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  1. It took a little trial and error, but I was able to get things back to normal. Thank you for your assistance.
  2. Thank you for the quick reply. I followed you suggestions and even did the winrar reinstallation but the package files still show the Internet Explorer icon.
  3. I asked in the discord about this issue but did not get a response so I thought I would ask here to see if anyone can solve this issue. I dont know how it happened or when but now all package files now show a internet explorer icon and extracting them has become tedious. I want to switch them back to winrar format but I dont know how. Can anyone elaborate on my situation and how to resolve it? Thank you.
  4. I discussed the issue with the author already about a Sim, but I wanted to ask the community if there is a way to fix a sim where their romance meter will not show or activate/progress? I tried doing hard resets on the Sim, changed Wicked Perversions settings to accept romances, removed occult traits (succubus this time) and being a rose. Nothing seems to activate the meter at all. Are there any suggestions on how to get this issue resolved? Thank you.
  5. Id love to get back into this game but my secondary hard drive where I archived ALL my mods and guides fried and I lost literally everything. Still bummed out about it.
  6. Anyone know where I can find this lingere? I checked around and the information on the bottom left is for the body mesh.
  7. Does anyone have a copy of Milky Breasts mesh? my hard drive died and I lost all my archived mods and I do not trust adfly.
  8. Same. Even if the game was terrible from start to finish I bit the bullet and struggled through. Cough cough... FFX-2... cough...
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