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  1. That's strange, there shouldn't be issues downloading from here. I wonder if your browser and/or antivirus is automatically preventing files from being downloaded if they're suspected to be malware? Anyway, you can try downloading WW from their main website: https://turbodriver.itch.io/wickedwhims#download
  2. Pretty much this. I never understood why so many people insist on having more than one follower at any time. I mean it can go both ways: Either it makes the game way too easy since you have a small army helping you kill things, or it makes the game needlessly difficult with micromanaging your teammate's gear, health, or God-forbid their dumb AI that causes them to block doors or go missing. I suspect Bethesda already knew this so that's why their games tend to just have one recruitable companion at a time. (Here's hoping they improve this with Creation 2, meaning Starfield, TES6, and future games.) Granted, it's too bad that the current vanilla companions are dumb and not advanced like Ivy, but at least they came fairly close with Serana in Skyrim. (She's even better with mods.)
  3. This is why unless people delve into serious modding they'll never truly understand the amount of work that goes into game development. It's one of the major reasons that bothers me when people are so callous, sarcastic, facetious towards game devs, in particular towards Bethesda. Yes they are a triple-A company, yes they have a bigger budget, yes they have more people working on a game than an indie company or a single mod author, but at the end of the day the scale of their projects is SO MUCH MORE MASSIVE. Reginald, you understand what it's like to work on a single project, literally just a companion, and look how much effort goes into it. Compare this to making a full-blown game with deadlines to meet, investors looking over your shoulders, and rabid fans that do nothing but berate and complain. Reginald, you have your personal reasons for slowing down progress (TOTALLY understandable by the way) considering the socio-political climate that we live in. Game dev companies don't have that luxury to slow down or even stop just because they feel like it, and in general they have so much more pressure to deal with. Reginald, I have mad respect for you, I love Ivy, and I hope by the end of this journey you'll be even more motivated to continue forth especially once Starfield and/or TES 6 comes out lol. But I hope everyone else also respects Bethesda (and game devs in general). Again, it's so easy to criticize and make memes of them, but it seems like 90% of gamers out there are oblivious, uncaring even, as to how challenge game development is... until they decide to get their hands dirty. And when people start bashing mod authors, you wonder why many become jaded (best case scenario) or just straight up leave and disappear never to release another gift to the community (worst-case scenario). /end rant 😄
  4. That's a pretty common problem with Nemesis and it'll become more frequent the more animations you install. But just keep trying until it successfully completes, you'll know because it'll say so in the logs (and it obviously won't crash). That being said, I hope the devs of Nemesis will update their program because at this point it's pretty much essential and the ONLY worthy replacement to FNIS. And looking at their github, seems like the last major update to Nemesis was mid 2020; we're almost nearing 2022 so you can see how there's this increasing gap of inactivity...
  5. Oh okay, no worries! I was just wondering because I must've scrolled the thread several times thinking I missed it since my eyes aren't as good as they used to be lol. But yeah I know 6.0 is gonna be super awesome so the wait's worth it! 🙂
  6. Hey Reginald, I apologize in advance if I missed it, but did you ever follow up with posting that date?
  7. Actually, you never truly "finish" the Sims. It's open-ended by design. You have life aspirations, but they're just neat goals, but at the end of the day Sims games are meant to be played forever. That's why there's even "generational challenges" where you're tasked with seeing how far can your Sim's lineage go. If anything, Sims is a perfect example of a game that matches how I describe Bethesda games to be in my post above. Even when it comes to the modding scene lol. And that's fine! As in my post above, if you feel like your character's not obligated to get into those DLCs then you don't have to lol. Just create a new character solely for those DLCs, even ignoring the main story or other factions if it means actually having the motivation to go start the DLCs straightaway. I actually did that with Dawnguard a few months back where I felt like my character wasn't supposed to be a Dragonborn, but a vampire hunter lol.
  8. For me, I usually finish the games that I play. My problem is that I buy too many games without playing them at all lol. I have a big backlog that's collecting dust... For those people that can't seem to finish a Bethesda game, don't look at it as if somehow completing the main story equals "finishing the game". Don't. Just don't. The beauty of Bethesda game is that it's a lot more open-world and open-ended compared to most games of the modern generation. How you should look at it is this: Does it feel like my character has achieved THEIR goals? For example, even if that goal is simply joining a faction and then completing that faction's story, then you're technically done. In no way is your character obligated to deviate from whatever head-canon you've established for them. Yes, that means it's perfectly OKAY to ignore the main story if it means sticking close to your character's backstory and head-canon. Again, that's the beauty of Bethesda games. Other games almost always force you to go through the main campaign, and those same games never give you that feeling of completeness until you've finished the main campaign. Dark Souls, Witcher, any Bioware game, any Ubisoft game, just about every other game's the same, but they're nothing like Bethesda games. It's by design, but they fail where Bethesda games succeed in letting YOU (the player) choose how you want your character' story to be and where they go. And the possibilities are even more now thanks to mods, which again only Bethesda games give you that much freedom with mods. Just look at Nexus and see what the top modded games are, that should speak for itself.
  9. Agreed. And you know what's ironic? These people that bash Bethesda games are the same people that keep on playing them. In fact, I'd even go as far as to say these are the same people that make/use mods for Bethesda games, totally ignoring the fact that the mods would NOT exist had the actual games not been made in the first place. (In short, why not thank Bethesda instead of bashing them? Lol...) This hypocrisy needs to be addressed imo. But I shouldn't be surprised since we're in the generation of self-entitled gamers lol.
  10. As someone who is testing mods often, constantly creating alt characters, and trashing saves going for as long as 40+ hours on more occasions that I'd like to admit, I'm pretty much immune to the notion of, "Oh no, all that time and effort down the drain!" So basically, if you were to ask me, I would easily tell you to just start over. Here's why: - You spend more time trying to fix the problem than playing. - You can now take a slightly better (perhaps more efficient) route of achieving things compared to the first time. - You can review your current modlist and change any mods that you realized were useless/redundant/broken. - You theoretically should no longer have to uninstall a mod mid-playthrough, which seems to be the root of your problem anyway. - Your save's messed up, so better to just accept that and start over, as continuing using that save could potentially cause more problems down the line.
  11. This is pretty much an essential mod, so thank you for this Reginald_001 ! 🙂 But I do have a question, is there a way for me to tweak it in FO4Edit? I'd like to increase the intensity value of the "default" setting because right now I feel like it's way too dark compared to "bright". Basically I'd like to set it so it's somewhere in between.
  12. As per the title, I was wondering if anyone knows of an alien abduction mod with female sim pregnancy? 🙂 (Please do not suggest this mod. It's outdated and has been abandoned by the mod author for years now.) Thanks in advance!
  13. For H content I'd say stick with Skyrim. I tried getting into it with Oblivion several months ago and the H stuff hasn't aged very well imo. Maybe I've just been spoiled with SexLab, its numerous (and often better) animations, and all the visual mods to make pretty characters in Skyrim. If you're interested in going back to Oblivion, I would honestly do it just for the sake of playing the game as it originally was without the H stuff. At the most, maybe install Oblivion Character Overhaul version 2 and some skimpy outfits to help scratch that itch, but otherwise stick to Skyrim for the actual hardcore H content.
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