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  1. Ever since BHUNP 1.93 released I've been failing to get the breasts physics to work. This issue has been noted before in the thread, however I did not find a clear cut answer. The thigh/butt/belly physics are working, however the breasts remain solid despite using the physics toggle in the MCM. The odd thing is that the rest body parts have physics also regardless of the Havok object which leads me to a conclusion that the SMP is working, however the breast bones do not respond correctly. The Skyrim install I am running has been completely purged and I have little to no active mods besides BHUNP and the mods required for the proper work. Therefore I've got the following load order: Realistic Ragdolls and Force XP32 v4.79 Race Compability RaceMenu Bodyslide and Outfit Studio v5.2 BHUNP v2.13 I tried putting in SMP files such as Easy Hawt HDT SMP in top and the bottom of that order, however absolutely nothing changes. I believe that something is inherently wrong with the body meshes since as I mentioned before physics do work on other body parts as well as in the outfits, also those that do not use Baka's body, but still utilize SMP (such as any possible Coco outfit). Prior to that I've been using BHUNP 1.60 which does include NiStringsExtraData regarding the Havok object as well as hdtSMPconfigs and everything worked fine (except for slight breast shaking that didn't go away despite updating XP32SE and running FNIS). I'll be grateful for any tips and solutions I may apply to get everything working.
  2. Got exiled from Wolf Lore after it banned all the fun stuff. Also the endless pursuit of choco elvenesses.
  3. If you're playing Oldrim and using anything besides Mod Organizer v1.3.11 you should rethink your life choices.
  4. Anybody who puts BOSS MT-2 in front of the amp and turns all the mids down.
  5. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37546 Drop your textures and meshes into appropriate folders and load the shape in game. You can also go with custom race, but it requires lots of Creation Kit tinkering and may be discouraging to a newcomer.
  6. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/43043-skyrim-modding-guide/ r e a d
  7. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/67704-official-discord-chat-server/ Watch out for the unknown websites accessible only by registering. Russians may spy on your porn.
  8. Hopefully it will serve as a containment spot for all these creeps who treat LL discord as if it is a hook up place.
  9. Shizune


    Death is poetic, surreal and somewhat ethereal. You've got killings in literature, fine arts, classical music and even in the Bible. Sex is just sticking dick in a wethole. Not everybody gets laid, but everybody dies.
  10. ECE is the same deal as Race Menu, which is a facegen overhaul. Besides limited support, the inferior vertex edit feature and better looking base presets it's absolutely in no way different than Race Menu. You're better off taking some time to study facial features and to experiment with textures.
  11. MO will most likely not get fucked up after the Win10 fall update.
  12. Without screenshots it's difficult to determine the issue, especially since you described it so vaguely. Try tilting the brows maybe?
  13. Chat group is the best way of getting to know people. Trying LL Discord would be a better option imo. ↓
  14. Remote job with a flexible schedule so yeah can't complain much. The pay isn't anything amazing, but at this stage being a university student and having no experience at all I guess it could've been worse. Especially since my friends need to deliver pizza or fix cars which seems like more annoying shit. The work supervision is also lax so many times I use my office hours to fix a couple of things about mah waif.
  15. The animation is nice although the upper part of the left arm is bugged. By the way isn't the topic about the idle anim?
  16. >2015 >paid mods on workshop are mostly retextures and meshes >2017 >mods that you pay for in Creation Club are solely retextures and meshes They ought to fire their marketing team. Months of advertising, making false promises how the Creation Club will basically create employment for modders and you end up with this. I'm wondering whether Steam gets the 25% like it did before, because at least now they host the whole show on Bethesda servers. That's yet another way to cater to console community which will probably buy it. If you buy the story that 30 FPS is sufficient enough, you're probably dumb enough to pay for a camo pip boy mod anyway.
  17. Life is not that complicated. You get up, you go to work, eat three meals, you take one good shit and you go back to bed.
  18. Mod Organizer and (vastly inferior) Nexus Mod Manager both feature the option to export your load order as an .txt or .csv file.
  19. It tends to be a bit overwhelming when you first pick it up, especially when it comes to Skyrim modding scene which has grown vastly since the game's release, but with the right (huge) amount of patience it is feasible to grasp the idea. Basically, you need to ask yourself a question which mods do you personally enjoy the most and would like to create. Then, it's off to the tutorials and a hard way of trial and error learning. Personally, I'd recommend joining the LL/Nexus Discord servers and becoming active in the modding groups. Try to learn from the experienced modders, ask for help. Just don't expect to be spoonfed. Without putting the tremendous effort yourself it's not gonna work.
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