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  1. Spends all the money he makes from milking Skyrim on khajiit concubines, Argonian maids, moon sugar and Skooma
  2. I just discovered that the Skyrim Very special edition video where you can play using Alexa is NOT a joke and you can actually play using Alexa.
  3. Someone who understant how modding works, given what we know up to now . would the Skyrim SE mods work with the new Skyrin 10th aniversary edition or we would expect to see the same issues with incompatibilities as with the Skyrim LE?
  4. Hello. I have an issue with CC mods. When I download certain of these mods in an existing save file i get CTD when loading . This does NOT occur when starting new game. I tried verifing the game cashe but the issue remains. Does anyone have a solution (apart from not using CC mods πŸ˜…)?
  5. Thank you very much for uploading this. However for me it does not work as a DD device. The enchantment icon appears on the steel device only but i do not get the lock menu other DD devices give when intercting with them and it does not play the "belted " animation when wearing it. If you know, do I need to do anything more in the MCM menus?
  6. I dont see any node chnages. I have Ni override installed and a body with Belly and breast nodes (CBBE). Can anyone please help?
  7. Thank you for the response. It's that version that you linked that I used and I also used the bodyslides but the issue remains
  8. Hi. The sprigan armor apears pink(missing meshes). does anyone know how to fix this please?
  9. Hello. sorry propably a stupid question but can these allow the npcs to muffled when using gags from Devious Devices?
  10. hello. is there supposed to be a mcm menu for this mod? becouse i dont have one called "more nasty creatures" only one "creature framework" and "aroused creatures"
  11. Also If you place a gag on an npc, is it supposed to muffle her/him? because for me they speak normally
  12. Thank you for your response i cant find this load order list but vortex gives me an error regardind DD (i have the latest version for both) here i have screenshots of the error and the load order
  13. Thank you for your response but as I said I already did that and it does not workπŸ˜… Also silly question but how many menus are there supposed to be in mcm ? I see only one, DD intergration
  14. Hello. When I use gags the mouth does not open and remains static. I installed mfg fix but it does not change anything can you please help?
  15. Hi. Yes I am using a controller and that worked. I tried it a few times and no CTD. Thank you!πŸ˜„
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