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  1. are you crashing in a specific cave or any cave ? ( tes5edit may help you find the culprit or clean edits ) . did you tweaked skyrim.ini , skyrimPref.ini ? ( with MO you just delete those files and MO will rebuilt knew one ) . a load order issue ! MO : look at the right and check what file mod may overwrite wrongly and fix it manually . After sorting with loot you might need to fix some priorities manually .
  2. error 5 admin rights ! found this link hope it will help you : FNIS problems (ERROR (5)) - Technical Support - Skyrim: Special Edition - LoversLab
  3. regarding the " spoilers " and images size : is it possible to make it automated ? ; i mean as you add any thing.image to recognise it and put it as a spoiler , like when we link a post within LL it ask ' read as plain text link ' .
  4. 2 last things i can think of : - JContainer se and Papyrus Util se to install or reinstall . - the overwrite folder in MO is empty or not ( in the second cas it needs to be re-rooted manually with explorer to the corresponding mod folders ) . start a new game for testing purpose and see if there is any problems with registering and animations . you can see with going back few saves or more to find when this has occurred to remember any wrong something ! ( as bad data might have recorded in your saves ) .
  5. there are few solutions like : - in game scroll forward and back from 1st to 3rd view from 3 up to 5 times and go to MCM . ( never tested but for some it worked ! ) - in sexlab MCM in the ' rebuilt & clean ' : Disable it , clean system . ( go out MCM ... wait ... 3rd view go back and see ! ) - reinstall and replace the mod with MO , run Fnis , restart the game , in 3rd view esc -MCM select sexlab and click install .
  6. sorry did not wanted to create troubles ( already done ) . i will try your version , seams more promising ! ( and a full test ) as i need to to re-learn blender and delete my memories from 2.49 . i will give feedback when i decide to start firing blender .
  7. restart your skyrim load your old save and save again ( a backup for falrim job ) . do not disable anything . - Run Falrim , load the backup save and open the esp plugins folder , highlight the skyui and right click : delete ' plugin change forms ' , delete plugins scripts ' . save ( replace the backup with this one ) . - install the the mod , restart skyrim normally , load the freshly reworked save , and wait a little . Open MCM if it says ' still working ' than wait a little more ! - make a new save and your are done . and thank you Barzing for this mod i do not have a lot of mod installed but i like when the MCM looks more organized .
  8. there is already an existing thread ! Blender Plugins - now there are more then the original one. - Skyrim General Discussion - LoversLab just a notice nothing else . it works with any blender from 2.8 ... ( normally and did not tested personally ) . i have downloaded the last 2.93 lts and still did not test it further ( just import / export and it works ) .
  9. just a little question . did you activated / registered sexlab MCM while in third view ?
  10. a papyrus Log is not a crash log ! it might give some hints . as said pinkfluf you removed mods for this you need to run Falrim to clean your save ( do a back up before ) . your load order might be a mess : if LOOT does not do the job you need to help hip manually ( slacs not in the right place , skyui se if you did not removed it by accident than his some not in a good position ) . you must have some bad zaz MCM settings or you miss mfg fix . now for your crash what did you add that change near morthal cell ? for this i suggest you to look with Xedit as it might be any thing like cloth/armour , a follower , a house ( a mod with a bad mesh / texture that modify morthal cell ) good luck for that .
  11. you might need JContainer se ( not so sure ) . sometimes you need to play a little bit from 30 seconds to 30 minutes and suddenly a message pops out " registered 1 mod in MCM menu ". might depends on Load Order , and on your heavy scripted or buggy mods .
  12. well now i can cry 🥶 ! bought a laptop last year ! and just looked at requirements for farcry6 i am just under the minimum . shit it is a laptop i can not change the graphic card !!! ( chose the laptop over a PC because of the fan noise ) and new high end Laptops are as noisy as PC ( playing on a tractor 🎧) , and too expensive .
  13. the rank level is really meaning nothing !!! you could be level 0 or level 10 there is no difference !!! ( it is like the scouts things ) it does not give any reputation points ( the important is the contenant of your post !!! ) and it will not give you the green or the purple rank . your comment is not ridiculous it is a fact but it should not affect your motivations ! and if you really want to catch up some 10 k post you can post in profusion here Big Board of Fun - LoversLab
  14. your download file mansion sse ! because i like your mod that i leave my little comments . on a new start with only 40 plugins ( no zaz and no dd only 4000 animations ) nothing to say it could conflict with ). ( clean papyruslog of 14 ko , no crash , no ctd ) . bugs that pops out more and more exemple : can not sleep in my bad anymore ( the bad is not recognised not even deleting the mod ) . sometimes while in discussion with someone the same one starts conversation on top . only in breezehome ( do not have other houses to test ) the mod see you sleep is prevented from working , ( related as i settled with lydia and was working before ). also i believe the dialogue needs some work ! i do not feel like testing it more and i know CK is a pain but at least it breaks less than scripts . pity as it was amusing .
  15. 2 things comes in my mind . - alternate start and patch need to be almost at the bottom of your Load Order list. - i can see some files.esm they should be positioned in the beginning of the list. loot has lost foot with your huge list !!! the second thing is : i hope you know the use of Xedit , basshed patch and that you understand the papyrus Log . because i can not imagine what would not create issue in your game specially with over 500 plugins ( you know the limit is about 250 ) .
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