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  1. Nisa has a penis with Vagina that you can use istead of the strapon or for a penis with the "this sim has a penis". Closest thing to a futa you can get. Not 100% futa thought yea.
  2. There are 2 ways to make a futa. One is to choose the option "This sim has a dick" in CAS, and the other one is install Nisas' cock and choose one of the models instead of a strapon.
  3. sorry if this comes off naive or ignorant; but there are a ton of download files and some I can deduce what they are, but I'm wanting to download (with gratitude) your most recent animations. What would be the difference between gold, platinum..etc???

    1. azmodan22


      You need both Gold and platinum animations. Platinum animations are with more people or on custom locations like the staris rugs.

      The difference between Rough an Normal, is Normal has more 'concecutive' sounds in some rough animations.

      You must install either rough or normal, not both.

  4. Platinum are animations with more sims at a time and animations for custom locations like the Stairs rugs. You need to download both of them to have all the animations. But only one versions of each, either Rough or Normal, not both.
  5. Pltinum has animations with more than 2 people of on custom devices. Platinum Tier has to both Platinum ang Gold.
  6. they are sims.. and Shakeproductions68 is clothes.. that is the name of the original author.
  7. Hi, Because they are different stuff. If you only want the animation you should only download the 2 animations files. there are 2 versions of each Normal and Rough, You should only install one of them. The difference between the two is simply in the sounds. Normall has more 'concecutive' sounds in some animations. All the other files are sims and clothes. For the clothes you also need to have the original ones.
  8. Yes that is the idea, but I havent managed to make a lot yet. just one for now.
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