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  1. You can adjust the amount of time under the duration settings. See attached pic. The lower you set it the shorter the session will be when going through your cycles. It has already been suggested on Patreon to have a separate duration for rape sessions and is being considered under advisement but not in place at this time. This pic I attached is not the settings I use but was taken to show that you can adjust it, it's also an older pic before the cycles went into place. lol. Well then, I'm an idiot, feel free to mock and shame me, I was completely blind. Thanks for pointing it out!
  2. Just throwing my two cents in here and agreeing that the woohooing can go on way too long sometimes. I mean, being raped for 4+ hours is a bit much, isn't it? XD Don't get me wrong, I'm loving my time with the mod, but maybe some sort of adjustment for woohoo time could be implemented in the future? As for the callgirl situation specifically, it would be nice of the guy would give me a break to say, go use his bathroom or something. As it is it's just constant banging that I can't say no to. (And on that note, interesting idea: maybe with how you can refuse to have sex with someone else they tell you to, if you do, there's a chance you'll just be raped or something like that? Just a thought!)
  3. Apologies if this has already been asked or suggested before, but is it feasible to actually have different settings for the current sim/household sims compared to the rest of the world? I think it might be a cool feature to actually have separate settings for the rape chances between the rest of the world, and either the sim currently being controlled, or at least the current household, that way you could have a decent chance of a sim showing up to try and rape your own sim without having rapist all over town impregnating everyone. It could be useful for those roleplaying that their own sim is especially luring or something like that. Just a thought!
  4. someone didnt read the author's note... the random pets thing is an actual feature of the mod =P A feature, yes, but also a feature with issues. If I felt like being snarky back, I might say "someone didn't read the previous discussions," where others have also mentioned that even though they like the dogs being a feature, the fact that they can show up anywhere, be it homes, clubs, etc, and interrupt pretty much any action, is a bit problematic. Like most others have said though, this isn't whining or complaining, just pointing out an issue in a mod that we users recognize is still heavily in development.
  5. In regards to the animation for the fight, since we have Amra72 as a fan of this mod, it could always be a potential that Amra can make some sort of simple grab animation for the struggle (Not that I feel we are entitled at all to such a thing. If it happens, then that's amazing for Amra to spend time on such a thing). Say, the rapist grabs the victim, then there is a loop of the rapist pulling the victim toward them, while the victim is pulling away. Depending on which is successful, either you'll see the victim get pulled toward the rapist fully (then prompting the rape animation) or break away, prompting that sequence. Just a potential idea, though.
  6. Ultimately it's your mod, but can I ask/suggest that there at least be some sort of setting/leniency or something in regards to friends/romantic interests being able to rape? Maybe friends/lovers, if having the evil/mean spirited/inappropriate (you could set it to where mean spirited/inappropriate sims won't rape if they also have the good trait) trait, would still have a chance of raping their lover/friend that they are attracted to, and haven't had their sexual desires satisfied. Because I love that idea so much. Other than that, though, it all sounds like it's coming along great! I look forward to it! (Again, I can definitely understand some people not wanting friends/romantic partners to be rapist, but at the same time I can understand others wanting it to be that way, so I would argue for a toggle or something to be implemented, maybe.) Edit: Oh, and as for individuals in a relationship/ who are friends with someone, and rape them, of course I'd assume it's a massive negative hit to the relationship bar, hah.
  7. There's already exist Threesome animations. Legacy from Kicker's Animated Woohoo. In Animated Woohoo animation selection you can see MMF or MFF label as a threesome animation indicator. Join In pie menu will show up on sims who are in woohooing, as an indicator threesome animation is available on that object and third sims can join in. Oh, yeah, I know that there are threesome animations, I just meant that I didn't know if there were threesome animations that actually looked, you know, rape-y. It's no fun if a rape event starts and suddenly the victim is sitting there having a grand ol' time in the animation. As for my comment about knowing whether or not the code was possible, I didn't mean threesomes at all, because I know that a player can select a third person providing the right mods, but I'm not sure if it would be as easy to have two people autonomously chose to both target your/a sim, because as far as I've seen (I only just started playing), interactions are generally all 1v1 based. This is all an inexpert view of course. I hope that clears my comment up!
  8. Woohoo! (Pun mildly intended) I'm glad the motive is being worked on getting fixed. Looking forward to the update. I'm not sure if there are even threesome animations that would support it, or game code even, but just in case you could get it (or work with Amra for the animations), I'll go ahead and throw in the idea of potentially adding in a gang-rape scenario, where maybe if two sims who are at least friends with each other are both aroused and one/both have the right chances to be a rapist, they could both approach and force a poor sim. Probably not gonna happen, but I can dream!
  9. This is just a theory, I'm not sure if it actually works this way, but what I think might be happening is that even if having sex lowers the motive, the fact that two sims are near each other, and nude/exposed (or maybe even attraction adding as well), is actively increasing their motive, effectively cancelling out the reduction from completing actions. I could be wrong, though.
  10. Nope, you're fine. The mod is still an early work in progress, and as far as I understand, it's normal to see the names like that. The mod hasn't been "prettied up" yet. And there aren't any settings available, though there is a debug menu you can enable through the console, by entering "oniki.kinkymod.enabledebug true" into it. Other than that, there are just the basic interactions that are currently available.
  11. Enable debug interactions with oniki.kinkymod.enabledebug true Then click on the trouble sim and make them horny. Generally though, even when you do that, you have to do one handjob, then one oral, then you can do vaginal. I'll admit, it's a bit off-setting how for all other interactions, be it animated woohoo, vanilla woohoo, etc, a sim I'm interacting with will be gung-ho, but for kinkymod interactions they ardently refuse. It's also a bit weird how every sim in every relationship seems to insist on giving a blowjob before sex. It makes it a bit odd for roleplaying seducing the innocent virgin.
  12. Mod the Sims has a pretty decent tutorial that may be of help. http://www.modthesims.info/wiki.php?title=Sims_3:Installing_Package_Files http://www.modthesims.info/wiki.php?title=Game_Help:Installing_Sims_3_Package_Files/Setup_and_Files
  13. I'm seeing a major glitch with NRAAS Story Progression. A couple keeps "announcing a pregnancy" and throwing baby showers 4 or 5 times a day. Seems to be a clash between the two as no one is getting pregnant at all. Even using Master Controller's partner pollinate to try and force one causes an error (or they spontaneously abort). I think it could be the "NRAAS Story Progression - Relationship" package to be exact. Gonna remove it and see what happens. I have the same issue, to a point. Though I'm not having a mass amount of pregnancy announces (it's actually relatively infrequent), I do see it happening but not seeming to actually trigger a pregnancy. Similarly, I've tried the pollinate feature and the pregnancy quickly disappeared from the sim. (Checked by going to the advanced options in master controller, where immediately after pollinating, there was an option to mess with the pregnancy.) I did manage to get around this by using the instant baby option, though that's slightly immersion breaking, and seems to have a habit of dumping the baby off in a corner on a rug, not near the mother, hah. Let us know how your experiment works out!
  14. I appreciate the point you are trying to make, but that's really way too extensive of a solution to such a simple problem. Making different versions (or "flavors") of a mod, no matter how simple, is ultimately going to be a hassle to any mod maker, and potentially enough of an annoyance to cause burn out on making the mod entirely. Why does there need to be different versions made, when the solution can be much more simple? Click your sim -> Kinky -> Settings -> Turn off bestiality. Done. IF a more complicated option was needed, the route to go, I would say, is probably along the lines of what Nraas does: allow for different plugins that do different things. But I'm not sure if this mod has the complexity or extensiveness to warrant that at this moment.
  15. I don't know if my issue is related or not, but I do know that sometimes when I load up my game, the kinky menu actions do not show up. They didn't show up for two loads or so, then the next time it gave me the first time loaded prompt, which was weird. Not sure if that's the same issue or not. Similar, though.
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