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[Sims 3] Sex Animations for Animated WooHoo

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Amra72! Your animations are fantastic! PLEASE keep up the great work! Truly thank you from the heart for putting the time and effort into such great animation work! And an even bigger thank you for sharing them with us!


I cannot seem to get the new couch blowjob to work, it reverts to another animation.

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This is actually a very good animation!!! The natural movement and the face expression. The best I ever seen so far!


Do you have any plan to make a non-woohoo romantic interaction animation?


Like this below:


The Sims 3 Passion And Romance




Just like your Fallout NV Stand Kiss animation below:




Interactions like TS4 kind of sexy pose, TS4 seduce, TS2 smooch (force kiss), TS2 goose (grab ass), etc. Especially the sexual harassment interaction, the more rude they are, the better. Unique sexy interaction like stand kiss above while playing genital, sucking milk from breast , flashing breast/genital teasing, baby/toddler breastfeeding, self-milking breast (a glass of milk will appear in inventory), aroused itching wet vagina standing animation, pregnancy check at the toilet, steal panty, strip naked, etc are great too.


This will be as great as EA made animations itself.

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Amra72!!! amazing new update, how i said in other topic... continue :)


PD: u thinking do some threesome animations i would love that ^^.


Of Course be patient

I do the basic poses for all available surfaces and I do the animations threesome.




yes later



there is



in update 0.3


I did not know The Sims 3 Passion And Romance

I look immediately!

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What's up with the 'WIP'? In your case, it's not necessary. ;) Always a gold release. I've never heard praise like this before. It's always "Wow! Amazing work, Amara!", or "Damn, you're really good at animations!", or "These are the best animations I've ever seen!", or...well, you get the idea. :P


I look forward to working with you. (game art & design is my major ;))

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AwfulArchdemon put it best: no need for a WIP tag! I can commend you for it, though. I can respect someone who feels that even such masterful works need improvements and will wait eagerly to see them.


Now I must go and test my comouter's strengh... Can it process TS3 and TS4 at the same time? (It did pretty good when it was TS3 and Skyrim.)

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