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  1. The last time I updated the mod was 7 years ago, so probably not.
  2. So I don't remember the scripts I wrote 100% (haven't had Skyrim installed in years) which means I might be wrong on this: I think there were only a few animations of creature groups available back when I made the mod, mostly Falmer animations. I wrote a different code for each individual creature group animation to make sure an X amount of creatures will be divided into groups according to their numbers (say the spell hits 5 Falmers and you have a companion, the script will make one animation group for you and 3 Falmers and another for your companion and 2 Falmers). Meaning it's possible
  3. That... Sounds absolutely bizarre. The 'growing a penis' part is definitely not part of Enchantress and I don't think it's included with Sexlab normally, it sounds like you also have some futa mod installed. I don't know about that. The mod isn't hard-coded to assume a female PC, but it was made with a female PC in mind. The general idea is that enchantment spells are so wild and unstable that targets you enchant get so sex crazed that they jump you, so Enchantress treats the enchanted target as the 'aggressor' in the scene for the purposes of choosing animations. That's probably what's g
  4. I finished work on this mod years ago. I don't remember it's scripts, I don't remember how it's MCM looks like, I don't have Skyrim installed. I'm limited in how much I can help. If reinstalling the mod didn't help then the problem is probably a clash with the alt start mod you're using.
  5. Enter the Enchantress MCM, choose the uninstall/remove option (I don't even remember what it's named 😓), when it's done save the game, exit the game, and relaunch Skyrim. Since Enchantress is still in your mod list it will reinstall itself, and I -think- it should fix the double wood elf powers problem.
  6. That's how it's supposed to work. The mod removes the racial power and gives you the altered one. Are you using any mods that alter races? Or did you change your character's race?
  7. I really don't remember the code I wrote for it years ago. Enchantress has a lot of it's code dedicated to sorting NPCs (If a spell hits 4 falmers, 1 bear and 3 followers, who gets prioritized? Stuff like that). It's possible that due to it's sorting it only uses animations or creatures that existed in SexLab back when I made it. I'm not really sure and I don't really want to dig through pages of code to find out. At any rate it's been years and I'm not developing the mod further. Someone asked me to update it to SE so I did since it was easy enough. That said I included all the source files i
  8. Enchantress is an old, stable mod and I stopped adding to it long ago. It uses the SexLab framework to call for animations. If a creature isn't affected by it, it usually means there are no animations for that creature in SexLab.
  9. The spells aren't changed, they're replaced with copies that have the same name to give the mod an immersive feel. This is an old mod so I'm not going to mess with it by adding spell specific toggles. I didn't make one for two reasons: The illusion school was barely used by anyone with the exception of muffle and illusion, and because I tried to instill a chaotic feeling in the mod (when you use magic to affect creature's minds you can't be sure how they'll react). If you wish to edit your copy of the mod you just need to change a single script that initially loads it - The script
  10. Are you using SexLab SE 1.63 ( Beta 8 ), or the older SexLab SE Lite?
  11. I have no idea if it can be flagged or not, I never use too many mods at one time so it didn't cross my mind to check. I'm reading that not too many form IDs is a requirement. I think the mod doesn't have many form ideas. Some of the scripts are medium length though, I don't know if it affects the possibility of ESL flagging or not.
  12. You can increase the level of creatures affected by Calm and other spells by investing in Illusion perks. The 'illusion dual casting' perk will also make your spell work on creatures of a x2.2 levels higher. With a fully upgraded illusion tree a dual cast of Calm can affect creatures who are level 40~60. As for Pacify I'm not sure what the issue is exactly. The spell worked on creatures when I last tried, though admittedly that was a while ago. I'd try using it a bunch of times to see if it doesn't work at all for you or if it only works some of the time. I'd also try getting a dir
  13. I created the mod years ago so it's unlikely I'll add to it. I'll basically have to relearn how Bethesda scripts work. 1) This already exists! Pacify and Frenzy can result in threesomes while Harmony can result in a 9 characters orgy. They're all higher level illusion spells on purpose, to promote investment in Illusion perks. 2) This one goes against Enchantress's design as an 'alternative to fighting' mod. 3) This one also goes against the idea behind Enchantress which aims for more of a magical primal lust feel that can't be aimed or controlled. There are mods that le
  14. I'm afraid I have absolutely no clue how to apply mods to xbox one.
  15. To be clear: The LE and SE versions are identical, I tested the mod on SE and it has no issues. The only difference in this SE port is that it contains the original loose script files instead of the packed BSA file. In other words if you already have Enchantress with the BSA extracted then you don't need to download this version, there's no difference between the two.
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