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"Classy Night" and research of visuals and ideas to tell a story



Hi everyone. As you can see, I change the title so this blog is ready to tank the futur of what I wanted to do.

I am doing some test, preparation. I try to learn things about modding, I write (I like to write a lot for a potential story) and create.


In this process, there is 2 things I want to show you : 


1 - Research for a new visual


A thing I never share with anyone, its that I do erotic stories on the Sims 4 since 4 year. But I keep it for myself because I never found a place to share until here almost a year ago.

The second reason I never share is that I don't like the visual in the Sims 4. Especially the lights. that's why I tested thing and I came up with the idea of putting a comic book visual to offset that. And it worked (and it ended up a comics, the visual led to the idea of a comic). But there is limits. One of these limits is the lack of detail, especially on the characters.


So, I decide to look for a new visual, because I think an appyling visual help to get into a story. So here is a test I made with a little scene because its appealing. If you have any advice/critics on this, go on.

I personnaly think it's too dark, it fit the tone of the scene, but maybe not an entire story.

Bonus : 1 of the 2 main character for a story I write is in this scene. Guess who ?







2 - A tool for story : showing computer interaction


In A God's Curse, I struggled a bit to show texting. I used a bubble with name and text. I was inspired by a comic book I read but I didn't like the way it looked. This is the same reason I never show what happen on pc, for mails. And I had an idea.

I create a template (is that the good word ?) to show the computer screen. With this, I can show almost everything useful for a story that need a computer. I was inspired by a game called Cibele, it's an idie game about an online love of a 19yo girl. We have a game part where the character play with a friend she love, and there is the computer desk, where the player can explore files, pictures. It's a short game, but it was nice.

Anyway, I don't know if it will be useful one day, but that's something I wanted to try for fun. Here is the result plus a screen a Cibel for comparison :




Cibele (2015)




In this, I can change almost everything. I try to customize some logo. This is not a realistic computer desktop, but the goal is to make everything clear and readable. I add the date too, because I think it can be a nice touch to give some information to a reader. People like to have space and time referencing.

If you have any opinion about this, please.


That's all, I hope you're fine everyone. Stay safe.


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The composition on that one is quite interesting, with the contrast between the tones of the curtains, of the city at night and the candles certainly empowering the overall effect. As for the lighting and tones/colors themselves, they seem quite right. However this setup is less customized than your previous visuals, and might require a texture upgrade for close-ups (the image where you see the redhead lying from behind shows defects that your previous visuals would've hidden).  :classic_smile:


My associate thinks the smoking one will be the main character, as she's been shown first. :star:


As for recreating a computer desktop for when characters do share mails on a computer, sure why no, as long as it's not the main media of the story, the more creativity the better.

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@Tirloque Yeah that's one the main problem. I think have to find a compromise between the comic book style and a more realistic one. I'm going to keep testing on my side.


Your associate is probably right. :)


For the computer, it is for fun. I had once the idea to make a story that could only be seen through the prism of an instagram-like for example. I like to see if I have the skill to do that kind of thing.

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