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  1. Hello, I remember you had a thread talking about that you had a sparkling/dot white effect around your characters neck. I have the same thing apparently with my character. Have you found a fix for this by any chance?

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    2. xxnierxxautomata2b


      you created a thread about this before I believe. It was for skyrim. My character doesn't have a neck seam but if I look closely it's like a sparkly line around the sides of my players neck. I even tried sculpting my character to see if that does anything as well. I attached a photo of someone else's character on google as an example. Pls if you could help I would appreciate it


    3. Shizune


      I don't think there's a fix for it. You can try to cover the gaps in Race Menu/ECE sculpt mode and/or switching ENB so that it blurs the mesh edges.

    4. xxnierxxautomata2b


      That's what I was thinking in a since. All body types are like that. Been noticing that in the light you can't see it but in darker places it is more present. I had a feeling there was no way. I tried the sculpting method but it usually only clears huge gaps. I've read that even vanilla bodies have neck seams as well so it can't be perfect. Well, I appreciate your efforts to replying back to this post. Thank you for your time.

  2. Ever since BHUNP 1.93 released I've been failing to get the breasts physics to work. This issue has been noted before in the thread, however I did not find a clear cut answer. The thigh/butt/belly physics are working, however the breasts remain solid despite using the physics toggle in the MCM. The odd thing is that the rest body parts have physics also regardless of the Havok object which leads me to a conclusion that the SMP is working, however the breast bones do not respond correctly. The Skyrim install I am running has been completely purged and I have little to no active mods besides BHUNP and the mods required for the proper work. Therefore I've got the following load order: Realistic Ragdolls and Force XP32 v4.79 Race Compability RaceMenu Bodyslide and Outfit Studio v5.2 BHUNP v2.13 I tried putting in SMP files such as Easy Hawt HDT SMP in top and the bottom of that order, however absolutely nothing changes. I believe that something is inherently wrong with the body meshes since as I mentioned before physics do work on other body parts as well as in the outfits, also those that do not use Baka's body, but still utilize SMP (such as any possible Coco outfit). Prior to that I've been using BHUNP 1.60 which does include NiStringsExtraData regarding the Havok object as well as hdtSMPconfigs and everything worked fine (except for slight breast shaking that didn't go away despite updating XP32SE and running FNIS). I'll be grateful for any tips and solutions I may apply to get everything working.
  3. S-Shizune-Sama notice me :>

    1. Shizune


      Ok, lift tail and turn around.

  4. Got exiled from Wolf Lore after it banned all the fun stuff. Also the endless pursuit of choco elvenesses.
  5. If you're playing Oldrim and using anything besides Mod Organizer v1.3.11 you should rethink your life choices.
  6. Anybody who puts BOSS MT-2 in front of the amp and turns all the mids down.
  7. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37546 Drop your textures and meshes into appropriate folders and load the shape in game. You can also go with custom race, but it requires lots of Creation Kit tinkering and may be discouraging to a newcomer.
  8. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/43043-skyrim-modding-guide/ r e a d
  9. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/67704-official-discord-chat-server/ Watch out for the unknown websites accessible only by registering. Russians may spy on your porn.
  10. Hopefully it will serve as a containment spot for all these creeps who treat LL discord as if it is a hook up place.
  11. Shizune


    Death is poetic, surreal and somewhat ethereal. You've got killings in literature, fine arts, classical music and even in the Bible. Sex is just sticking dick in a wethole. Not everybody gets laid, but everybody dies.
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