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Sites to get Skyrim Mods (other than Nexus) OTNx

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I hope this is the right place to ask this question.  Is there anything of "quality" on Steam Workshop that cannot be found in Nexus and places mentioned on this thread?  I tried it a few times but it is poorly organized and the interface is awful.  Besides I don't like stuff drop to my game folder without me checking it out first.


The few things I have gotten from Steam I have hunted down in my /data/ folder, moved to a new folder, zipped up then installed into Mod Organizer. Since I use MO it's a little easier to find stuff in the folder since it isn't already loaded, stuffed and molested by NMM or manual installs. :D


But no, there is nothing I've seen there that is better than anything else.

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Link to all (or most anyway) of Arrow & Knee Mod Team's stuff. Have to use Google Translate or something as it's in Chinese:




Sometimes it says page can't be reached, but if you refresh it and wait (sometimes more than once) it will come up.




I just found a tumblr blog with a very nice UNP armor called Warfare Armor:





Another called Sakirim has a link to the Warfare Armor on his/her googledrive as well as some other stuff:




(I couldn't work out how to download it from m0ckin9bird, so I got it there)



I'll post more if I find any :)



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No one seems to have mentioned Hall of Torque - maybe it's just obvious and everyone knows... 

Anyway, in case you didn't know or you're new to modding, they do lots of male mods and there's a list of links to all of the revealing male armors.

NSFW, obviously:




Korean site (need a translator if you don't speak Korean):




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Another fansite with links to some awesome, mostly skimpy/sexy, armor mod links.


Sky TM: http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/

I can't open the blog correctly. It doesn't show images and open in a "cache mode".

Someone can tell me how to open correctly?



It should open correctly - maybe there was a problem with the site when you tried accessing it? I clicked your link and it opens fine - it's a good site too ^_^


Try opening it with Chrome.


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The given Link in the OP for SkyPhantoms Blog is not correct any more (as I am sure most know already).


The correct link is now : -> http://skyrimphantom.blog.fc2.com/


Also, he does not seem to have any UNPB stuff anymore, only 7B and CHSBHC. (My apologies if I am confusing something here, I am new to Skyrim modding, but from what I understand so far UNPB is something else than 7B, isn't it?)

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May I suggest the torrent sites especially Piratebay, Kickass, and Demonoid if you got a torrent client installed. Just search for "Skyrm mods". The uploaders/seeders have uploaded ALL the best mods from  Nexus. If you do get them, just seed as long as you can please, to make them available always. Sorry, I cannot post those links yet as I'm still a noob here. 

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Here are some I know of - pardon if any has been mentioned already.


A Whiter Shade of Pale: The blog of a guy called Kasprutz, featuring armors (mostly conversions from other games, it seems).

Skyrim Eihei Spot: (Japanese) Armors and clothing. Very similar to MODTYPE.

Mod DB: Features the latest MonsterMod release among other stuff.

More Skooma: (Japanese) Not sure how to label this. Some of the stuff seems alpha and/or abandoned, but there are some good things too.

Armeria: (Japanese) A blog which seems to revolve around the author's itsy-bitsy custom khajiit character. Kinda cozy.



I DREAM OF SKYRIM (mods): (Japanese) Blog and mods by a person apparently called Ponzu. Small but diverse collection.

Skyrimshot: (Japanese) Blog by a person called tktk. Most (possibly all) of his stuff also exists on Nexus (link).

Shocky: A tumblr blog featuring armors and various accessories.

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Contain good 7B outfit




Contain some beautiful followers, and outfit




Highlight of Skyrim mods, I find unique and beautiful follower which don't get too much endorsement or highlight in Nexusmod :-)




I am sorry if above links already mentioned before. Hope you enjoy it!

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