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  1. Great stories so far. Yes, Bahamut was pretty boss in FFX I honestly preferred his model in FF8 personally. As for the Ace Combat series I only played the first 4 if I recall. My favorite one of those was Ace Combat 2.
  2. Not sure if this topic was discussed before in the past, but the vast majority of the community here are gamers. Some longer than others, and everyone probably has a story to tell of their first video game moment where the first time they seen a trailer, played a demo, or the game for the first time on release or out of the blue where there was a moment that gave you such chills and goosebumps it made the hairs on your arms stand up. I will get the ball rolling here. The door is open to anything related to gaming and I am interested to read your stories. I will get the ball rolling! Novem
  3. Hellsing. Either the original or Ultimate. That was the anime that got me interested in watching anime. Also saved vampires from near extinction from the God awful Twilight Saga back in the day. Also the abridged series is equally as entertaining!
  4. A series I hold close to my heart. My favorite strip from Calvin and Hobbes.
  5. If I remember correctly this is an addition to those quests. You can do the Tryout Legion quests and meeting specific circumstances can get you turned into a slave. Being captured out in the world from other factions is what that mod does on its own for the most part. That is all I can think of. Its been years since I used this mod so there may be more to it.
  6. If I remember correctly this link should be it. Keep in mind this mod is very old and outdated so use on a fresh game to be safe.
  7. Anyone happen to come across a skin overly with high quality inverted nipples?
  8. You want a hard game? Try getting this on Frostpunk.
  9. Thank you for looking into it. Not sure what damage it did if at all any, but hopefully it is just a false positive. I've been a member since 2013 and never had any issues with any mods I used before in this way so I may give it the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully that does not come back to bite me in the ass.
  10. Thank you for the reply. All the mods I download from this site I archive just in case it is requested again down the road from either the author or for the community if given permission by said author. I'm not sure how old it is when I was compressing all my mods I got that warning and then went into defense mode scanning everything from that drive. It came up negative and when I went and looked for the file in the given path it was no longer there. I assume the defender quarantined the file and removed it.
  11. I didn't know where I should put this but based on the positive reputation of this community I assume this is a false alarm but wanted to post it regardless just in case. Has anyone ever gotten this and can confirm that it's just a false alarm?
  12. I just found out today that the job I went to college for for a year (Accounting and Payroll) graduated and got a diploma, applied for and been keeping constant update on it since June of last year just hired 25% of the local towns gun registry population to the pay center. They are prioritizing french females. I'm so furious right now. I feel like I took that course for nothing.
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