crap kit, you load tesedit and go that npc id then you search the npc id.nif in your mo folder (if you don't use mo.... you want troubles you have them) you open the nif and you compare that to the headparts that win the conflicts in tesedit npc have headpart hair x, head nif have hair y, it's no good, the files of the mod that win the load order were overwrite by another, npc headpart and nif meshe don't match, game won't load the nif but generate the npc head, with malehead.nif, withoout adding the npc tintmask to textureset maleheadnord (it's on purpose, it's 20 seconds to generate a head, it's much faster to load a head nif, you need a way to see your performance drop was because some npc head nif weren't load)
  3. yatol

    Seriously mod devs...

    xpms compared to realistic ragdoll skeleton no idea what those plane, rotor, cone max angle mean but having to copy paste all that stuff to the newer skeleton just to get moving wings or hairs.... that take too much time and there's no need to, you can just switch to bodychange x if you want to use a skeleton that allow you to use that hdt cloak, hair or whatever (but if you are sent flying by a giant with that skeleton.... berk)
  4. yatol

    Seriously mod devs...

    it's the other way around, learn to read someone see an esp in that? realistic ragdoll come with an esp that edit some global values, for corpses to not be send flying when you run over (and furnitures when you fus do rah them) the skeleton allow the neck to turn 180°, the shoulders to touch the knees.... realistic ragdoll also come with an edited skeleton, and that's xpsme it's xpsme you don't need if you install realistic ragdoll and if you just install xpsme without realistic ragdoll, even if newer version have ragdoll edit, you are still missing the esp edits, so no, you don't have realistic ragdoll if you just install xpsme
  5. yatol

    Racemenu CTD's

    look like it wasn't worth switching to nothing special edition if they have the same ctd problems^^
  6. strange advice, when you load a head nif in outfit studiot, it end up between the feets for the hairs to not clip with helms, you give sbp 31 to those helms, to unload the hair when you equip it (it's that or creating some hairs for helms, some were done and nobody use them) and if you use a reduced head to move the nose, lips and chin highter to create a smaller head with long neck (that is taken care of by moving the slider head_down or head_up, most don't do it for some reason), either you move up the mask for it to be where the nose is now, either you move down the nose
  7. yatol

    [SEARCH] whats this armor

    i bet that wasbizare it's just that melodig doing pub for his blog it's allowed to sell daz stuff on patreon now? etc etc
  8. yatol

    Game & save crashes within a specific area

    forget that bullshit... search mzult in google, coc there from main menu, and if you ctd, it's easy to fix just reload the game with half the load order, coc there again, and repeat until ctd disappear, then enable back half of what was disabled then either you get rid of that esp, either you fix whatever problem it is (2 mod that add something to the same place that edit the same navmesh and you need a patch, a mod that give a custom armor that suck to a npc, something that is always done so easy to find) if you no longer ctd, the ctd was put in your save, and you are in deep shit there's the id of the problem in the crash dump nobody try to understand, just type that in tesedit and that's what you have to fix (if that can be fixed, since you can't edit your save in tesedit)
  9. yatol

    How to debug CTD

    same ram ctd as usual because you have enabled ram ctd because you love to ram ctd
  10. bullshit you load the game with mod x 1.0 with that mod, when you open something, it put all ingredients in that something mod y ingredients stay in your inventory, mod x need a patch you make that patch by putting mod y ingredients in mod x script and recompile it you reload the game you open that something and that change nothing, mod y ingredients are still in your inventory because the game load the original script that was put in your save the first it was load, over your edited script in data\scripts\ you play with 3dnpc npc are ugly if there's a mod to do something about that, and you install it and that mod don't stick to femalehairnord01, femaleheadnord, femaleeyeblue.... result will be what they call grey face npc (conflict between headparts and the nif) it's only safe to install something on a current save, if you check if you can install that safely relying on luck instead of checking, it's the best way to kill your save
  11. yatol

    How to debug CTD

    they are still coming thinking we can do something about their usual ram ctd because their settings are bullshit
  12. yatol

    Best method to prevent CTD'S

    you don't make much sense and... https://www.loverslab.com/forum/73-technical-support-skyrim-special-edition/ oh, they still crash with nothing special edition^^ if you no longer want to ctd, instead of relying on useless stuff like crash fix, loot or whatever, when you crash, you fix it no way to do it? really? there's that topic about crash dump nobody can read, there's an id in that thing, the id of the record that was load during the crash most of their crash dump are c000005, nothing to do to that record if you have crash because the game tried to load that on ram that doesn't exist and the ones that still crash with sse.... wasn't sse supposed to mean the end of the ram ctd (skeleton ctd, plugin before master and the rest, sse change nothing for that)
  13. yatol

    Best method to prevent CTD'S

    all those c0000005 in the how to debug ctd thread, it's an .exe that is trying to put stuff in ram that doesn't exist you give your 4gb to enbhost.exe, no problem when you load the game windows use 2gb, skyrim.exe use 1gb, you will ram ctd when enbhost.exe need more than 1gb
  14. yatol

    Best method to prevent CTD'S

    aela is 00yyyyyy aela is still 00yyyyyy in unof patch, dawnguard, bijin, anything that edit aela no idea what your blabla about erased references is no idea how you can ctd because of that either you play with a mod that add trees somewhere you install a mod that edit towns result in game, a tree is inside a house extension you can't directly delete that from your load order in game, and going to crap kit for that... you select it in the console, add flag deleted (or disabled) to it, your save with flag deleted will overwrite your load order, that tree in the house is no longer there, problem solved no idea what your blabla about cleaning master is either if the mod edit something, it overwrite it, that change nothing to edit that something in the master and deleting it because it's in the mod.... no, you keep it in the master, to not have problem if you remove that mod later
  15. yatol

    Best method to prevent CTD'S

    i'll stick to something i found in google from the enb author, than some blabla put in that useless guide how come some have problems if that guide isn't useless? purpose of a guide is to not fail no? they have a list of mods to pick/avoid if i remember right if a mod change things too much it's no good because they want the game to stay as close as vanilla as possible? euh..... is unof patch in the list? there's a lot of patchs, because lot of conflicts, and conflicts are the things you want to avoid to not have problems was cwo was in the recommended mods? what was the problem with the newer version that got the mod removed? (i don't know i got fed up with it with the new spy crap, go rid of it, and... it was much better so that must have mod... bye bye) anyway, last time i had ram ctd, it was when i was trying some enderal enb (like everyone i didn't bother configure the ini before checking how that really look, and that was problems, until i took care of the one i pick)