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  1. The only difference is the sounds. The rough don't have tags yet because tags didn't exist when those animations were made.
  2. I will check it out. Meanwhile try to change the gender options in WW. You can also try to console command 'ww.fix' in case some of your sims are actually stuck.
  3. Just the animations. Bonth Gold and Platinum but only one version of each, either rough or normal. everything else is optional.
  4. I am afraid you can't. That is how those clothes are made. Make sure you have installed all 3 kinds of strapons.
  5. By increasing their size and using the right skin. This one has one from Ms Blue if I remember correctly.
  6. Yup. Unless you download the sism. They have some files that need to go in the Tray folder. And, unzip them first.
  7. No, No problem at all/ You didnt' offend me. I was just trying to help out. Well they are considered as possible locations for autonomy, but, given that other locations have waaaaaaay more animations for it, they are very rarely picked.
  8. Hello Yes I do have rugs that allow animation to play on the stairs. But you must only place them at the bottom of the stairs. If you place them at the top, the won't work as intended. The rugs assume that they are placed at the bottom of the stairs. There are two version. The 'Stairs Rug' and the 'Short' version. If you want the short version to work you must have installed the 'normall' version as well. Their difference is that the short version is designed for staircases that are no bigger that 5 steps. By the way, I have also made a rug that allows animation to
  9. You need to adjust the Gender setting in WW to allow MM or FF animations.
  10. Do you have a custom rig or a custom body installed? can you take some screenshots, 'cus it works fine in my game.
  11. Do you know that instead of chhosing my dildo in CAS, you can choose one of Nisas' penises? Then you lady sims will equip that penis instead of the dildo and they do come in a variety of sizes and skin tones.
  12. @NisaK Wen you zip a file you can choose to split it in parts so each part has a maximum size. You cannot upload files larger than 90mb in LL as far as I remember. Another option would be to upload it somplace else, like MEGA and provide the link here.
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