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  1. Bethseda is now a part of Microsoft, expect a complete overhaul of the priorities.
  2. The message is not important, since it's now a part of Microsoft it'll even fit in since it means nothing and provides no useful information. It gives that message even when it does work so yeah, nothing to see there. Move your PC and put the cursor on an actor and then go into the MCM menu for SOS and see what information it tells you about the NPC and the Schlong on that NPC. Somewhere along the way, we WILL find something that gives us a clue as to how to proceed to fix this.
  3. Open the console, select an actor with a boner and enter "sae sosflaccid". That should cause the erection to go flaccid. Does it go flaccid? Does it stay flaccid?
  4. In that case you've either need to rerun FNIS to get the animations working OR you've got everyone and everything so aroused they've all got boners all the time (it could be you've got the level of arousal set too low).
  5. That sounds a lot like you've replaced the SOS male body with a male body that has a permanent erection.
  6. Look for the SchlongsOfSkyrim.DLL in the SKSE/Plugins folder and remove it. You obviously didn't get the whole mod when you uninstalled it.
  7. That "underwear" is plastered on whatever body you installed that is NOT SOS compatible. Basically you have a non-nude male body installed which has overwritten the SOS nude body so you have a schlong jutting out from underwear that you cannot remove.
  8. Longstanding bug, Sexlab creates a marker for your sex act and then moves to to the location where the sex act is supposed to take place. Participants in the sex act are then attached to that marker to keep other NPCs from walking into the participants and shoving them around. That's especially important since sometimes they could get shoved through walls. However, on occasion the game doesn't move the marker from where it is created to where Sexlab tells it to move which results in you being teleported to the marker instead. Anyone want to guess where the exact center (X=0, Y=0, Z=0) of the game just happens to be? Once the game does this it seems to lock into the mode of not moving that marker and so subsequent sex acts also get teleported to the same point. Ok, so much for the explanation and onto the fix. It's simple enough, just go indoors and have sex there once. After that you can have sex outdoors again because this only happens when you are outdoors and having sex indoors seems to fix whatever it was that locked that marker to the center.
  9. Date of SE release was 2016, date of OP here is 2013. Author of OP is still active but I don't believe this list is still getting updated. However, this list does contain a large majority of the mods and if the mods are on this list then you should be able to find versions of the for SE unless the mods were total garbage or relied on something that somehow couldn't be ported to SE (none that I know of but that doesn't mean there are none). So this list isn't directly useful and it may not be completely comprehensive but it should give you at least an idea of what's available so you can choose what you'd like to try in your game. I highly recommend testing each mod you think you'd like to try before committing to having the mod in a full game where you try to complete large parts of the standard quests if not the full contents. It all depends on what you'd like to try. Edit: Saw the date on your post only after I hit post. Sorry no one answered earlier. I used to be very active and tried not to let people hang like that when they asked just basic questions but I see no one answered for a long time. I do hope you found what you were looking for.
  10. Bug in the SE engine I suspect. It's not allowing the marker to which the actors having sex are attached to be moved like it does in LE.
  11. Having the HDT/SMP collisions enabled freezes the facial expressions for some strange reason. Disabled, the expressions all work as expected. Enabled, sometimes an expression happens but most of the time it doesn't and remains frozen with the last one which did work. This is a known bug to the collisions modders apparently but evidently isn't common knowledge.
  12. Necroing an old post here but would you believe: He actually called it!
  13. Or you're blaming this mod because it's the last thing you added when it's really some other mod finally expressing it's bugs BUT I would go in and try disabling the Arousal animations in this mod first just in case they are incompatible with whatever skeleton use by whichever characters you're seeing this problem on.
  14. Did you not know that is it recommended to never remove a mod after you've installed it because the game doesn't remove them cleanly? You can use a Save Game Cleaner to help but sometimes even those don't work.
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