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    I like to write erotic stories based on my characters and based on whatever manages to 'tickle' me. Someone who knew me once asked how I could 'imagine' such things, and after some thought I came up with an explanation.

    Read my stories over on Hentai Foundry:
    In our lives, society 'restricts' or 'modifies' what it deems as right and proper, and we as human beings, suppress ourselves to fit into the given mold of society at that time.

    Our imagination sets us free. In reality, we could not conceive of performing acts in our imagination, and we shouldn't be made to suppress our imagination.

    And that is why I let my imagination go.

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  1. I am truly sorry for not updating. RL and work, plus interest away from gaming has really been all I am capable of handling for a good long while. I have a newer computer and changed many things in life. However, I have lost almost all my screens and junk I used. An idea came up from a few friends about this story recently and I was remodding my Skyrim again. WOW have things really taken off even more than before... IF anyone has played with Campfire, it is sooooooo cool. Right? I am planning on re-writing this story, same character but a different model/body for Keira. I t
  2. I dont care, nor do I have an Opinion about Bethesda... I like Skyrim(old) and I like SSE. I am favoring SSE as more and more mods come out because it does take advantage of my hardware better and I have noticed some good, and bad things that were left lingering... Pluses for SSE: 1. Loads faster. 2. Transitions between outside and inside with 72 Mods running already with SSE. 3. Some of the mods that USED to need SKSE, don't anymore. Immersive Patrols doesn't kill the FPS or slow the game anymore. 4. (FREE) for those that had the Legendary version of Skyrim or had previo
  3. Your idea would have been great! Yeah, but... no. SkyrimSE still has the Regular Skyrim engine/script foundation. And, sadly, interest for FO4 has fallen off. Even regular mods, more female 'presets' and 'graphics' changes, weapon adds and cool new storms, but other than those few things, there hasn't been anything more than minor substance changes. (IMHO.... Radiant mods kill the joy in FO4 more than anything else). Still, I have hope with the new SSE engine changes, players can build strongholds or have some sort of merchant trade system... However, in FO4, I would still
  4. SSE is a little different, and for those that had ALL Expansions and didn't get Hacked Versions of Skyrim, it is free 100%... If you had Skyrim and the expansions, and didn't get the SkyrimSE free, all you need to do is go to Steam, pull down your purchase data and prove that you had all the Expansions and they will flag your account and when you log back into steam, it will be available for FREE download. The 64Bit version of Skyrim is also using the different Havok Engine like FO4. The SE release was mostly for the demand of the Console players to be able to get MODs with Skyrim..
  5. Since the SkyrimSE Update/patch and Patch to Patch the Patch..... Has anyone had trouble loading saves? I couldn't load any of my old Saves this morning and none of them showed up, so I made a new game (since I really was just messing with mods on the old save) and I made a few new saves, got out of the game and did some housecleaning. After a few hours, I came back to take a break and again, all my old saves were gone and it wouldn't load (Continue). Just for testing purposes, I made a new save, saved the game... got out of the game... brought it back up and the same thing, no
  6. The first thing I really noticed was how terrible the Vanilla UI was, And the Mod Author for SkyUI says "Not Interested", hopefully someone else will port it over. The second thing was the downgraded audio, it is absolutely terrible and I have to put the subtitles on. Those were the first two things that really caught my attention... The Textures... I wasn't worried about because as soon as the mods are converted, I am going to use those anyways. On the plus side, I have really played it hard. I already have 30+ mods going and the difference is quite apparent. Even with vanilla "Ol
  7. So you just dropped down CBBE & Violens as is from the Skyrim edition then? Wanted to know we just got started on ours and one thing we wanted to start adding was a nice body structure and skins. Thank you. For the CBBE, yes, I just loaded the original 3.4f version from Skyrim into NMM for SSE and it worked great. VioLens actually has a new version for SSE. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/668/? I also just downloaded iNeeds, Ordinator and Wet and Cold. Going to try those out. Now... about 5000 bandits? Meh... its a good test, but unrealistic in how
  8. The first thing I want is SkyUI. That, above everything else, is the most important thing to me. Since SSE is 64bit, it runs so beautifully. I already have CBBE loaded, Live another Life, VioLens, Pride of Valhalla Textures for CBBE and Campfire - Complete Camping System. They all work great (except the animations and backpack stuff, not withstanding) and there has been no issues that I have noticed with those mods so far. SKSE will come, just takes time and then everyone can begin hammering away at mods again. I don't think it will take anywhere near as much time to get "SKSE-S
  9. With many of the changes in Skyrim SE, I do know that mods like CBBE and UNP work fine, but all the scripted and animated mods would have to be built specifically for SkyrimSE.. So, maybe a section would need to be created for Skyrim SE mods/development?
  10. If you find exactly how to stop this damn error, would you please be kind enough to share your step-by-step process? I tried to turn off the option in the Crashfixplugin.ini but, I still CTD with no warning or error this time. This is driving me nuts. I know you will probably be told it is OLD, but give a mod called Safety Load a shot. It has helped me A LOT. Obviously, Loot and FNIS... all the normal jazz. I used to Freeze more than CTD, but since I put in Safety Load, the only issue I had was that Stupid Crash Fix popup about Foot IK. I dont use an ENB, but if Safet
  11. What is "Footik" anyways? Correct me if I am wrong, but this issue only appears if the mod "Crash Fixes" by Meh321, is installed, right??? I ran into this issue and the popup said something about animations and after reading forums and Googling everywhere, I tired the Reinstall XPMSE and FNIS, which worked at first. But it came up again a few days later and didn't work. After I tried a plethora of different other workarounds, I looked for CrashFixPlugin.ini and it is in your (<your place for steam>\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\SKSE\plugins) folder. Change to
  12. This is exactly my thought. And I'm pretty sure that this new mod manager can beneficiate from both sides. let's wait then. I just recently dove into MO and though i like the details, it is quite overwhelming for the average person. NMM was simple and easy, it got the job done and MO had more features that advanced the understanding of both the mods and how they were assembled. But NMM also handled more than just Skyrim and Fallout. Which MO did not. But absolutely agree with the quote by ousnius and Benmc20 that both of those managers needed a Reboot. However... I comple
  13. Just tossing this in the mix, because I don't know enough about Fallout 4 modding.... However, seeing as that skse is pretty much required to go beyond the limitations of Havok's script engine to make things work the way they are now in Skyrim, and there seems to still be a good deal of work needing to get f4se up to the task within Fallout 4, the question that I would ask is this: "Exactly how far can any of the animator's actually go, at this point, until a fully capable version of f4se gets out there?" I have already encountered a few mods requiring f4se, and they're not always
  14. I posted this on MNC, but I think it pertains mostly to this... My game freezes whenever I go into populated areas, and everytime it happens, my Papyrus.0 log looks like this" [10/10/2016 - 05:41:03PM] Error: (000DDF87): cannot fetch variable named FNISaa_magmt of type int, returning 0. stack: [ (000DDF87)].defaultSetStageOnAttacked.GetAnimationVariableInt() - "<native>" Line ? [None].XPMSEWeaponStyleScaleEffect.GetAnimVar() - "XPMSEWeaponStyleScaleEffect.psc" Line 1682 [None].XPMSEWeaponStyleScaleEffect.SaveFNISData() - "XPMSEWeaponStyleScaleEffect.psc" Line 1688 [None].XPMSE
  15. Thank you Bad Dog. Later this afternoon it worked and I was able to download and install it fine. I went through all the requirements and unfortunately, the Hentai Creatures that I summon from this, won't train. Collared or Un-Collared with player selected in Hentai Creatures, the summoned creature cant find a workable partner.... I think I saw that somewhere and have been trying to search, could you help? And a big thank you for making this mod! I really do love the extra creatures and I laughed like a little girl at the minotaur!!
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