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I bet Todd Howard...

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Is fucking terryfied seeing what modders are capable of.

And TES6 will have zero major improvements, and instead we will get building system of Fallout 4.



13 minutes ago, Morgoth Bauglir said:

Spends all the money he makes from milking Skyrim on khajiit concubines, Argonian maids, moon sugar and Skooma

Also, how wounds heals after dueling Fingolfin?

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After the Anniversary Edition comes out, they are going to plan big, i mean really BIG only a couple of years and we will get Skyrim "century Edition" in 2100. This time their new big feature will be first person horse riding.

Why first person horse riding you ask? Cause they riding the backs of modders since 2011, Creation club and now the Anniversary Edition is prove of that.. Still waiting for skyrim for the toaster. Where is my Toaster skyrim Todd? I want my Alduin Toast!

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On 8/31/2021 at 1:50 AM, 27X said:


Except the part where he hasn't actually played a TES game since DaggerFall.

Hard to play something new after having witnessed the Perfection.

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