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  1. it's fine if you don't crash loading the save? because of that bullshit so many have so many problems start the game with obis, cwo, requiem, anything that edit stuff that get in your save when the game start itself (quests with start game enabled, persistent stuff, leveled lists...) remove the mod you are able to load the save? so what? you'll get stuck during the civil war like so many, or crash entering an area you already went (because game pick npc x from mod y leveled list, and without mod y, random result), or have negative weapon damage because of a requiem debuff that wasn't unload right or something else you may only see weeks or months after removing the mod, so you will never figure out to no longer crash, you have to put back that mod in your load order
  2. yatol

    Head mesh bug?

    ran head with citrus tri file, of course there's problems when femaleheadchargen.tri is load on the npc that are talking or if you move some sliders in showracemenu
  3. yatol

    plugin too big to load for Creation Kit

    strange blabla compare that to your esm those esm are fine, have just delete some useless stuff, empty cells, test cells, eq3demo stuff, unfinished stuff... in the merge, npc x have headpart sghair01, npc y from another mod also have headpart sghair01, crap kit will rename one sghair01 to sghair01duplicate01 it's not sghair01duplicate01 in the head nif, and that's no good you never load your esp as active plugin in crap kit, too dangerous you put the edits in x.esp, then put that in your esp there's no need to load original esp for that, just the stuff you are editing instead of checking if whatever there is in the esp need whiterun or whatever you can just delete pikachu, x, y... worldspaces there's no need to load in crap kit if that's still not enought, esp have no use for dawnguard? no need to load dawnguard with it still not enought with just skyrim esm? delete cells from skyrim esm, check for errors your esp, errors? delete cells from your esp, take care of worldpsace, then delete cells from backup to take care of cells still not enought? delete some worldspaces from skyrim and your esp (and keep a screen of that to know what worldspaces aren't taken care of) it's asking for useless troubles to merge quests mods too many esp? put all armors mods in one mod, all weather mod in one, all npc mods in one... faster and easier than messing with quests mods that may have scripts that look for stuff in x.esp if x.esp is no longer there, that will no longer work
  4. yatol

    Sybille Stentor's face is fucked up

    skeleton issue above, that would be a ctd... mod a replace sybille head mod b overwrite mod a game can't load mod a nif with mod b headpart (femalehair2 isn't kshairsomething, or femaleeyevampire isn't modaeyes, or whatever) the mess on your screen, it's because your game can't generate mod b head either conflict between nif and tri, it's about the same as that hdt problem with tits or butt that stay in the previous cell
  5. that's 2k? here's 2k that 1k crap look like that in game complicated to see more than that from teeth texture in game without putting the camera in the mouth, or removing the head
  6. yatol

    CTD from wearing a certain armor

    the skirt move? if it move it's not with bone pelivs or leftthight and if whatever bones it is isn't in whatever skeleton you use that's a ctd like equipping a tbbp armor without a skeleton that have the tbbp bones
  7. yatol

    How do I edit HKX files?

    no need to edit .hkx for that... you just delete the ones you have no use for from the .txt fnis use to generate those .hkx
  8. yatol

    Sybille Stentor's face is fucked up

    bullshit some npc mods are made with skyrim vampire headparts some are made with dawnguard vampire headparts you have a mod that edit skyrim esm vampire race? it override dawnguard because of that so many have problems with vampires also because of that if you can't load the vampire head nif, your game can't generate that head either as for fixing your mess, it's your problem to patch to skyrim or dawnguard esm
  9. vampire may spawn when you walk on vampire trigger, if hour > x and hour < y, and time-lastevent > delaybetweenevent doing the thing he is talking about with that... that would be a huge useless waste of time it's not hard, it's time consuming serena have a bullshit dlc1serenasomethingscript that update itself every 3 seconds (it's just some crap to get things working before doing it right, oh wait... the doing it right part wasn't done) you don't give that to followers, you give that to a quest that have an alias with condition isfaction follower that bullshit script, that would update onlocationchange or something, may or may not load something from your formlist for whatever location you are in there's x dungeon near whiterun, x quests available, x flowers to pick, x coffer to loot.... listing that crap is the time consuming part and for what purpose? for a npc to tell there's still a quest there, a dungeon here or whatever?
  10. yatol

    I want try ECE

    and this is 5 minutes in google image it's about the same on the left, shorter chin, green eye, that's details your neck is longer because you didn't bother with the slider head_up_down to compensate the reduced head and those ears would be better hide under the hairs
  11. because it's upload by nini that crap look better than the rest?
  12. you can't edit npcs without racemenu? because you can't do it it can't be done? you just have to copy paste the edit in headpart femaleheadnord to whatever that npc is using or replace the head nif or that custom race npc (no need for a custom race to give custom headparts, textures or whatever)
  13. said above that's your problem... you see clipping above? that's neither unp neither dem no uunp conversion? do it yourself like everyone else for whatever body they use good luck to find unp or uunp of that
  14. if you can't do it with mods, you do it vanilla, that's all and skyrim is nothing special without mods
  15. making npc one by one in racemenu? there's 2000 npcs the eyes problem it's some head morph available for some race, but the eye morph for that head morph not available for the race