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  1. Best SexLab Framework Mod EVER! This was impressive when I first played with it on an earlier release, but recently installed 2.5 for a new play through, got so engrossed in Jenassa's quest (without even realising it was from this mod at first) just had to see it through to the very end. Exceptional work. several thousand out of ten
  2. So far so good with the new version. Busy testing it on all the various mods I use and so far (once the PapyrusUtil issue was fixed) no issues. Ashal, is there any chance you could include in the framework a standard function to assign, and store, a sexual preference to an NPC that doesn't have on by default(hetrosexual, bisexual, homosexual)? There are a few mods starting to use sexual preferences of NPC's and at the moment each has to solve the issue itself, resulting in a different sexuality for the same NPC depending on which mod is being used. Ideally something with an MCN slider so pla
  3. Mine was more after trying ESO - It reminded me of what a great game Skyrim is
  4. Been away from Skyrim for a while (my love for it comes and goes, I'm fickle that way) but I am back again at the moment. Not sure if there will be any further updates to this, I would like to do some as I do have some more idea's, but part of me thinks waiting for the public release of SexLab 1.6 is a better idea, then look at a rewrite from the ground up using all the new features. I have never come across the Well maybe later bug, so don't have any suggestions as to a fix I'm afraid I'm considering picking this up to do just some minor maintenance and tweaks to some of the suppo
  5. Unfortunately not, as I don't speak any language other than English well enough to do a proper translation Oh no, I meant as a support for translatable mè enter the ck and hell. You can do so, all the script source is included, you just need to modify the sdsSexLabRomanceMenu script and recompile it
  6. My only issue with that would be that it is far too easy to 'game' the system that way. In so far as you can pretty much walk up to anyone, perform a sex act in front of them and they are guaranteed to be aroused. Don't get me wrong, I use a number of LL mods that require aroused also, but as I say it's too easy to game.
  7. Unfortunately not, as I don't speak any language other than English well enough to do a proper translation
  8. That made me laugh My only issue with that (and it would be pretty easy to do) is that it is using up an equipment slot, which I am not generally in favour of without reason as people may be wearing a specific necklace for some other reason and it makes them have to swap it back and forth. One idea could be to add an MCM option to either toggle the dialogue on and off with a key press, or possibly have an MCM option where users can toggle the requirement to be wearing a specific necklace for the dialogue to be available.
  9. Talk to the first person, if you are successful choose lets go somewhere more private so that they follow you, then talk to the second participant and if you are successful choose either I want you right here or let's go somewhere private and you should be able to start a threesome.
  10. New version uploaded, fixes the tags used when searching for Lesbian and Threeway animations to ensure more variety.
  11. Been away from Skyrim and such like for a while, so sorry for the lack of any replies / responses etc. Will have a look at addressing some of the issues raised (starting with the threesome bug).
  12. All the source code is included in the download, feel free to do with it whatever you wish
  13. Definitely not a Romance issue, but either way here are a couple of ideas on how to fix the CTD on Save problem: Solution 1 Load an older save (as long as it doesn't have CTD on save glitch, then load it) Create a NEW save (through pause menu) Type in player.kill Load your latest save (the one that had CTD glitch) Type in player.kill Try saving (I usually just use quicksave) Never tried this myself but other people say it sometimes works. Solution 2 Save game script cleaner from Nexus This is an awesome tool, I have used it myself when I have had issue and it worked perfectly.
  14. Not sure as I only ever run the latest version of SexLab (1.57 at the moment)
  15. New update added. By default Romance now uses SexLab's settings with regards to an NPC's sexuality instead of it's own. This should improve immersion when used with other Sex Lab mods that also use the default Sex Lab sexuality setting for NPC's.
  16. I am looking at adding this option in. My only reservations are that (as I understand it) by default the sexuality of NPC's as far as SexLab is concerned is that they are always straight, unless you change the setting within the SexLab Menu itself. That being said I am speaking to Ashal about it and it may be an option added into Romance very soon.
  17. Definately no with regards to the aroused / attraction mods as that would force me to add them as requirements and I don't think just to balance gender preference is a good enough reason. It could possibly reference the SexLab one, but when you say gender preference check are you referring to the display of dialogue options (as in the two toggles in MCM for Romance) are are you referencing whether NPC's are gay/straight or bi themselves?
  18. Don't worry about the fix, that is purely to resolve one issue that someone else was having.
  19. Just added it in the downloads section now. Download the RomanceFix archive and replace SexLab Romance with this. In game ensure that you have no one following you for Romance then in the MCM menu select the reset option. This will reset your lovers count in Romance to 0, which should mean that when you next chat up an NPC for Romance you should have all the regular Romance Options available.
  20. Will, look into it some more. Another option is for me to just add a reset to the MCM Menu for Romance that does the same thing as the addfac command. Will do a fresh build this evening.
  21. By default there is a cooldown period whether you are successful in romancing them or not, Ignore cooldown after successful attempt simply does away with the cooldown period after you have managed to romance someone. If they reject you then the cooldown is still in place regardless. As for your other issue try this. First see what position in you load order SexLabRomance.esp is, if you use NMM just look at the Plugins tab, you want the Load Order (a hex number) not the index. Note down the two digit hex code then load up your saved game. Once the game loads bring up your console and ty
  22. Not come across this one before. I know that when you successfully chat someone up romance changes a faction rank as a way of keeping track of how many people (1 or 2) you have with you that have agreed to sex, it sounds as though there could be some issue with that. Don't have access to CK or my source code at the moment, but later today I will come up with something for you to try.
  23. It should install fine via NMM - Do you have any other sexlab mods installed and are they working correctly? It won't show up on FNIS as it doesn't add any animations. This sounds like a problem with sexlab not being installed correctly, the easiest way to check that is to try another sexlab mod and see if that works OK, if it doesn't then there is a problem with the sexlab framework installation itself. What version of sexlab are you using?
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