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  1. Just looked at the menu, it stops at 12. Looked deeper, it's now ONLY a limit on the MCM menu which could be changed rather easily. I've not looked at the Slavetats MCM menu for quite some time, instead I've been looking at list of tattoos in Fade Tattoos which will show MORE than 12 and those tattoos already DO show on the PC and NPCS. Now the tattoos from Fade Tattoos also include hands, feet and head tattoos you can look at the location and see more than 12 BODY tattoos (mine stops at 15 tattoos but I think that's because the "zones" used in Rape tattoos are rather arbitrary
  2. The number of Tattoo slots for each section of the body is controlled by editing the \skse\plugins\nioverride.ini of the Racemenu mod. This is the same file you have to edit to enable overlays for Face tattoos as well. If you enable facial tattoos though you should also install a mod like "Violens" to turn OFF decapitations since an NPC (or PC) who gets decapitated will also cause a CTD of the game without a save. Personally I turn off all the kill moves, they tend to be a nuisance during a pitched battle IMO. Also note that the latest version of Slavetats no longer has
  3. Actually when you get the "last man standing" group you no longer need to perform hostility checks if you've tracked who hit who excepting any friendly-fire during the battle. You need only look at each loser, if they struck ANY of the winners then they remain losers. If they struck only other losers and were not struck by any of the winners then they become part of the winning side. That way you don't have to examine who's hostile to who and try to figure out multi-sided battles. Calm them all and let the post battle orgy commence. As a thought, since you are tracking onHit events
  4. Once combat is finished all the survivors of one side will be knocked down while all those standing will be on the winning side. Now check the list of who hit each of those knocked down, if those who hit the knocked down are standing then you have a victim, if those who hit the knocked down person are kneeling then you have a person from the winning side. That's why it's important to not log friendly fire hits in the list of who hit an actor. You should be able then to seperate the victors from the victims that way. Then it would be a matter of resuscitating the knocked down member
  5. Instead of trying to check factions to decide who is on what side you might try a different approach. You can attach a script to each actor you have in a quest alias. With that script you can watch the "OnHit" event and log all the actors that strike the actor the script is attached to. Check akAggressor as actor.IsHostileToActor(getActorRef()) to see if that was a friendly-fire incident or not. getActorRef() is what you call in the OnHit event to find the actor that was struck while akAggressor is an ObjectReference to the actor that struck this actor and since Actor inherits fro
  6. While having sex with one captured bandit I noticed a strange thing and wondered if anyone else is seeing this? As the belly bulged a bit with each stroke I noted that the bellies of the other NPCs awaiting their turn to be serviced all bulged together at the same time. Is this unique to my setup or is this something that's happening to all? Edit: I noticed it happening once. I have not seen it happen again but am watching for it now.
  7. Well damn! Ashal - I appreciate you and everything you've done here to create Lovers Lab in the first place and to write, support and keep developing the Sexlab Framework for so many years. While I've clicked the "like" buttons, sometimes it might seem useful to write a thank you too. I know I've not been here or posted much for quite a while too, just getting hard to get motivated myself.
  8. Please don't use or promote the use of cloak spells. Those spells trigger a papyrus script instance for every single element selected by the cloak spell which can and often does create huge overhead increase as all those script instances try to run at the same time. That's a lot of overhead created to set up all those instances, run those instances and the shut them down. If you have a number of cloak spells trigger at once you can also get Stack Dumps which I once thought caused scripts to not run but evidently they do eventually run but the system is going to go extremely sluggish while
  9. You want the download. When you install it you'll get a FOMOD installer screen with options. Do NOT install the Skeleton that comes with SOS, instead install the https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000 skeleton instead (if you haven't got it already). That is THE skeleton to use with Sexlab and it's mods. The skeleton with SOS is actually just an older version but this mod has not been updated for so long that there have been a number of changes included that are now expected which that old version does not support. Run FNIS again after installing this and the ske
  10. Something is screwed up. Probably the mod that allows females to have schlongs since I don't have that mod and have never had such trouble.
  11. You have to install the Full Version, it sounds like you installed the "Lite" version instead. And you need to select the option for the Shop while installing it to get that potion shop.
  12. Please don't quote the Original post for any thread. Nobody needs to scroll through all of that just to see one short sentence from you. The reason you can't find it in SOS is because it's in Racemenu. Look for the Genitals tab in Racemenu to set the size of the player's schlong.
  13. Bethseda is now a part of Microsoft, expect a complete overhaul of the priorities.
  14. The message is not important, since it's now a part of Microsoft it'll even fit in since it means nothing and provides no useful information. It gives that message even when it does work so yeah, nothing to see there. Move your PC and put the cursor on an actor and then go into the MCM menu for SOS and see what information it tells you about the NPC and the Schlong on that NPC. Somewhere along the way, we WILL find something that gives us a clue as to how to proceed to fix this.
  15. Open the console, select an actor with a boner and enter "sae sosflaccid". That should cause the erection to go flaccid. Does it go flaccid? Does it stay flaccid?
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