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  1. SexLab Separate Orgasm

    You fix the errors. You don't have to tell me what the errors are though, they are all about missing files because in order to compile a Papyrus script you have to have the SOURCE files for every script that it references (and for each script those scripts reference...). What that means is you need to install the "optional" source files for SKSE and the SDK for SkyUI at a minimum, most other sources you'll need are usually packaged with the mods though you may have to use a BSA extractor tool with some mods to find their source files and place them where the Papyrus compiler can find them. Everything you need should be available though, you aren't the first person to discover this.
  2. Deviously Cursed Loot

    Not a bad suggestion but you can turn off the option for public sex being a crime for now.
  3. SeXtreme Loading Screens

    Please don't quote the original post or if you need part of it for reference please delete the parts that aren't needed so we don't get unnecessary text that has to be waded through. If you asked a question somewhere in there though I totally missed it. Besides that, welcome to Lovers Lab. We really are a friendly bunch so there's no need to be bashful.
  4. You should point out in your post that you have created a REPLACER that replaces the original paintings in the mod.
  5. Best Slavery mod?

    Trying to script an actor movement from one place to another which should be very simple often breaks if you move the character more than a very short distance for example.
  6. Get the XL or XXL version of FNIS, you have more animations than the normal one can handle. In the future if you have a problem with FNIS, copy and paste all the TEXT from the output window instead of taking screenshots. It's a lot easier for you and for us both since the screenshot only shows the bit in the screenshot and not the whole text and the problem may not be showing in the part of the text that's in the screenshot.
  7. SexLabUtil1 [2015-03-28]

    The Sexlab Defeat mod uses some animations for that, see what it does.
  8. Best Slavery mod?

    Because it's a lot of work to get certain things done in this game. And when you get them done, they are clunky and easily broken.
  9. Toward the bottom of the Original Post is a second set of installation instructions (should be labeled Update Instructions and placed right after the Installation instructions). The answer you are looking for is there, I'd just tell you but there's more stuff there you should probably read as well.
  10. Since BDSOSSchlongPlayer.PSC is not a part of this mod at all I think you are barking up the wrong tree. That script is a part of another mod, Matchmaker is in fact such a simple mod that it is extremely unlikely it has anything at all to do with this other than simple coincidence.
  11. Best Slavery mod?

    Some notes. I like this extensive description of the various mods, you've done a great service here. Some corrections though: Submissive Lola - The teleport to the center of the map (which happens to be above the giants camp near Whiterun) is a bug in the Sexlab Framework and has NOTHING to do with this mod. The fact that you experienced it more while running this mod means nothing at all, luck of the draw. Slaverun Reloaded - This is a major DLC size update to the game, introducing quests to enslave all of Skyrim's holds and optionally free them again. You can in fact not play it at all when installed and it will do next to nothing, play it to various ends (player death, all holds enslaved forever, all holds enslaved and then freed). With the all holds enslaved and freed again path you can actually play the whole mod over again from the beginning. You also have the choice of playing as a slaver or a slave through the whole sequence (some quests for slaves are not played as a slaver but most content works for either). Some ends interfere with the standard game quests but you can usually play this mod along with the standard game quests or in place of them by ignoring the standard game quests. Playing as a slaver though has almost no interference at all while playing as a slave adds handicaps that are not that hard to overcome (like having to be nude all the time in towns but can still carry your full armor and weapons/spells for dungeon crawling). Animated Prostitution - Doesn't belong on this list at all, it belongs on a list of Prostitution mods. Simple Slavery - is meant to be a random hand-off link between the various Slavery mods it supports using Defeat as a trigger to enter the mod. After being defeated and raped they send you to be auctioned off as a slave and then are inserted into one of the supported slavery mods, some of those mods have situations where you get passed back to Simple Slavery to be auctioned off again.
  12. Deviously Cursed Loot

    Think of it as a great need to have sex after being confined for so long and there you are in answer to more than one huge need he has. <i>Does the new board accept bbcode?</i> Nope.
  13. Devious Devices (Assets)

    Are you using this mod by itself? Do you not have Devious Devices Integrated and/or Devious Devices Expanded installed? Did you not see that both of those mods warn you to run Bodyslide? Yes, it should be here too but Zadil last posted here at LoversLab a long time ago so your chances of getting that changed are.... actually pretty good . The team now maintaining this is working on a major update to the whole system and hopefully will fix a number of issues like this when that update gets released.
  14. RapeTattoos

    I think I have the same problem, and that it is connected to the "Victim Only" option. Have you tried if v1.3 works with the "Victim Only" option off? Just tested it, As soon as I changed the toggle for victim only, it works as intended. Thanks Probably caused by defining onlyVictimOID as an INT but using it as a boolean (onlyVictim = !onlyVictim) in the script for the MCM Menu.