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Amox's ChocoElf Recretaion Research

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Hmm I think I'm missing something.

I downloaded evangelion's beautiful chocolate elf save data' date=' but when I load her she has a plain black face and purple body.

What am I missing?

I currently have installed.


Beautiful People 2ch-Ed v1.8.0,

MBP) Modular Beautiful People 2ch-Edition (Full)









You need XEORC4 in order to get the XEO Chocolate Elf race, I believe. For that, check out Nightwynd's MBP/XEO thread.


Also, you need the MBPpp Chocolate Elves as Amox mentioned. The high res textures are really nice.


I believe you don't need XEO 4 if you have XEO 5 (I could be wrong as I can no longer download XEO 4 to confirm).


Finally, be sure to run Wyre bash to get rid of miss-matched eyes.

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I'm not sure' date=' but I think this is more or less what you guys wanted, and I've been happy with it since I finished.






I remember I downloaded a save redirected from here in hongfire, and retouched the face where I thought it looked weird.

You're talking about fg109's version. I'll take some time to look up your fix later. For most of the time I've been using the mentioned author's face as I find it the most resembling.

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@horoboro: I already have XEORC4 installed.


@SprayDuster: I have this installed as well :z


Do you think it requires XEOSP_1.0?

Though I'm not sure if I can add this' date=' w/o it messing up things I already have.



You must have them incorrectly installed somehow. I just opened the save file, and I have no texture/mesh problems at all.


Perhaps a re-examination into your load order, a exploration of your meshes/textures, or (in the worse case) a re-installation of MBP, MBP++, ChocoElves, and XEO is in order?


I can let you know where and what the texture/mesh files are for the XEO chocolate elves if you need that XD

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New member here! I confess I joined this forum as I found this topic very interesting, and kudos to Amox etc for the great work in making these beautiful chocolate elves!


I am trying to achieve something similar in my game, but am facing a few (probably and hopefully easy to solve) issues:


1) I believe I have a correct (or close enough) loading order:

MBP 1.4 (esm) -> x117++ (esm) -> xeorc 4 (esm) -> MBP 2ch++ -> MBP Chocolate Elves -> xeosp -> xeorc 5

Unfortunately the chocolate elves shown above, even when using the saves linked through the thread, don't display like on the screenshots. For example, they have no tattoos.


2) There is a mod that adds tanlines to chocolate elves which I was trying to put to use but, unfortunately, it seems to remove most/all glossiness of the skin. This tanlines mod doesn't have any .nif file, only .dds, so I'm unsure on how to change the glossyness on that? Can glossyness be changed on a .dds file or am I thinking totally the wrong way?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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PRQ - do you mind posting some screenshots?


I would like to help, but I am hesitating because I am not sure I understand your problem (and do not want to give irrelevant advice).


I use the same files that you are describing, and I am quite satisfied with my elf's glossiness (I believe it carried over from my previous texture files, because I thought that the meshes were controlling that aspect of the elf). It's possible that I have low expectations XD.

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I know everything about the glossiness effects, allow me to explain.


It is achieved by the combining of two factors; setting glossy to 100 inside the .nif file (this can be done automated using gloss max for everything except head meshes which need to have the gloss set manually in nifscope) and having glossy "_n" textures.


The "_n" textures can be duplicated, swapped and renamed between races. there are 4 "_n" textures you'll need each for a certain body part skin; Head, Ear, Foot(Body) and Hand, which you probably have as you stated you achieved the glossy look before. (I harvested my glossy "_n" files from ren / MBP chocolate elf file I downloaded back in late 2010, It contained many different versions, I believe I took the "Oiled" versions.


The glossy effect is well-known on use of Chocolate Elves, but rarely seen on other races. it can be applied to any custom race; making them 1000x hotter.

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Thanks for your replies, let me try to explain my issues a bit better:


1) Here's a gallery: http://imgur.com/a/7Z7FQ

These were all taken from saves on this thread. The first two are from Amox's face collection a few pages back. The faces look somewhat different from his and there are no tattoos.

On the 2nd screenshot (from a save by miniAkiba) the face looks a lot different and still no tattoos.


2) Thanks Mavado, I believe you solved my problem with the tanlines! I activated the tanlines mod without the *_n.dds files (for body and hands) and the tanlines now show with glossy skin!


I think I also need to figure out how to make the face glossy as well, but I believe there was an explanation a few pages back. I'll get to it.

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Save >> http://www.mediafire.com/?owfanwhgog79jax


I'm still fighting with the eyes but at least it's got that horizontal alignment I've been looking for. It's tough making her look Asian without slanting the eyes inward though. As for the chin' date=' I hope I got it right this time. It should be rounder and sloping downward much smoother than before.



Thank you so much for this!! She is gorgeous!!! Now, only if I can add the tattoos... I guess I should try the Tribal set with Photoshop.

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IIRC the Chocolate Elf Tattoos that you see here were already part of the Chocolate Elf race from XEORC4. In other words, install XEORC4 and you should be good to go. But if for whatever reason it still doesn't work, there are three other ways you can get the tattoos:


1) http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=18763 <- MODDER'S RESOURCE ONLY! READ INSTRUCTIONS!

2) http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=31615 <- Ready-to-use mod, but very limited in tattoo designs

3) Extract the tattoos from the XEORC4 pack if you just want the tattoos and not everything else, but I forget which specific files


As always, backup your files before making any changes. :)

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A question on lighting... one thing I notice is that the oiled skin looks great on the inventory screen or on most indoor places.

However, outside under the sun, it's hard to see the oiled skin. Is the lighting or shadows easy to configure to get the most out of the oiled skin outside?


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A question on lighting... one thing I notice is that the oiled skin looks great on the inventory screen or on most indoor places.

However' date=' outside under the sun, it's hard to see the oiled skin. Is the lighting or shadows easy to configure to get the most out of the oiled skin outside?




Dunno about configuring per se, but I know that a couple of things do affect how well the glossy skin looks. First, you're right about the lighting. Too much light may not look good, but in semi-dark ambient places with a torch or lamp nearby will accentuate areas of the glossy skin. Secondly, it seems best to have HDR on rather than Bloom.

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i have gotten the color of the whole body exactly like i want it except for the EARS!


as you can see the rest of the body is looking nice and chocoalaty


but the ears have this weird bright color!

how can i fix this!?


Gloss the ears mesh and see what happens. I had the same problem with my nightelf race.

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