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SexLab Romance Including Source - Updated 19th Aug 2014

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SexLab Romance is a new mod for use with the SexLab framework that allows the player to initiate sex via dialogue rather than spells.


Romance is not just another "want sex, get sex" type mod, instead the mod works with a huge range of factors to determine your likelihood of success for a given NPC. Not all NPC's are the same, indeed if you are starting a new game you may well find that more often than not your attempts at romance are doomed to fail, win over an NPC enough times and they may even be willing to follow you though (Obviously if you romance an important NPC enough and recruit them as a follower then you run the risk of breaking quests, use at your own risk!).


Because you are romancing NPC's rather than just demanding sex, romance attempts can help increase your speechcraft skill. NPC's within the game are not robots though, you can't just proposition them for sex constantly, after you do proposition an NPC that NPC will be 'off limits' for a short while.


If you are shy then you can lead your romantic target to somewhere a little quieter, you can even pick up another friend on the way for some threesome action if you want.


If you do find it too hard to romance anyone (or too easy for that matter) then there is an MCM menu for the mod where you can adjust the difficulty, turn off sexual preferences and any racial adjustments to help boost your sex life in Skyrim.




Change Log


Changed tags for Lesbian and Threeway sex to ensure more scenes are used


Added a toggle into MCM so that Romance uses SexLab's Sexuality for NPC's rather than it's own. This should help keep integrity with other sex mods. By default this is set to True.

Removed Romance Fix.


Added Romance Fix download. DO NOT USE UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO


Added functions to initiate boobjobs, handjobs, footjobs and also FF specific sex

Added toggles into MCM to control what NPC sex the dialogue displays for.


Made slight change to hopefully make the mod useful with more characters. Basically changed the IsPlayerRace check to haskeyword=actortypenpc

Also merged source code for scripts into the one download.


Source Code made available for anyone to use/modify


Fixed potential bug that could affect spouses

Fixed that ability to talk to none playable races

Added checkbox in menu to turn off cooldown if romance attempt was successful

Moved files to Lovers Lab

Corrected some minor dialogue errors


Additional Info


Factors that affect your chances of success


While I don't intend to list everything that has an impact on your chance of success or failure, I will list some of the main ones:

Speechcraft Skill

Your Level


Quests Completed

NPC's Social Standing

NPC's Sexual Orientation

NPC's Relationship With You

In addition, NPC's are dynamic between games, so you may find that in one game a particular NPC is easy, yet in another they are incredibly hard to win over.


Future Plans


Note: Development of this version of SexLab Romance has ceased, after being away for so long and seeing the advancements in SexLab, including some excellent new mods, a complete redesign of this mod is in order, possibly with a complete rewrite from the ground up. Because of this I have uploaded the source code for the scripts so that anyone who wishes to make changes or use anything within this mod for there own purposes is free to do so while I look at the possibility of creating a whole new RPG based romance mod.


Future versions of this mod will include the following:

NPC's approaching and propositioning you for sex

An option to offer money or gifts for sex / Intimidate for sex (leading to rape if you let it) if an NPC turns you down, offering money for sex could cause offence however, and if an intimidation attempt leads all the way to rape you will definitely not be popular!!!!

Possible integration with this blushing mod assuming there are no complications

Options to romance your target in advance of propositioning them for sex, in an attempt to soften them up.

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Forgot to add, while this mod to a large extent replaces my SexChat, at least in intent, you can run both - I will leave SexChat available due to it's guaranteed success nature. Future developments however will be focused on this mod.

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Major props to you on the release of this project.  Absolutely love the concepts you've put into this, and am very eager to see where you take this with your listed future plans as well.    This takes the mindless sex out of the game and actually turns it into a new fresh challenge...  Or rather... A conquest!  I'll be grabbing this just as soon as a new download becomes availible. 


Again, amazing work, and endless thanks to you for sharing your work with the rest of us.

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Can't believe that MediaFire blocked the file, and even gave me a strike just because of the name!!!!  Either way I have renamed the file and re uploaded it, it's the same file as the original SexLab Romance, just renamed SLRomance. Thanks CG! for mirroring it so quickly, I appreciate it and certainly don't mind in any way. Will find a new hosting site tomorrow.


For the people that asked about running it with SexChat, there are no conflicts at all, if you want to run both together they will happily coexist.

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How about run together your previous SexLabChat?

o we need to unistall the previous one before installing this?


He says you can run them together. I havent test this one yet but I dont see any reason why the two should conflict.


they dont conflict, but i have the 1.0 version of sexchat so i cant say for certain

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Possible integration with this blushing mod assuming there are no complications


I hope that's totally optional,that mod is nothing but trouble.From textures color problems to flying horses.





If there are issues with the blushing mod then it absolutely wont happen, I haven't had a chance to look at the mod yet, someone else linked me to it and I liked the idea, but if it doesn't work then it won't happen. Also if any other mods were used beyond just the SexLab framework then they would be optional, so there would be a SexLab only version and a SexLab + X Mod version.

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This mod is awesome! NPCs taking your speech rank and relationship into account, they remember you in future encounters... Just what I like :D


Edit: I posted a bug report here but it looks like it's not related to the mod, and it fixed itself after waiting many ingame hours. Removed the non-bug into spoiler tags.

I think I found a pretty bad bug though. Sleeping with your spouse (while they are followers? Not sure) seems to cause them to forget which house they live in. For example Jordis the Sword Maiden (Housecarl of the Solitude house), which was moved to the Dawnstar manor from Hearthfire, would walk all the way to Solitude after sex. She also no longer gives any option in dialogue to change which house she lives in.


This seems a pretty big bug as it clashes with Hearthfire quite badly. Maybe a Spouse's relationship/faction shouldn't be changed at all?


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I would go ahead and merge your old "SexChat" mod into this one and enable/disable it via MCM. Then you can mark the old one obsolete, place a link to this new mod there and ask the moderators to make that a read-only thread.


Save yourself some grief that way.

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Just thought i would point out one of the lines says something along the lines of "You are out of look friend" , which i assume should be luck.

Other than that seems good, any chance you could not have the cooldown on succesful attempts?

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