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  1. It could be. In my mods folder I don not change the loading order. All the clothing CC are in the same folder.
  2. Yes you are missing the original. The name of the file you need is in the files name without the "Azmodan22_" prefix
  3. You need to have both rug installed ("normal" and Short) and place them in front of the stairs with the green arrows pointing away from them. Then click on the rug to play the animations.
  4. if you want to, yes. But for the animation install ony one version of each, either rough or normal not both.
  5. Thank you Remember that it is also animated so you can cheange its height if you need. The bone is in the middle of the br if I remember correctly.
  6. The difference is just the sounds. The default one would be the Rough one The other files are Sims and some clothes. I keep adding descriptions in the main page but it keeps getting meshed up every time I update it.
  7. You mean you play the animation but the dildo is not there?
  8. You don't have to place the dildo for the sofa animations. Just have it installed.
  9. Hey Everybody ! New LL Update 47 Animations in total !! Gold - 22 Animations !! Toilet: MF Sitting Blowjob MF Sitting Blowjob-Climax MF Reverse Cowgirl MF Reverse Cowgirl Stage 2 MF Reverse Cowgirl Stage 3 MF Reverse Cowgirl Climax Floating-Pizza: MF In The Sea Blowjob Lounge Chair: MF In The Sea Blowjob MF Relaxing Handjob MF Relaxing BlowJob MF Relaxing Cowgirl Stage 1 MF Relaxing Cowgirl Stage 2 MF Relaxing Cowgirl Climax MF Standing Doggy Stage 1 MF Standing Doggy Stage 2 MF Standing Doggy Stage 3 MF Standing Doggy Stage 4-Pulse MF Standing Doggy Stage 5-Pulse MF Standing Doggy Climax M Solo Male F Solo Female M Solo Male Climax F Solo Female Climax Platinum - 25 Animations !! Stair Rugs: FF-FM Cunnilingus Standing Rough Doggy Stage 1 Short Standing Rough Doggy Stage 2 Short Standing Rough Doggy Climax Short Standing Doggy Short 1L Standing Doggy Short 2L Standing Doggy Short 3L Standing Doggy Stage2 1L Short Standing Doggy Stage2 2L Short Standing Doggy Stage2 3L Short Standing Doggy Climax 1L Short Standing Doggy Climax 2L Short Standing Doggy Climax 3L Short BalletBare: Standing Doggy Fingering Standing Doggy Licking Standing Rough Doggy Kneeling BlowJob Stage 1 Kneeling BlowJob Stage 2 Kneeling BlowJob Climax Floor: MFF Celebrity Blowjob Decorative/Accent Tables: Standing Misionary Blowjob Rough Doggy Missionary-Stage 1 Rough Doggy Missionary-Stage 2 Rough Doggy Missionary-Stage 3 Rough Doggy Missionary-Climax You need to download both Gold And Platinum files but only one version from each. Either Rough or Nomal, not both. The difference between the two versions is olny in the sounds. Some animations have more "consecutive" sounds in the Normal version.
  10. You need to download both Gold and Platinum. One version of each though, either Rough or Normal, not both.
  11. how do i download your content? i cant find it

  12. Yes it is base game compatible. The devices are in the indoors activities category.
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