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About This File

This is a simple mod that listen to events and call the SlaveTats API, making it easy to developers to add SlaveTats support without adding a mod dependency.


What this means?


For Users: if you have any mod calling this, just keep this installed with SlaveTats and it will work, no need to configure.


For Modders:

Take a look at the single script file, it's all there. As it is now, there is only support for adding and removing simple tattoos, with optional parameters like gloss, glow color and lock. If you need more complex parameters, like tattoo with spells, i recommend using directly the SlaveTats API.
Code examples:


Adding a tattoo:

int STevent = ModEvent.Create("STSimpleAddTattoo") if (STevent)   ModEvent.PushForm(STevent, akActor)         ; Form - actor   ModEvent.PushString(STevent, sSection)      ; String - tattoo section (the folder name)   ModEvent.PushString(STevent, sTatooName)    ; String - name of tattoo   ModEvent.PushInt(STevent, iColor)           ; Int - color (0xAARRGGBB: alpha, red, green, blue)   ModEvent.PushBool(STevent, false)           ; Bool - last = false (the tattoos are only applied when last = true, use it on batches)   ModEvent.PushBool(STevent, true)            ; Bool - silent = true (do not show a message)   ModEvent.Send(STevent)endif

Clearing all tattoos with a section:

int eventCall = ModEvent.Create("STRemoveAllSectionTattoo")if eventCall   ModEvent.PushForm(eventCall, Game.GetPlayer())   ModEvent.PushString(eventCall, "MySection")   ModEvent.PushBool(eventCall, true)   ModEvent.PushBool(eventCall, false)   ModEvent.Send(eventCall)endIf

Adding a locked glowing tattoo from the tattoo pack "symbolic":

int eventCall = ModEvent.Create("STAddTattoo")if eventCall   ModEvent.PushForm(eventCall, Game.GetPlayer())   ModEvent.PushString(eventCall, "Symbolic")   ModEvent.PushString(eventCall, "Ass Arrow")   ModEvent.PushInt(eventCall, 0x00FF0000)   ModEvent.PushBool(eventCall, true)   ModEvent.PushBool(eventCall, false)   ModEvent.PushInt(eventCall, 0x00FF0000)   ModEvent.PushBool(eventCall, true)   ModEvent.PushBool(eventCall, true)   ModEvent.Send(eventCall)endIf


What's New in Version 0.0.1a


  • - compilled with the new slave tats version

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