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  1. Thanks I will check it when I am at home
  2. Does anyone know this cat body mod?
  3. Need this https://pan.baidu.com/share/init?surl=sl6p6HJ pass: x8xd
  4. Inferius

    Mods from pan.baidu

    oh that is awesome!
  5. Does anyone know the way to download files from pan.baidu I do not have account but there are few mods there I want to get
  6. Yes this is working for me, but not for my friend when I send him files. He can't select armor in his bodyslide
  7. I have build up an armor piece and made bodyslide for it. I packed up armor files, esp + caliente folder including files in ShapeData and SliderSets but when my friend install it he can't select armor in bodyslide Do I have to add bodyslide some way in creation kit?
  8. Inferius

    Need some help with Outfit Studio

    Did that already This is how it looks ingame and in bodyslide
  9. I am loading the outfit and UUNP reference in outfit studio. Then tweak everything and save project. While on base UUNP everything looks fine, when I select other bodyslide preset armor is clipping. Is there a way to fix that?
  10. Inferius

    Animated skirt

    I am curious how can I make this skirt hdt so it slightly floats behind character when moving