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  1. People are talking about "Guides" in here - well I've seen many of these guides and can say with certainty that not all the information in them is reliable; it's more like opinion, not fact. One guide says this, another says that - both often screw up your game even more. It's apparent that some of us here, myself excluded, need to read a reliable guide on how to have a base and stable game to build on. This one's probably your best best: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/74427. Sands of Time gives a testimony at the top, so you know it can be taken seriously. T
  2. Sure, I can tell you what's happening only from glancing at your settings: even as long as you've been playing it, you still don't know how to properly configure your copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Unsurprisingly, this suddenly became a topic where you need the most help fixing your game out of everyone else here, the OP included. Let me give you a hint: Any v-sync being handled via the ENB is total crap. Though, stop thinking that you can forgo it - vertical sync must be enabled in that flimsy game one way or another, yours even more so, if you're to expect st
  3. Industrial music is so fucking underground. Check out this stuff I've found from research, starting with 'Krautrock.' This is what was happening in the '60s for the underground over in places like West Germany - getting over the stain from WWII and attempting to create new culture. So much electronic music in America has Europe to thank for it, starting with Detroit Techno. The whole name behind what they call Electronic Music today, "EDM," is actually pretty stupid, considering there was EBM and IDM already - their way of trying to sound 'coo
  4. I scanned through that load order and this is what I pulled out from it at first glance. These are either iffy mods with lots of scripts or mods with better alternatives - the latter being more so. Here is my checked modlist and its load order; my game does not crash and I play it with steady and acceptable framerates. I also recommend not going over 2K textures - and to run your textures through DDS Opt with the STEP settings in place. You may do with this information as you will. On a side note: Unelaborative, mainly du
  5. I already gave my opinion about what everyone on Nexus is, and then a moderator came in and completely distorted what I said - and what was said instead was stupid; I don't say stupid stuff like that. It doesn't matter though, as I'm notorious for getting topics closed anyway - that one included. That's the way things are here on LoversLab, but for some reason I voted, "Yes, definitely" anyway. People strictly on Nexus think they're too good to be on LoversLab - this site is beneath them - and you think I'm arrogant? How's that for arrogance? So be aware of this fact
  6. He was undoubtedly the last kid to get picked whenever dodgeball was being played in the gym. Fucking 'YouTubers' - the 21st century's cream of the crop.
  7. 50s and 60s? That's a bit shocking, actually. My dad is going on 65, and I know for a fact that he wouldn't be caught dead on here - he's still stuck in 1972. I was being born in 1995. I have to admit, I was expecting guys in their 20s, 30s at most, to frequent this site. Anything more seems ludicrous to me. But we live and we learn.
  8. hhhh, I look back on my Xbox and Gamecube days in nostalgia now; I've lost memory of so many of those games... Halo: Combat Evolved Call of Duty: Finest Hour NFL Street I know for a fact that I missed out on some of the greats though, because I was too oblivious to listen to the guys at Gamestop - back when I was too young to even be in a Gamestop without being accompanied by my mom.
  9. "Back in the old DS days"? I remember playing on Gameboys. Super Mario World; now those were some good memories. Ahh, Donkey Kong 64, Star Wars X-Wing, Metroid Prime. Fuck yeah. Even GTA IV is becoming bad enough - well over a decade ago. It seems like just yesterday, I was stepping off the boat - "My cousin is here! We're going to rule the world!" It's surprising how many dinosaurs are on here, more than likely laughing at what I just said as they remember 'The Old Arcade Days,' but still... I must really be getting up there, and that's pretty depre
  10. Ouch! That is brutally true when I think about it. Lol. I guess it's more like fruit, as opposed to wine: when the fruit's ripe, it's a site to behold and taste - when it's not ripe anymore, well, then I suppose the fruit can only be bound to one direction after that. Then again, every guy has probably been told the whole parody about 'cars' - the cost of the 'car' when it's bought, the 'mileage' on that car, 'paying for parking,' 'maintenance and repair,' etc. And let's just face it, this parody has never been limited to specific types of 'cars' either.
  11. What's said about Irish boys having a thing for Latina women is all true - I can speak from personal experience.
  12. The cartels are the Mexican government. They've turned cartel members into celebrities and movie stars down there.
  13. I haven't seen that one. Added it to my list. 1984... How times have changed indeed. 1986, but you know, same basic thing:
  14. Gah, feet. Mine have always given me problems. I'm something of a runner; I have a route around here that is a little over 6 miles. A few years ago I was doing much more than that, too often. Had to go to an orthopedic specialist because I was running too much - shin splints that eventually led to a stress fracture in my left ankle. He warned me to go easy; I was in the clear a few months later and what happens? I tripped on that very same ankle and did major damage to it. I didn't go to get it checked, because I didn't want to know. Took many months to recover from it, and
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