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  1. Yes this is working for me, but not for my friend when I send him files. He can't select armor in his bodyslide
  2. I have build up an armor piece and made bodyslide for it. I packed up armor files, esp + caliente folder including files in ShapeData and SliderSets but when my friend install it he can't select armor in bodyslide Do I have to add bodyslide some way in creation kit?
  3. Inferius

    Need some help with Outfit Studio

    Did that already This is how it looks ingame and in bodyslide
  4. I am loading the outfit and UUNP reference in outfit studio. Then tweak everything and save project. While on base UUNP everything looks fine, when I select other bodyslide preset armor is clipping. Is there a way to fix that?
  5. Inferius

    Animated skirt

    I am curious how can I make this skirt hdt so it slightly floats behind character when moving
  6. Do I have to set up something in nifskope? Or is it more related to editing textures? I have seen some videos about adding NiAlphaProperty to NiTriShapes in Nifskope. I added it but don't see any difference in game at all
  7. Inferius

    Regina Armor

    Why? Because I want my vindictus character in skyrim
  8. Anyone knows if this armor was ported to skyrim? It's called Regina Armor from vindictus Do not confuse it with regina queen outfit I can't find it anywhere because regina queen mod appears everywhere -.-
  9. Inferius

    [Request] Vindictus port

    Sure man no problem. Thank you for your effort
  10. Inferius

    [Request] Vindictus port

    When I load qc in blender I can see corset part, but nif file you sent won't even load in blender. And when loaded in outfit studio or nifskope I don't see corset at all And yeah I expected full mod as this is just one part of full armor I am working on
  11. Inferius

    [Request] Vindictus port

    But Papadrino made full outfit as you can see on screenshot