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  1. I think that is more the issue than the mod itself. CD project devs have said how much they hate mods, and probably why they backtracked on releasing proper mod tools. I was hoping the game would end up like Skyrim. People have voice mods in skyrim from just recording on their webcam, and while some were bad quality due to recording devices, I still used them because they still made great voices for certain characters. Voices dont need to be great quality for a mod, can even use AI created voices which I've seen done in Skyrim and even I can do that. If I made it sound like a mod needs the hig
  2. No, but who wants to play with a character that has horror buggy animations that one would see in a low budget horror 3d animated horror flick and a voice that doesn't match the character at all? The voice part I can get by since at least can look like other male characters in witcher. That be okay if the other male replacements worked, but in witcher 3 the animations broke on anyone except geralt. Someone has to be incredibly desperate for character customization to have that be even vaguely playable gameplay wise. Unless its not meant to be played the game that way. But who wants to see some
  3. The doppleganger mod for witcher 3 is the worst mod for any game. They are so desperate to play anyone but geralt, they'll use the worst mod that can be made for a game. Its like the character switches in FFXV where its all male boyband. I thought the characters being moddable be nice, but no its terrible. I don't know how someone can like that kind of mod unless they are so desperate to play someone else. That isn't a problem with the mod of course (except so much more can be done), but if the game is so hateful toward character customization then that is on the developers. Problem? The
  4. hope you are able to, sounds like it be an amazing addition to this mod list.
  5. I ended up getting Cyberpunk 2077 early, I almost (do but very rare) pre-order things...BUT...I have the stimulus money, and might as well get the game before I get evicted with months of non-paid rent and lose all my money lol. Its looking to be exactly as I predicted though. Its kinda looking like a downgrade, and features being cut (though wall running being cut isnt a bother to me, I never cared about that and actually I'm terrible at wall running so personally not an issue lol). But some of the graphics are looking like a downgrade from what they previously showed.
  6. Weapon type: Melee, Ranged (non-magic) Magic: Light magic, heavy magic (combining all current trees to these two) Craft: blacksmith, alchemy+enchanting, harvest* (maybe they'll add a tree for harvesting, maybe include cooking too into the harvest tree) So craft would likely be same amount, with two skills combined, and maybe harvest but otherwise if that isnt a thing, it be down one. Seeing the "evolution" from morrowind, to oblivion, to skyrim and fallout 1/2 to fallout 3 (yeah not bethesda for fallout 1/2 but fallout 3 had a ton less than fallout 2 did) to fa
  7. Not being condescending or anything, cause sometimes text can be taken wrong. But I don't think the game is intended for you, its a pretty niche audience it aims for. The developer wanted a game that he wanted to play, and the game never lied or misled anything about what it is or isn't. It makes it pretty clear what it is. He is making a Kenshi 2, but it'll probably be pretty much the same game with improvements (whatever they may be) and better graphics.
  8. thanks deleting modfiles and seeing the character changes. Looks really good
  9. The only mods I got are listed here and requirements. Pretty sure nothing is working except the buildings and interface changes. None of the enemies are showing up or the characters either. Got a shieldbreaker and was still the normal male looking shieldbreaker. The cultists are still the same too. Do I just need to keep playing more or something? Cause for me, everything that requires a mod doesn't seem to actually work. Am I suppose to actually install everything to the game folder and not the workshop folder where the mods are? Cause I overwrote the mod files, and pretty sure di
  10. I don't think it be hard to make, I would but no time sadly and any free time I'd rather be playing. But no, no it doesn't exist sadly.
  11. I'll still play the current version, but how does the next update look for save compatibility? Cause if it looks like need a new game I'll just do a "smaller" campaign in ireland/uk or something.
  12. So for those who want to play the warhammer mod with this (probably works for the game of thrones and warcraft mods. But I dont have the GOT mod and dont want to play warcraft mod with sex mods so I dunno if it will or not). Its actually pretty simple. Though as a warning, it probably makes things not work entirely correct. But all you do is delete the religion/culture folders. Then the game doesn't crash at startup. Who knows what it breaks, but it works with no ctds lol
  13. Nope. CD Projekt doesnt release good modding tools for their games and most of the time they don't even bother basic stuff. Mods are going to be super basic and no point in using them. And if they say they will release their tools (witcher 3) they actually will never release their tools. The games are good enough and witcher 3 was great on its own. But you will NOT get sexlabs or anything like that. You won't even get good character customization mods (in terms of appearances) like you do skyrim or fallout.
  14. I dunno. These sub services where you pay X amount of dollars and get a huge selection of games is amazing for severely poor people. I think people against services are people that can buy any game they want without worrying about money. But they don't realize or maybe don't really care that these more benefit poor/low income gamers than they themselves. I wouldn't be able to play so many games otherwise. Likewise, subbing to humble bundle nets me a lot of "free" (well super affordable on my income) games every month. Subbing to Origins, Microsoft, Humblebundle...is still cheaper
  15. no, you can get it on the microsoft store. And its part of microsoft's game pass you can get 1 dollar (1st month) and 5 dollars (every month) after that.
  16. I spent 1 dollar (5 dollars after first month) for microsoft's all game pass. But if I like the game a lot, I'll go and buy it to actually own it. No tencent store required
  17. Some games just don't catch on. And it isn't because its online only. WoW modding is still big despite blizzard doing a banwave for that. It has the most variety as far as MMO adult mods go. Black Desert Online has a big modding scene, and their nude mods are amazing top notch (skyrim nude character mod level quality in terms of looks) Some people say its cause monster hunter world is online, but it isn't really accurate. It could just likely be that its too hard to mod. The nude mods for AC Odyssey are pretty junk that it makes characters look uglier imo, but t
  18. I find Sims 4 to be overall better than Skyrim. There is a lot of animations and quite advanced modding for Sims. Plus decent character customization, though not as good on that front as Skyrim with character/race customization mods. And tbh, I kinda find sims more immersive for the sex stuff. BUT, I stick mostly with Skyrim because simply of the fact character customization with mods is far superior.
  19. I won't buy it. Epic already paid them for me by paying them to be exclusive. Plus they paid them extra for any potential "lost" sales. So its like I already paid for it.
  20. Its an MMO, but black desert online has the best nude mods as far as MMOs go and quality. Not much as far as the extreme fetish go and not much variety compared to WoW ones, its more just super high quality nude mods. WoW is decent and has something for everyone and its quite more moddable than BDO (modded loading screens, modded artwork inside the game etc), but blizzard put the ban hammer on it and its kinda in limbo right now while the modders wait for the new client which remains to be seen how blizzard treats it. As a heads up. The forum the BDO nude mods are in (foru
  21. I'm waiting for new DLC to come out to play But this mod sounds amazing. Its like (from what I read anyway since haven't actually started) the dark world for CK2 but stellaris...in terms of how big and involved this is. Granted its a WIP, but best adult mod for stellaris
  22. Here is how Draconians look in My Colony. They are super hard to figure out, but the gist with them is they need to trade/import/export for their economy. Won't give spoilers, but you have to buy resources to unlock new stuff. Online mode its a ton easier once you get the grand exchange (not called that) but it allows you to sell and buy resources on a much better deal for both. And their big source of money is selling things, but I recommend starting on abandoned world for them because you get a special (and very valuable) resource only draconians can get on their abandoned world
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