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  1. yatol

    Look mah!! I got no hands!!!

    what does this have to do with a char having no hand, no body, no feet, no armor, no whatever? go back to qasmoke click on your char in the console if no menu, install that whatever that is and screen everything your char is wearing load tesedit and check those id until you find something with sbp 33 (hands) bet there's something in that mess with hands (race something? nail something? nobody will check what the mods in that load order do) and i bet it's override by something else so you need a patch to have both, or get rid of one
  2. yatol

    Nifscope Floating Objects

    if that mesh was load before, it's because it was named npc head also because of that it don't move, conflict with bone npc head in the thing he have export the nif with have rename that to antler bone npc head was rename to antler too, so no more bone npc head for the hair meshe it's a hair or an armor? one meshe have sbp 131 (why not 31? 131 it's unused leftovers), another have sbp 42 (helm) 001_flippingoutF.nif
  3. you open follower x head nif and lydia head nif you rename follower x meshes to what there is in lydya head nif you replace lydia nif with follower x in game, lydia is follower x now if you regenerate the head in crap kit, you get the old lydia head nif (you didn't gave lydia follower x headpart, if that have something to do with the head nif) to edit that follower x head you import that head on your char do whatever you want to do to that head export it rename the head nif mesh to what there was in original head nif (eye 5 was imported on eye1, it's now eye 1 in the nif, conflict between head nif and npc headparts) and replace the nif
  4. that's how you expect someone to upload stuff for you? why do you want that anyway? you said in the other topic you no longer play skyrim as for the thing that cover eyes... yes i saw it when i was checking stuff that was years ago, and i didn't pick that maybe something from aeon soul or some steampunk no need to check g3 or v6 in the search, that's old stuff
  5. that's new? it's just a conversion of old stuff to g3 https://www.daz3d.com/forums/viewreply/193854/ https://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/?item_id=69907 Product Notes BandageMania V4 is a conforming piece of cloth for Daz Victoria 4.The following morphs are included: Morphs++, Aiko 4, Girl 4, Stephanie 4.Please, magnetize clothing to V4 if you are using Poser or Carrara. Tested in Daz Studio 3, Poser 9 and Carrara 8Release history:1.0 (14/11/2012) - First public release My freebies at ShareCG you can download that for free then its the same as converting something from oblivion
  6. didn't i gave a link to that cme save on page 1? don't feel like loading the game with original ece or original racemenu to do that anyway, with original ks hair (that was merge too) and if you don't use fairskin, i have to create a custom race that use fairskin if you are too lazy to install fairskin too? if someone were to upload something too close, called ninirim preset, that would probably be taken down anyway (because of the autorisation crap from the sims that somehow got here)
  7. eyes, lips and chin that are from another cme save... beside that... that's also the same ran head that look so much better than what you get with vanilla head in crap kit what's the difference with vanilla on that? beside textures
  8. isn't there that on page 1? that don't look the same for some? older fairskin, another hair... it's details
  9. yatol

    How do they do it?

    that's how it's done... you morph copy game body to replacer, or replacer to game body, and when you bake replacer on game body, you get the replacer texture for the game uv map that one not similar enought, there's some torso texture on the arms the problem, it's the hands (10 fingers to move around, that take time)
  10. yatol

    Hand gap, UUNP, help required pls

    and where do you see that above? .obj it's the nitrishape from the .nif of course you can't export as .nif without the weights (bsdismemberskin from nif) and to weight that you need the bones, that aren't in the nitrishape either
  11. yatol

    Hand gap, UUNP, help required pls

    you can't see there's gaps between hand mesh and arm above? that's because the hand bone from nif 1 isn't the same as the hand bone from nif 2 and weights for bone 1 with bone 2, that's dont do the same, so it doesn't match the other mesh that is weight for bone 2 with bone 2 join both meshes (after giving them a material, keep one meshe for hand and one for body) edit mod select the vertice from hand and the one from body merge repeat until the turn is done export .obj (if you have import .obj, there's no weights on that) go to nitrishape of body nif import .obj on that same for hands no more gaps (there should be one on the feets too, it's just harder to see because it move less)
  12. for you everything that look better than what you have is photoshoped? if you don't like how something look like in game why not just edit imagespace, lighting template, weather, enb... to get that how you want it? instead of wasting your time in photoshop those trees shadows suck (no dof it's fine, i don't like dof, no dof during killmoves too) oh, it's less dark what can photoshop do about that? downloading textures replacers to get that red texture load on vanilla textures... it's the same as replacing sic dwemer textures with the 4k from nexus, to get sic dwemers to look better too
  13. and where is your help in that topic? have post that on page 2 not my problem if someone think the head on the left is a bdo head same eye brows, same eyes (even eye color), same nose, same lips... and that's older than the ninirim preset you are asking for^^
  14. yatol

    Body Mesh Sharing vs Individual

    where do you see sliders in tesedit? if the npc is weight 50, and the head don't float or clip with the body, the body is weight 50 and if that don't look like the nif, then it's probably not that nif you give armor pikachu to a npc, that is race wolf wolf race isn't in the available race of armor pikachu game don't load armor pikachu on the wolf, it load the race armor (or worn armor if npc have one)
  15. the shapes key, it's what is called tri files in skyrim no idea how you are supposed to copy paste bdo morph on skyrim head with that maybe you were talking about that? take a little more than 2 minutes to get something that don't suck with morph copy nobody mess with the uv map unless you want your head to be stuck with whatever texture you bake to the edited uv map truncating? you mean decimate? why would someone do that? if you decimate the head, it no longer have the same number of vertices as the tri files and you can't load the tri files on that head