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[Sims3][WIP] L666's Sex Animations for Animated Woohoo


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Recommended Mods:
Animated Woohoo+ (Link Not Rated)
Kinky World - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/43249-sims3wip-kinkyworld-v025a-updated-12-oct-2015/

Recommended Animations AW and KW:
Amra_72 Animations AW- http://www.loverslab.com/topic/36728-sims-3-sex-animations-for-animated-woohoo/
Amra_72 Animations KW-http://www.loverslab.com/topic/47255-sims3-sex-animations-for-onikis-kinky-world/
The Master Animations AW and KW- http://www.loverslab.com/topic/41458-sims-3-the-masters-sex-animations-for-animated-woohoo-and-kinky-world/
Mike24 animations AW and KW -

Bondage sets:

Stockade BDSM Furniture http://www.sexysims....ad.php?t=175302
Bondage Frame http://www.sexysims....ad.php?t=174813
Audi http://www.thesimsre...ster/id/946156/

Bwan Speedster http://www.thesimsre...-w-o/id/954256/


Morphing Nipples - [The Sims 3] GECK.O's - NATURAL BREAST NUDE TOP (Breast Fix + 3D Morphing Nipple (WIP))
Displace Maps - [The Sims 3] GECK.O's - DETAILED VAGINA & BUTTS (Default Replacement)
Displace Maps and Skins - [The Sims 3] GECK.O's - SKIN COMPLETE SET (Texture, BumpMap, Shine, Eyes (WIP))

Morphing Penis - http://cmarnyc.blogs...18975f2e60ef8eb
Other Skins - http://navetsea.blogspot.com.br/

Animated Woohoo and Kinky Newest Updates S16 AND S1

  • Added Bed , Car, Bath Animations - KinkyWorld
  • Added Sounds Object - KinkyWorld
  • Nex Stage - KinkyWorld
  • L666 Rape and Bdsm pack:

    - Hard Doggy Anal Floor - Teasing - Rape Floor
    - Hard Doggy Anal Floor - Teasing Attack - Rape Floor
    - Facefucking Blowjob A Rough Couch
    - Facefucking Blowjob B  Rough Couch

    L666 Animations pack:

    - Cock Rubbing Pussy B Massage Table
    - Missionary B Massage Table
    - Menage Cunilingus Side Bed 3P FMF Bed
    - Rimjob MM Bed
    - Makeout Kiss B Bed
    - Cunilingus Counter
    - Rimjob Counter
    - Reverse Cowboy/Cowgirl A  Couch / Chair Living
    - Lap Dance Chair Living


Oldest Updates




Titi Suck A BED
Titi Suck B  BED
Cock Rubbing Pussy MASSAGE TABLE
Harassed handjob bdsm/rough COUCH
lying cunilingus
Reverse Cowboy/Cowgirl ChairLiving,Couch
Selfie Handjob Couch/Chairliving
Spoon Couch
Hand Blowjob Bed
Stand Missionary B wINDOW
Cowgirl Window


S.14 & S.11
Added Bed , Car, Bath Animations - KinkyWorld
Added Sounds Object - KinkyWorld
Nex Stage - KinkyWorld
Spoon MM Bed B - bed double / single / altar
Spoon MM Bed C - bed double / single / altar
Kisshandjob MM - bed double
Hanjob Teasing - Floor
Fisting Lesbian rough - Floor/ Stockade Furniture
Facefucking Blowjob Climax - Couch
Virgin Handjob kissing - couch
Stand Behind Window c Climax - Rough
Reverse Cowgirl - bed
First Vaginal - Missionary B
Forced Missionary A - crosswood
Forced Missionary B - crosswood
Makeout Kiss Fingering bed double / single / altar
Crossed Wires D Climax
Cowgirl Counter
Cowgirl Anal Bed


S.13 & S.10
Blowjob MFMMMM Voyeur - Floor
Stand Behind - Swingset
Stand Behind - Stove
Triple Penetration MMMFM - Floor
Kiss Blowjob Left side FFMF - Bed
Kiss/Stand Behind Swing FMFM - bed
Stand Missionary Window
Lesbian Cunilingus - Shower/Floor/Window
Facefucking - Shower/Floor/Window
Cock Spanking Shower/Floor/Window
Kiss Blowjob Left side bed threesome FMF - Bed
Spoon MM - Bed

S.12 & S.09
Training Cowgirl - Exercise Machine
Reverse Cowgirl Right Side B - Bed
Handjob Dildo Rough - Floor
Makeout - couch / chairliving
Vertical 69 - couch / chairliving
Sitting - Floor
69 Sideway - Floor
Fist Vaginal Missionary B - Bed
Doggy Climax - Bathtub
Double penetration Cowgirl Reverse 3P MFM Rough - Bed
Oral Spank Dildo Rough - Floor
Spitroast 3P MFM Rough - Bed
Nonconsensual Spank Foreplay "Vipchair" Rough - Floor
Nonconsensual Handjob Foreplay "Vipchair" Rough - Floor
Stand Behind B rough Window
Vip Chair Oral Rough - Floor

S.11 & S.08
Training Missionary - Exercise Machine
Stand Front - Swing set
Pleasing gangbang 4P MFMM - Bed
Footjob - Bathtub / bathshower
Handjob - Bathtub / bathshower
Cunilingus - Bathtub / bathshower
Teasing Bath - Bathtub / bathshower
Stand Behind BDSM ROUGH - Window
Missionary - Couch
Spitroast 3P MFM - Couch

S.10 & S.07
Makeout on Car
Sitting Petting
Clasp - Stand Front A
Clasp - Stand Front B
Clasp - Stand Front C
Clasp - Stand Front D
Crossed Wires Bed B
Crossed Wires Bed C
Virgin Touch
Cowgirl Intimacy
bed idle after woohoo

Rimjob Bed B
Prone Bone Anal C
Prone Bone Anal D - Climax
Snogging Kiss A
Missionary Massage Table
Snogging Kiss B
Sitting Cunilingus Climax
Vip Chair Anal Climax
Anal Massage
Anal and Blowjob Group Sex Foursome MFMF Bed

Reverse Cowgirl Right Side - Bed
Cowgirl Anal Finger - Bed
Rimjob - Bed
Prone Bone Anal A - Bed
Prone Bone Anal B - Bed
Makeout Kiss - Bed
Lollipop Tongue Blowjob - Hottub
Sex Caress Mobile - Floor
Triangle Lick and Fuck 3P FMF - Bed
Twerk dance - Floor
Kinky Builds
Added Bed , Car, Bath Animations
Added Sounds Object
Added Next Stage

Handjob and teasing - Pool Lader
Stand Behind A - Pool Lader
Stand Behind B - Pool Lader
Stand Behind C - Pool Lader
Stand Behind D - Climax
Hungry Kiss Threesome 3P FMF - Bed
First Vaginal - Bed
Crossed Wires - Bed
Gangnam Style Dance - Floor
Handjob and teasing - Hottub
Kinky Builds
Woohoo Next level

Cowgirl C Climax - Car
Turbo Facefucking - Washing Machine
Standing Doggy - Crosswood
Blowjob - Crosswood
Titjob Foursome MFMM - Floor
Hard Doggy Anal D Climax - Floor
Spork C - Bed
Spork D Climax - Bed
Cradle A - Bed
Cradle B - Bed
Cradle C - Bed
Kinky Builds
Next level and Car Animation

Anal Dildo Female/Male Masturbation - Living Chair/Couch
Blowjob Dildo - Living Chair/Couch/Toilet
Teasing Spank - Counter
Cowgirl A - Car
Cowgirl B - Car
Balljob - Counter
Teasing Kiss - Counter
Double Blowjob 3P MFM - Floor
Double Blowjob 3P FMF - Counter
Double Spoon Penetration 3P MFM - Floor
Double Spoon Penetration 3P MFM - Bed
Sexy Dancing 02 - Floor
Kinky Building:
Next level and Car Animation

Hard Doggy Anal Floor B - Rough - Floor
Hard Doggy Anal Floor C - Rough - Floor
Hungry Lesbian Threesome 3P - Bed
Sexy Dancing - Floor/Shower
Mutual Masturbation - Loveseat
Mutual Masturbation (MM) - Loveseat
Mutual Rough Masturbation 3P MFM - Floor
Teasing and Kissing - Needs bondage frame. link above
Agressive Handjob - Needs bondage frame. link above
Hungry Lesbian Foursome 4P - Bed
Hungry Lesbian Fivesome 5P - Bed

Teasing and Kissing - Window
69 (MM) - Floor
Anal Missionary A (MM) - Desk
Anal Missionary Climax (MM) - Desk
Spork A - Bed
Spork B - Bed
Makeout Kiss - Floor/Shower
No Escape Threesome Gangbang (MFM) - Floor
washing cycles female masturbation - Washing Machine
No Escape Foursome gangbanb (MMFM) - Floor

Romantic Missionary Floor B
Romantic Missionary Floor C
Romantic Missionary Floor D (Climax)
Double Penetration MFM Floor / Hottub
Sword Swallower Blowjob Dining Tables
Tongue Bath Blowjob Dining Tables
What's for Dinner Tonight Blowjob (Rough) Dining Tables

Romantic Missionary - Floor A
Female Masturbation Rubbing - Shower
Cuffed Doggy - Sauna / Loveseat
Press Blowjob - Sauna / Loveseat
Lesbian Cunilingus - Sauna / Loveseat
Menage cunilingus FFF - Sauna / Loveseat
Menage cunilingus FMF - Sauna / Loveseat
Press Doggy - Sauna / Loveseat

Reverse Cowgirl - Showertub
Cowgirl - Showertub
Kiss and touch - Showertub
Vip Chair - Floor
Forbidden Missionary A - Bed
Forbidden Missionary B - Bed
Forbidden Missionary C - Bed
Hard Doggy Anal - Floor
Handjob Male Solo - Shower
Handjob Male Solo - Floor
Face To Face 3P MFM - Floor
Frisk - Stand Behind - hottub
Female Masturbation Rubbing - Desk/Dining Table


Sims 3 sounds already included
All languages

How to Install :


Inside game click in Settings >>> Animations >>> Position lists write the name:

L666_Animations (139 animations)
L666_RapeBdsm_Animations (30 animations)

Thanks my Friends:

Pedrovpbr an Monica Hoffner. You were my first guinea pigs in this project.

Special Thanks:

The Master
You are really awesome!



Animated Woohoo Downloads - 169 animations:



(130 animations)

(26 animations)

(139 animations)




Kinky World Downloads - 203 animations:


Click here to download this file


If you like my animations, support me on Patreon:




Special Thanks to All My Patrons:


MrsSanta, Big Anal, Atruesimtale, Kalm Yo'Tits, Kirstie, Impulse



L666_Animations_V-19.rar L666_RapeBdsm_Animations_V-3.rar

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Thank you for the great animations. honestly if you didnt say this was your first time i would have assumed you were a pro. If you would like some constructive feedback, smoothing out the loop instead of having the characters 'kicking' back into the starting pose would make things look and feel much more immersive. other than that great job!!!

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Thank you for the great animations. honestly if you didnt say this was your first time i would have assumed you were a pro. If you would like some constructive feedback, smoothing out the loop instead of having the characters 'kicking' back into the starting pose would make things look and feel much more immersive. other than that great job!!!

Thanks, I'll try that next time. I have some problems to do this. It was the first.
I was trying to understand how the blender works  ;)
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I just tried out these new animations and I think your skills are on par with Amra72's animations. They are fluid and feel like professional animations. It's great to see new animations like these. I'm excited to see what else you can do with your skill set. Also, no need to be scared! I'm glad you weren't too scared to post these awesome creations! I especially like how you incorporate that "Sim" like feeling into your animations. If Sims actually did any of this stuff without mods, I pictured it like your animations


~Keep up the good work!

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walkthroughs14   andpost_offline.png Rixx 

Amra_72 is the Master of Puppets, I always said this and I will always say. In a way his work was my inspiration. But honestly, I feel happy about it, but ... his work is unmatched, but I know it's a long way, we still have much to learn from the puppet master.
Thanks all, as a lover of games and especially The Sims 3, I promise to create new things, I really want.

 Alana Ps:  thx so much, I always thought of bath animations, pity that there are only animes for showertub and not baths. Not yet found a suitable cc showertub like a ofuro that is a showertub.

forgot to post this pic -  Frisk - Stand Behind Hot tub



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Thank you so much for sharing ;) They sure looks good and brilliant for a beginner 8O :D Must wait to start up the game as im doing some springcleaning on the game getting rid of stuff that steels gameperformance :D I should probably do some physical springcleaning as well when i think about it, but after i went shopping in the most extreme spring weather today with hail sleet together with tons of rain and 0 degree celcius im exhausted ;P Anyway thanks so much again and im so happy to see the ts3 is still alive and kicking and not blown out of the water by ts4. Big frozen hug from Lofoten Norway ;)

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May I ask what rigs you are using?

I do not have preferences... i use any kind of rigs... I use to be used Sim 3 Rig


The animation looks smooth and realistic too...! As good as Amra72.


@Lady666, I wonder how you do it? Do you have any tips to share?


Mine look like a robot with only one body part move at a time.

You should use fewer keyframes and less jerky movements. Let the blender do the miracle, ok!  ;) 

A very good read: The Animator's Survival Kit - Richard Williams  :heart: 


Next - Female Masturbation Rubbing for Shower 








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Your MFM floor animation is amazing! Exactly what I've been looking for, and incredibly fluid. Thank you!


So cute, I want to create more MFM, FMF ... I wanted to create animations with more sims ... but unfortunately it is not possible.
I want to thank everyone who answered me, very much the same. This Gives me more desire to create more.
Thank you guys, I loved this forum and you are super!  ;)
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Lady!!!  :heart:

OMG you sneaky sly cunning cute lil minx you!!! OMG i never knew you could do this!!  :D


The animations are really nice and as stated before my post, you clearly join the amazing animators that provide us all with such fun erotic content and make this game fun for all.


if i miss anyone out i am sorry but right now Onikay, Amra72 and yourself are rocking TS3 with such exciting activity. you all have me watching this forum so closely!!!


hugz and kisses to Lady x  :P

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