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About This File

Enslavement is Death.


Sanguine's Debauchery is a mod that subjects the player to enslavement as an alternative to death. Being enslaved by the opponents that defeat you in combat offers the player interesting story tangents and, above all, a continuous narrative in place of death and a reload screen.


SD+ adds a number of new quests, sub-quests, and features that will expand and diversify your game. If you're looking for a mod that allows you new possibilities when you're defeated in combat (more than just "Oh, crap!", Ragdoll, Loading Screen), and especially if you've been looking for a way to have your favorite PC enslaved by all those nasty baddies running around in Skyrim, then Sanguine's Debauchery is the mod for you!


Background story - Sanguine is an odd and unpredictable fellow. He is one of the few Daedra to be found frequently visiting Tamriel in person. In his wandering the mortal realm, he tends to take an interest in...playthings. The fate of one mortal in particular is irresistible to him. This mortal, this Dragonborn, draws him like a moth to a flame. By retrieving the Dragonborn from the threshold of death, Sanguine is free to apply certain conditions in exchange for his generosity. The Dragonborn as a toy. The Dragonborn an irrestible object of lust? The Dragonborn...a slave? For Sanguine, the possibilities are endless, and the debauchery has just begun.


Be sure to look at the requirements and known issues below.


For details on gameplay mechanics and all of the features available in Sanguine's Debauchery, see :



Sanguine's Debauchery was originally developed by @jbezorg
Many thanks to him for letting me build on his original mod and to jonjonzz, AwfulArchDemon, Ashra XIII, aelie, battenK for feedback during testing (and many others who contributed ideas and suggestions in the forum thread).


Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life developed by BralorMarr


From the original SD page:
Thanks to b3lisario, Calyps, Gatti, MasterChris, Nalim, Youiko, Zaria, ZaZ


Animations Licensed From Mini Lovers 0.2.3
MiniLovers0.2.3 license.pdf - The original untranslated version of this license.


Dance Animations - Dance Modder Resource by Umpa
German version (2.0) - Verodor
Manual and FAQ - GrayElephant
Dialogues - skoalbite and Content Consumer
SlaveTats racial overrides - groovus, crudo, corintio, eric23123
Falmer bindings - from Falmer Bikini Armor


If you want to contribute, help is needed in:


- testing issues in the list and reporting new issues
- updating the wiki to the new version (including screenshots)
- providing code fixes using the github repository ( https://github.com/MinLL/SDPlus).




Remember to make copies of your save game BEFORE you install and enable this mod.


SD+ is a standalone version with a packaged .bsa file. You do not need SD1 installed for this to work.


Upgrading from previous versions of SD+ should be possible. Before upgrading it's wisest to make sure you have a save where the PC isn't enslaved, in the Dreamworld, or in the midst of the Flowering Spriggan quest. If you have SD+ 1.16 or earlier installed, make sure you install Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life before installing SD+ 2.0.




SexLab V1.62+ and its requirements:

Devious Devices Integration v3.1 and its own requirements

Devious Devices Expansion


SexLab Dialogues - needed to augment slavery options when talking to your master.


Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life ( version 7.0 or above, of Death Alternative) is not required anymore but it is needed if you want defeat and death related triggers (required if you want compatibility with SexLab Defeat). You can play SD+ without it as long as you use the Surrender key to submit when you want or using compatible mods such as Simple Slavery.


SlaveTats and the addon SlaveTatsEventBridge (also available in the download area of SD+) are needed if you want slave marks.


A custom body replacer - CBBE BBP by Caliente or any of the UNP body replacers are supported (not required unless you care about the custom textures added by the whip in SD+)
A custom skeleton - Custom Skeleton Replacers by Skulltyrant; Perfect 3-2 Skeleton by Ning; or XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS by xp32 (needed for better support of ragdoll effects)
Fuz Ro D'oh - for silent dialogues


Note: Make sure to double check these required mods to see if they also have prerequisites. For example, Maximum Skeleton -XPMS requires Realistic Ragdolls and Force by dDefinder






Mods using SD+ events:


Immerslave - by Arbiter
Simple Slavery - by Jfraser
Deviously enslaved - by Chase Roxand


These mods are not required but I am using some of them to test SD+ and improve the whole experience.


Death Alternative Capture - by BralorMarr
SexLab Defeat -by Goubo
Submit + Devious Devices Progression - MixedUpJim
Deviously Helpless - Srende


Slavegirls - by Hydragorgon
SexLab Skooma Whore - Guffel
Bathing in Skyrim - mzin_




Custom slave outfit
You can customize the default prisoner outfit provided by your Master (follow the instructions in the MCM menu). You can also just wear any kind of clothing in your master's inventory or found around you.


Default slave outfits for each level are provided by Killer Keos Skimpy CBBE V2-V3 Armor Replacer by Killer Keo - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3654/?


DLC and Add-ins - SDpatch - frostfall.esp
The file on the Download page labelled "SDPlus30Addons" includes the .esp and .bsa files necessary to make SD+ compatible with Frostfall. Drop the necessary files (aka, the ones matching the add-ons you use) into your data folder and go get yourself into trouble. Only install this file if you are using Frostfall 3.0 or above.


SD Customization Addons is an experimental addon that Content Consumer worked on to allow two types of customizations for SD+:


- add more races from the DLC mods as creature masters
- allow customization of slavery items between metal, leather and items from ZAP


There are a few changes and notes:



  • Added MCM options to customize slavery gear. This will only work if you are currently enslaved, otherwise the options will be grayed out. Your options include Default (as defined by SD+), Zap, Iron, and Leather. You can set individual options for collars, armbinders, plugs (anal and vaginal), leg cuffs, gags, belts, and blindfolds.
  • Note that this is not a global setting, and will only affect your current master's preference.
  • Changed some internal code to make future updates easier.
  • Got rid of the splash page. Way too bright and distracting.
  • Got rid of a deprecated script.
  • Expanded and tweaked the test cell a bit.
  • Renamed the .esp. It's not just about races, future updates may include other SD addon stuff as time, energy, requests, and possibilities permit.
  • Note that because the .esp has been renamed, it is possible to run both the current and the previous version at the same time. This will not cause any problems, but you will end up with two MCM menus, which is kind of pointless. I suggest you get rid of the old version. You should be able to uninstall it without any problems.

Notes on the mod:

  • Requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn. Does not require Hearthfire.
  • Does not require SD+, but it's purposeless without it.
  • Requires SkyUI and Papyrusutil (or Sexlab). Basically, if you can run SD+, you can run this.
  • It should be able to go anywhere in your load order. Above SD+, below it, shouldn't matter.
  • There's a test cell called sd_addon_test. It contains several locked rooms, each with a different creature inside from one of the new races. There's a marker outside each door showing what's inside the room. There's a barrel next to where you coc in with the door keys in it. This will help if you want to test out the new races quickly.
  • Note that the equipment changes will only happen after you've already been enslaved, so you'll always start out with default gear








After many tests and updates, SD+ works better on brand new games (where Sanguine Debauchery is activated through MCM).


Regarding updates - since many people reported issues with the uninstall option from MCM, my recommendation for updating the files is to make sure you are not enslaved or wearing the spriggan host and just copy the files over.


If that creates issues, go back to your save before the upgrade and try the uninstallation option in MCM (also making sure you are not enslaved in any way).


Either way, given the current state of the scripts, I am still not recommending SD+ for any serious, 100+ hours save games... or you may be sorry later. Keep it for casual gameplay on test games or new characters. You can still run SD with the patch installed on top of a running game, but you may end up with missing scenes (dance, punishments) and spam in your Papyrus log (because of scripts baked into your game).


Eventually, I am hoping we can come up with a better way to upgrade the script and restart key quests so that they take the new scripts into account. Until then, it is better to use SD+ on new save games.




See a full list of known issues here:


- All known issues: https://github.com/MinLL/SDPlus/issues/
- Bugs only: https://github.com/MinLL/SDPlus/labels/bug
- Compatibility issues with other mods: https://github.com/MinLL/SDPlus/labels/Compatibility


Use drop down filters on that page or click on tags to view groups of issues such as 'Enslavement quest' or 'Spriggan quest' only.




-See this list of filtered compatibility issues: https://github.com/MinLL/SDPlus/labels/Compatibility




Any mod that alters vanilla factions. If you use a mod that significantly alters vanilla factions, it may cause SD+ to fail to recognize the attacker as being a member of an eligible slaver faction.


Any mod that actively manipulates the player's health during combat ( e.g. auto healing ) may make it difficult to trigger the enslavement events.


SD Patches from Inte is NOT compatible with this version of SD+.
It must be disabled and all scripts starting with _sd removed from your scripts folder if you want to use this version of SD+.


Full change log


API (for modders)

What's New in Version 3.5.9


  • - Updated SD Customization Addon to fix issues with random gargoyles
  • - Added: Reset master monitoring slave status on slave transfer enhancement
  • - Added: Various cosmetic tweaks to dream world npcs
  • - Added: Make sex from Resist option optional after enslavement attack from creatures enhancement
  • - Added: Auto-equip items received from the master's inventory enhancement
  • - Added: Replace multiple travel package with one package plus quest alias enhancement
  • - Added: Reduce impact of hourly allowance reduction at higher slavery levels enhancement
  • - Added: Find solution when master inventory is full enhancement
  • - Added: Disable Bounty hunter side quest for now Compatibility enhancement
  • - Added: Tweak master monitoring/searching states enhancement
  • - Added: Make SexlabForbiddenActors part of the faction exclusion list by default enhancement
  • - Added: Only transfer player items away if player is enslaved after killing master enhancement
  • - Added: Make the 'no enslavement' faction a StorageUtil FORM list enhancement
  • - Added: Add more daedric feel to Dreamworld and Shrine
  • - Fixed: Enslavement breaks dreamworld visits OnSleep events
  • - Fixed: Stack dump spam in error log after 'OnHit' events from attack by spells (fire,frost,spark)
  • - Fixed: Spectral devices won't clear properly from court wizard
  • - Fixed: Change of dreamworld on sleep is not initialized correctly
  • - Fixed: Missing dialogues with master on Falmer enslavement
  • - Fixed: Make sure quest checkboxes still work for Gold wicked/Train run/Coveted
  • - Fixed: Slavery exposure rises too quickly