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  1. So it seems that sexlab is working for me. But is there a way to make the animations happen sooner at the moment it is so slow to start the animations. Where talking minutes in real time here. Takes so long I give up and start my character moving on. Then some where other than where I wanted the animations to happen they finally start, some times when I least need them to. Like a dragon attack.
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    Hi It seems that the mega link is not working.
  3. Nifoptimizer worrk for 90 % of the time. Just remember to sort the head meshes from the body meshes. I have had meshes though that still needed to be done manually with nif scope. There is a tutorial on how this is done. Just a few easy steps. So after using nif optimizer and you are still having issues with a particular npc this is a option. You soon realise though after converting a bunch of meshes why nif optimizer was created, does get tedious.
  4. I have a few simple mods ported to Skyrim SE, Bathing in sky rim, private needs, npc private needs. I have them using Zaz animations. Can the sex lab lite use Zaz animations ? The other question I have is. If I port mods that depend on sex lab and have them working with SKSE64 will they also work with sex lab lite? Was able to start the game with the old sex lab and enable it. But when I reloaded the save it then detected that the sky rim version was different and shut the game down. Not sure what the functionality of it would have been though. I was able to register the zaz animations and with zaz I was able to register sex lab. So the latest SKSE64 seems to be close to what sex lab needs.
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    SSE Criticism Thread Reloaded

    SKSE64 is officially kaput. There is a post on Nexus from one of the skse team stating that in a round a bout way. Either the SKSE team members have moved on or are to busy or both. So unless in the years to come one of them feels all nostalgic about Skyrim and returns too develop the SKSE64 it a`int gonna happen. As for some one picking up the project that won`t happen with there work. The SKSE team also had to do some serious wrangling with Bethesda getting permission to work on there game. So that also is a hurdle for any one wanting to do there own SKSE64.
  6. strawb

    SSE Criticism Thread Reloaded

    Just my two cent`s worth. As posted why the hype about the money grab ? It only affects console users and it is there choice if they buy Skyrim SE. They will soon realise that what they brought is still limited compared to PC especially if SKSE64 does become a reality and Beth starts to regulate and charge for there mods. Pc users like me have now got for free a far more stable game to enjoy thanks to Beth exploiting console users. So two thumbs up Beth for hood winking console users into buying a tarted up five year old game. Creation kit is the big annoyance for me. All the same creaky clunky ancient program. It now can`t even handle large mods like interesting npc`s, just borks when you try to up date the esp. I now have 165 plug in mods and a number of non plug in mods like texture, sound, animation and a 194 plug ins list and the game is smoooth as. Main cause of my ctd`s is me porting mods. In old rim out of four play through s I never did complete all the main quests. Dawn guard I only managed one complete play though with out bugs. New rim just cruising through dawn guard. Yes it is still the same old game but so much more fun to play. Also there are a number of mods now ported that give quite a bit more game play.
  7. strawb

    help finding a mod

    There has been only just recently a mod on nexus SE that ads fields of flowers that look pretty darn real. There is also the mods by Renthal, but they would need porting. I also have a four part flora over haul mod that has no information with it. I know it was high in detail.
  8. When i am playing I bring up windows task manager it shows on average Skyrim SE using 6 to 8gb of my 16gb ram. I have a 8gb video card, not sure how much of that gets used. But I reckon at times that it is nearly maxed. Would have to be running 4k texture for most every thing to worry 16gb of ram . Graphics is now the bottle neck, which is why I now have 8 gb. No point having 32 gb of ram and then only say a 4gb graphic card.
  9. Yeah a lot of mods have been worked so they can run with out SKSE. But they are mostly a stripped down version of the original mod, all parts that needed SKSE being removed. In a number of mods those features that made those mods great are no longer there. Or to access the limited menu available you now have to enable a lesser power to bring up a menu, which is not as quick and easy as Sky Ui. So for a better enjoyment of mods SKSE is still a needed tool as is SKY UI.
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    Porting a mod

    I have converted Shaydow`s Animation mash up to work in new skyrim. I would like to up load the conversion for all to use. I tried to send a message to Shaydow for permission. Got a site message stating he is not receiving messages any more. So has he moved on and left lovers lab ? , Done some evil twisted deed that has caused him to be outed from lovers lab? Do I just up load and wing it with the stated option of removing the up load if he can still get on the site too object to the port. The mash up as stated by him is animations by various moders and none of his work per say, he just put it all together with a few tweaks.
  11. strawb

    DADAG and CHAPI armors/download

    http://mitinokuoblivion.blog118.fc2.com/blog-entry-1410.html Here is the blog site with the latest gear.
  12. strawb

    SSE Mods compatibility

    There be for you a tool that will do you fine. Look in the main folder where there is the Skyrim SE ex is. There should be a tool folder in there is a texture converter. Xtex, it may have been made to convert files for Xbox? But it is still the same Skyrim for any platform so I can`t see a problem using it. I have used it and it has converted my mods no problems. I have though found that some mods worked over with this tool will break. Use the old textures and no crash and burn. Still a lot easier than one file at a time, now it is only a test the mod to see if it works.
  13. strawb

    SSE Mods compatibility

    May double up with some posted. As also posted there is some missing armor pieces here and there. These are mod from ye olde skyrim Crimson Closet, removed the clothing or armor pieces that needed SKSE. Monli race works. Monli followers has issues. Some new npc`s work and are approachable others don`t want to play nice when approached and cause a CDT. Still looking into that. Not a modder though. Nini music re placer. Lightning, Lovely and Kijiko hair. New Mikan eyes and Eyes of perfection. Most any armor mods will mostly work. ADDC armors Fox armors merged x117 armors are just a few that work. I did cheat a bit though. HDT high heels is required for a lot of armors. One of the many benefits of mod organizer. So just installed HDT high heels then opened up the mod in explorer and deleted every thing except the ESM. Basically a dummy plug in to trick dependent mods. So a couple of armor piece won`t work or show PFFT. I have the following weapons merged Tera bows ,Tera weapons ,Deadric Dawnbreaker, Auriels bow better, Skyforge weapons, Goshu weapons pack, Crossbow basic collection, Dragon bone weapons and Ancient Tongues great sword and sword. I do like a vast horde of girly followers, mostly to fill in the empty spaces of Skyrim. So I have found that not all followers move over easy. Sinestra (old version with HD up date) Elly follower ported. Could name a lot more but it is easy enough to work through followers. Some work with the original esp and not with the reworked esp. Some need to be re located into there cell due to changes in cell id`s. Some need only there meshes up dating, if you update there textures it`s crash and burn. Others are for me a real problem as it requires face gen update. Which the tool available for up dating nif files does not cover. So that means nif scope yada yada and I started as a gamer nod a programmer or modder. Can muddle my way through the Creation kit with some success. 3DNPC should be noted that there is still a few bugs with this mod. The author did state that he could not run the esp through the new creation kit and save it. This I can confirm, I even tried strong language , did not work, but made me feel better.
  14. I`m not sure if this might be a re-post. One site two links. One for the main site. http://gomapudding.x.fc2.com/index.html One for the links site. This is a whole list of blogs that contain all sorts of mods. A couple of the links where dead. http://gomapudding.x.fc2.com/link.html In the blogs that the link site show cased there are many more links. There is also two excellent translation sites that I use. http://www.systransoft.com/lp/korean-translation/ and http://www.online-translator.com/
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    Where does this come from ?

    Thanks for the info.