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Immersive Hair Growth and Styling (YPS Devious & Immersive Fashion 2020-05-09) 6.2.1

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About This File

Immersive Makeup, Piercings, Hair Growth, Fashion and Styling

( = Yolie’s Piercing System, YPS)



A SE conversion can be found here.

This is a mod adding several "fashion" features. You need to apply these features in an immersive way, such as:

  • visiting the hairdresser to get a hair cut, perm or hair dye
  • getting your ears pierced before being able to wear earrings
  • apply nail polish from nail polish bottles finger by finger, toe by toe
  • use lipstick and eye shadow, which will wear off over time
  • high heel training (with normal heels and devious boots)
  • armpit/pubic hair growth and hair shaving
  • wearing nylons and stockings

These features may cause addiction, arousal and have other special side effects.
(everything can be enabled/disabled in the MCM menu)

This mod is made for human female player characters (preferably CBBE body), though many features will work on non-humans, or male characters as well.



-  Girl Talk: As female player character, you can conveniently chat with friendly female NPCs about various issues, like pets, gardening, cooking, makeup, and other important topics. You also can exchange small gifts.

- more stages in the Dibella quest

- some more tweaks (see release notes)


- new chastity piercing quest


The male protagonist faces a series of strange events and coincidences, while being slowly transformed into a beautiful girl. Will (s)he be able to cope with the challenges posed by the “Follower of Dibella”, or end up being utterly frustrated?
Though some DD items are used in this quest, it is mostly consensual, and a bit funny as well. This is a realistic (low fantasy) quest, using magic only sparsely.
Current status of this quest is ALPHA (store a save gave before trying it out). The quest is not yet finished.

This quest is for males *only* (who will be turned into girls soon enough.

To start the quest, you need to read a note on a barrel at the left side upon entering the Hall of Attainment in Winterhold, then talk to Lena Golvo. (For "Alternative Start: Live another Life" users, start as "guild member" in Winterhold College.)



---- MAIN MOD FEATURES (Release Version 5.4.1) ----

Immersive Hair Styling

Head hair will slowly grow over 19 stages, from bald to ankle length (since v.6.0.5 there are 21 stages, from bald to "rapunzel length"). At default speed, you need to wait for 1-3 in-game months before you reach the next hair length stage.
At each hair length stage, a different selection of hairstyles becomes available. About 1000 hair styles from "KS Hairdo's" and some other hair mods are preconfigured (you still need to install the original hair mods though). There are different kinds of hairstyles:

  • Default hairstyles: -- This is what you see when the mod starts, or when your hair grows. There is exactly one per length stage, typically a vanilla or KS Hairdo. These are applied once your hair grows to a longer stage. Default hairstyles are preconfigured as straight hairstyles. You can also define custom hairstyles as default hairstyles (which may for example be curly); see section below on "how to configure...".
  • Standard hairstyles: -- This is what you get when you use "Shampoo". A selection of (straight) hairstyles. If you currently have the default hairstyle or another standard hairstyle, you may style your hair yourself to any standard (or the default) hairstyle at any time. A hairdresser can help you as well.
  • Permed hairstyles: Special curly hairstyles. May only be applied by hairdresser. If permed, you can no longer style your hair to a standard style. You need to wait for a (configurable) amount of days, until you can perm your hair again or ask the hairdresser to remove your perm, or (optional) get your permed hair cut away.
  • Braids: May be applied by yourself using "Elastic Hairband", if you hair is long enough, and you have a default/standard hair style. May be removed at any time by yourself.
  • Ponytails: works exactly the same as braids. Pinned-up hair counts as ponytail.
  • Buzzed nape: A special set of hairstyles, only available for neck and shoulder length (since v.6.03 also for ear length). May only be applied by a hairdresser. May not be styled by yourself. To remove a “buzzed nape”, you need to let your hair grow to armpit length, or ask the hairdresser to cut it to ear length (or shorter).
  • Mohawk: May only be applied by a hairdresser. May not be styled by yourself. Will require constant shaving of your head sides. Only way to remove a mohawk is to get your head completely shaved. May cause a fashion debuff (see Fashion Addiction below).

Upon mod initialization, you may choose your natural hair color, which is then permanent. Later you can get a hair dye from a hairdresser, which will fade or grow out over time (can be configured in MCM).
Player needs to sit down for a hair makeover or a professional manicure session (ever got a perm done while running around?); once you have chosen your style, you have about 25 seconds to find a chair, or you need to start over again.
Hairdressers and fashion vendors can be found in most major cities of Skyrim, for details see the following spoiler:


Locations: Radiant Raiment (Solitude), Dibella’s Temple (Markarth), Arcadia's Cauldron (Whiterun), Haelga's Bunkhouse (Riften), The White Phial (Windhelm), Grey Pine Goods (Falkreath)

The following items can be purchased from any hairdresser (all have unlimited uses):

  • Shampoo: A must have! Used to style your default or standard hair to another standard hairstyle. Has no effect on other hairstyles (though you can wash your hair with it).
  • Elastic Hair Band: A must have! Used to style your hair as a ponytail or a braid.
  • Brush: Used to revert a standard/braided/ponytail hairstyle to the default hairstyle. Has no effect on other hairstyles (though you can comb/brush your hair with it).
  • Shaving Knife and Shaving Cream: Can be used to shave your head. Works only, if you have "long stubbles" or shorter hair; otherwise you need to find a hairdresser.
  • Hairstyle Catalog: Used to browse through all configured hairstyles and colors.
  • Mirror: Get information about your current hair status, piercing status, makeup status, and fashion addiction / body hair status.

Any hairdresser will also inform you about your status upon demand.

Some items are for debugging/testing, and can be obtained via console:

  • Hair makeover orb: Used to initiate a complete hair makeover. This includes the option of a perm, a hair dye, a buzzed nape or a mohawk cut. Makeovers still cost money.
  • Scissors: Used to cut your hair.
  • Potion of Hair Growth: Used to initiate instant hair growth to ankle length. Combined with scissors you can generate any hair length stage.
  • Perm lotion: Used to give yourself a perm.
  • Hair dye: Used to give yourself a hair dye.
  • Potion of Natural Hair Color Change: Used to permanently change your natural hair color.


How the console works (for beginners):

Use the tilde '~' key to toggle the console. Then enter the following command to see the item hex-code:

help <item name>

Then use the following command to add the item(s):

player.additem <item hex-code> 1


Generally, this mod assumes that you have natural straight (or slightly wavy hair). If you prefer naturally curled hair, you may set up your own set of custom hairstyles.
When choosing a hair makeover, make sure that corresponding hairstyles are available. By default, short hair cannot be braided or made into a ponytail. Permed hair is not available for very short hair lengths.

Compatible with all 3rd party hairstyle mods! This mod comes with about 1000 preconfigured hairstyles (you will still need to install these hair mods to access these styles):
- KS Hairdos (about 550 styles of all lengths and kinds, but no narrow mohawks; this is a strongly recommended add-on to this mod)
- ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_5 (about 100 styles, among them a few narrow mohawks of length stages 4,5,6)
- ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_6_Full (42 styles)
- KS Hairdos - HDT Physics (about 75 styles with hdt)
- Lovely Hairstyles (about 25 styles, among them a few broad mohawks and buzzed nape cuts)
- Merida Hair with physics (2 long perm hair styles with hdt)

- Dint999 KS SG HG hairs HDT (85 styles, included after v.6.1)

- HHairstyles (7 styles, included after v.6.0.3)

- SC Hairstyles (7 styles, included after v.6.0.3)

- Holiday Gift Hairdos. (about 270 styles, including some ear length buzzed nape cuts; included after v.6.0.3; still unfinished)
About 30 vanilla Skyrim hairstyles are also included.

How to configure alternate default styles other 3rd party hairstyle mods (this is for experienced users only, and generally not required):


Editing the mod configuration (preferred method): Any third party hairstyle can be included to the preset hair styles by the user; location of the configuration data is: Data\SKSE\Plugins\ypsFashion\<hairmodname.esp>.json
The file “KS Hairdo's.esp.json” contains a description how to configure hairstyles.
You are very welcome to share additional hair mod configuration files on the message board.
Default hairstyles can be defined in ypsHairDefault.json, which will be read upon each game load.
You will find versions of ypsHairDefault.json you can use if you have KS HAIR and/or KS HDT HAIR installed.
Also, there is a hair growth database, which defines that certain hairstyles grow into certain other hairstyles upon reaching the next hair stage; this is important when setting up your own mohawk styles, and just an optional feature for other styles; see Data\SKSE\Plugins\ypsFashion\ypsHairgrowthDatabase.json for details how to configure the database.

Custom hair styles (more complicated): you can configure up to 40 custom hair styles directly in the MCM menu. You can use them as "default" hair styles for each length, or as alternate hairstyles (as options for use of the Shampoo and the Perm Lotion). Custom hair will grow into next custom stage, if length matches.
Assuming that you have installed a 3rd party hair mod, find the hair style name in Racemenu. Then open the console and type "help <hairstylename>". Then the hairstyle ID will show up. (Some Racemenu mods immediately display the hairstyle ID.)
I put an example in the screenshots of this mod (screenshots 20+21). Let's say you have the "Merida Hair with physics" installed and are looking for the ID of the hairstyle named "Merida's Hair Short". Open the console and type "help merida", and you will see that the corresponding ID is "Yoo_MeridaHair_Short". This is what you type into the MCM menu (see screenshot 21).
The complete set of Custom hair styles can be exported or imported to the file Data\SKSE\Plugins\ypsFashion\ypsCustomStyles.json (click on the corresponding options in the MCM "Custom Hair" tab)

Check out here on how to make hair styling work for vampires (still buggy).

(everything can be enabled/disabled in the MCM menu)



- You may no longer wear piercings, unless you got your corresponding body parts pierced.
- Different healing stages with immersive messages: During the early healing stages you will only be able to wear stud piercings. At later stages you may wear *all* kinds of piercings. Eventually your piercings will become permanent.
- “Pierced Ears” quest line leading you to Radiant Raiment (Solitude).
- Custom configuration via MCM menu.
- 3rd party mods are not required to get your body pierced (any slot).
- Compatible with earrings and other piercings from most popular mods.
- Will prevent users from wearing two or more piercings in the same body part at the same time.
- There is small chance that piercings will slip from your body and drop to the ground (If enabled in MCM menu; default = disabled).
- To prevent dropping, you can get your piercings soldered to your body.
- You may take on credit from the Dibella Beauty Fund for piercing costs; you still have to pay your debts back as soon as you have money in your pocket, so be careful

- Includes: "SlaveTats" piercing items for all piercing slots.
-- They come as "MiscItems" (Clutter) and can be bought from Yolie in Radiant Raiment (Solitude) and the other vendors as "boxed" piercing items.
-- Just click on the box to equip them.
-- If equipping is successful, an "empty piercing box" will be returned.
-- Click on the empty box to unequip a piercing item from a slot of your choice.

- Includes: "Earring Backs"
-- They also come "boxed". Click on the box to equip them.
-- Wearing earring backs prevents earrings from dropping (see also MCM configuration).
-- Works with boxed "SlaveTats" earrings, as well as standard earrings from 3rd party mods.
-- When removing your earrings, the boxed earring backs will be returned.

- Features: "Earlobe Holes"
-- When your earlobes are pierced and you are not wearing an earring, "earlobe holes" will show as slave tats.
-- Earlobe holes color is configurable in MCM.
-- Earlobe holes will close when your earlobes heal up.
(Note: "backs" and "holes" are only available for earlobes; adding them to all piercing slots would require too many resources; cf. section on nioverride layers below)



Initially, walking without heels will be just like in the vanilla game; but when wearing high heels, you will suffer a speed debuff and stumble a lot.
At the end of your training, it will be pretty much the opposite: without heels your will have some problems to move around, but wearing high heels will feel like normal.
How to train your feet? Just wear high heels for a long time (training time is configurable in MCM).
If you wear bondage boots, you can even reach a higher stage, with a still bigger debuff for not wearing bondage boots or high heels.

Training process:
Your training will proceed over 6 stages. You begin at stage 1 ("untrained feet") and ultimately will reach stage 5 ("arched feet") or stage 6 ("bondage feet").
By continuously wearing high heels or bondage boots, your stage will increase over time, and the speed debuff (& stumble chance) will be adjusted.
If you wear "normal" heels, you can reach stage 5.
Only if you wear bondage boots, you can reach stage 6.
There is a grace period; removing your shoes for a short while will not interrupt the training process.
Note that even at stage 6 the standard DD speed debuffs still apply.
If you enable the "Cinderella Feet", your feet will appear to be deformed at higher stages even when not wearing shoes
Also, at higher stages, your feet will no longer fit into normal shoes (if the MCM option is enabled).

How to "untrain" your feet:
If you don't wear heels or bondage boots over a long time, your stage will decrease. However, it will take 3 times as long, and there is no grace period, i.e. wearing high heels even for a very short time will interrupt the untraining process.
Furthermore, if you ever have reached stage 5 or stage 6, there is a 90% chance that your feet will "remember" this position. Even if you have reverted your feet to stage 1, if you ever wear high heels or bondage boots just for a single time, you will immediately switch back to stage 5 or 6.

-- High Heel Compatibility:


Since v.6.0.3 this mod uses NIO heels. HDT HighHeels is no longer required.

Up to v. 5.4.1., this mod uses the HDT HighHeels system to check, whether you are wearing high heels. If you use high heels without a HDT effect, you should add the effect manually to your boots (in the HDT High Heels MCM menu; even 0.0 or 0.1 is fine).

NIO heels are also detected by this mod (as of v. 3.1), and the only supported high heels since v. 6.0.3. HDT heels should still work though.
This mod is compatible with all kinds of DD boots. It is also compatible with the ankle chains from Deviously Cursed Loot (as of v. 5.3). But it might conflict with other mods that affect your walking speed. If you get into trouble and feel that your walking speed is too low (or too high!), adjust the speed debuff slider or remove the "speed debuff" option in this mod's MCM menu.



- (Female) pubic hair will grow over time.
- Growth speed can be set in MCM.
- Pubic hair color can be set in MCM (16M RGB color space).
- Unshaved pubic hair will occasionally cause "itchy" animations (using a DD animation).
- Use shaving cream and a shaving knife to shave your pubic hair (a DD animation will show).
- Wearing a chastity belt inhibits shaving of pubic hair.
- For pubic hair, it is required to install SlaveTats 1.1.1 or higher. Two body tattoo slots will be used.
- Additional 3D pubic hair will show (on top of the SlaveTats) when you have SoS and SoS Pubic Hair for Females installed.
- If the 3D pubic hair is not showing (e.g. after a strip item effect from another mod), click twice the MCM Option to show/hide SOS Pubic Hair, and it should show up again.
- Note that "SoS Pubic Hair for Females" will add random pubic hair to new player characters, which needs to be removed in the SoS menu, before this mod will work correctly.
- Armpit hair. Will work the same way as pubic hair. This mod contains SlaveTat files only for the first 2 stages of armpit hair growth. For higher stages, you need to install the file Nordic Warmaiden Body Hair - SlaveTats Version.zip from Nordic Warmaiden Body Hair
- Shaving cream may also be used to shave your head (but only if you have cropped hair already)



- You can apply nail polish from nail polish bottles available in several places in Skyrim.
- Professional manicure sessions are also available (only for fingernails; will last significantly longer, and there are more choices available). Ask the NPCs in Radiant Raiment.
- NPCs will comment on your nails and earrings.
- Nailpolish can also be applied as toenail polish. For the toenail polish it is required to install SlaveTats 1.1.1 or higher. 2 hand and foot tattoo slots (each) will be used by this mod!
- With SlaveTats installed, application of fingernail and toenail polish will show up progressively, nail by nail.
- Animations for nail polish application.



- Lipstick and eye shadow in various colors can be obtained from vendors in Radiant Raiment (Solitude) and elsewhere. Technically lipsticks are potions, eyeshadows are misc items.
- Required add-on: SlaveTats 1.1.1 or higher.
- Makeup can be applied in different density (opacity).
- Use "eyeshadow applicator brush" to apply eyeshadow (available from vendors)
- Lipstick can be applied as glossy or non-glossy (see MCM menu).
- Makeup will gradually wear off within about a day.
- Lipstick and eye shadow removal pads are available, too.
- It is advised to remove makeup before going to bed, doing a swim, or engaging in battle.
- There is one "Custom" color available each for lipstick and eye shadow, configurable in the MCM menu (enter the 6-digit RGB color hex code).



- installing the mod "Equipable Stockings" by thegooglyman is required to make this feature work (don't need to activate the .esp)
- talk to your favorite fashion vendor to purchase nylons
- nylons may cause fashion addiction and arousal
- you may not paint your toenails while wearing nylons (obviously)
- nylons may not be removed while wearing boots or certain restrictive devices (very obviously)




- The following fashion items may cause fashion addiction: fingernail polish, toenail polish, pierced earrings, lipstick, eyeshadow, shaved armpits, shaved pubic hair, high heels, dyed hair, permed hair, buzzed nape cut, long hair (bra strap length or longer), nylons.
- If you use these fashion features, you will get a speechcraft buff. If you use the features for a very long time (in-game weeks), the buff will gradually turn into a debuff for not using these fashion items. Configurable in MCM menu.
- Using these fashion features may also increase arousal over time (intensity can be set in MCM). Default = enabled.



- As female player character, you can conveniently chat with friendly female NPCs about various issues, like pets, gardening, cooking, makeup, and other important topics.

- As you engage in chatting, more topics will open up.

- You also can exchange small gifts.

- Works with the following female NPCs (if properly flagged in the game): Followers, innkeepers, bards, vendors, merchants, farmers, inn servers, house carls.





The male protagonist faces a series of strange events and coincidences, while being slowly transformed into a beautiful girl. Will (s)he be able to cope with the challenges posed by the “Follower of Dibella”, or end up being utterly frustrated?
Though some DD items are used in this quest, it is mostly consensual, and a bit funny as well. This is a realistic (low fantasy) quest, using magic only sparsely.
Current status of this quest is ALPHA (make sure to keep a save game before you start the quest). The quest is not yet finished.

This quest is for males *only* (who will be turned into girls soon enough).

To start the quest, You need to read a note on a barrel at the left side upon entering the Hall of Attainment in Winterhold, then talk to Lena Golvo. (For "Alternative Start: Live another Life" users, start as "guild member" in Winterhold College.)



This is a rather short “devious devices” quest. Installing the mod Devious Chastity Piercing (by poblivion) is required (must activate the esp file). To start the quest, read the “torn book page”, found on a barrel in the cellar of the Bee and Barb Inn (Riften). The quest is rather hardcore and dramatic in the beginning, but then softens out and will soon lead to a happy end (unless you are doing really stupid things).



- The purpose of this feature is to allow male characters to get access to all fashion features as well.
- Sex change is still experimental.
- When initiated, you will be forced to change gender in racemenu and your won't be able to change gender by yourself again.
- Two levels: normal change, and permanent change. When permanent, no future gender change will ever be possible.
- 4 types of potions are available via console: Potion of (permanent) masculinization / feminization
- for modders: mod events are also available

- Gender change the ultimate motive in the Dibella quest (since v.6.0.0)


REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL VERSIONS (without them the mod won't run at all)
Fuz Ro D-oh

The Sound & Texture Pack from this mod is also required for all versions. Always keep the newest version of it installed.


Sexlab - For the LITE versions, Sexlab is not required.
Devious Devices Assets+Integration+Expansion - For the LITE versions, DD is not required.

ZAZ Animation Pack .
no longer required after v.6.0.3: HDT HighHeels System - For older "no HDT versions", HDT HighHeels is not required; NIOverride Heels will still work

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED ADD-ONS (without them a lot of features won't show up)
For the PIERCING, the MAKEUP (lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish) and PUBIC HAIR system: SlaveTats 1.1.1 (or higher)

For the HAIR: KS Hairdos (preconfigured hair styles)



For more convenient menus: UIExtensions, making it easier to choose hair length, hair color, hair style, eyeshadow or professional nail polish color.
For the NYLONS (stockings, pantyhose): "Equipable Stockings" by googlyman
For the ARMPIT HAIR: The file Nordic Warmaiden Body Hair - SlaveTats Version.zip from Nordic Warmaiden Body Hair
For the PUBIC HAIR: SoS and SoS Pubic Hair for Females
For the arousal effects of FASHION ADDICTION: Sexlab Aroused Redux
For the HAIR: Hair styles from the following hair mods are preconfigured: KS Hairdos - HDT Physics, Lovely Hairstyles, Merida Hair with physics, ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_5, ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_6_Full, Dint999 KS SG HG hairs HDT, HHairstyles, SC Hairstyles, Holiday Gift Hairdos.
For more JEWELRY:, it is recommended to use earring/piercing mods like: Immersive Jewelry , Test HDT Earrings, KS Jewelry, or HN66s Earrings


For the CHASTITY PIERCING QUEST: install Devious Chastity Piercings by poblivion.

For the PIERCING system: to add more earlobe studs, install Facial Piercings and/or Litheria Armor Pack 202
For the NAIL POLISH system, the following add-on mods will provide hand meshes for some additional colors:
- Kaw's Claws: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/5910/? (adds nail polish colors: aqua, black, blue, bright red, dark red, gold, green, pink, purple, silver)
- HN66s Hands and Nails http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57083/? (adds nail polish colors: french white, grey tips, zebra red, blood red, dark blue, dark green)
- HN66 Mage Nails http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/27668/? (adds nail extensions in the colors: French white, black, blue, gold, green, red; these extensions can only be applied by a professional manicurist)
If you don't install these files, many nail polish colors are still available (meshes are part of the YPS mod), and the Kaw/HN66 nail polish will still show as SlaveTats. So these nail mods are not required. If needed, turn off the "Use This Mod's Nail Meshes" in MCM to make the fingernail SlaveTats show correctly.

- Choose the version with the highest version number fitting best your current installation (in parentheses are the required masters)
- "LITE" versions do not require DD or Sexlab.
- From the package installer (since 6.0.5): install the "00 Base" files, and pick exactly one of the "01" hair configuration files.
- The Sound&Texture Pack is required for all versions. It is compatible with lower and higher versions of this mod.
- This mod was created for CBBE. In the download section a patch is available for UUNP

NIOVERRIDE LAYERS (very important and required changes to your SKSE ini files)
If you are using SlaveTats: To be on the safe side for this mod, open the file Data\SKSE\Plugins\nioverride.ini with an editor and set iNumOverlays=12 for Face, =5 for Body, =3 for Hands, =3 for Feet. On top of that, add the values needed for other mods.
Furthermore, you need to set bEnableFaceOverlays=1
More in depth explanation:


This mod uses more SlaveTat layers than come with the original installation. It is important that you increase the maximum number of layers manually. To do so, count the values you need together according to the following table:

  • Earlobe piercings: 2*Face + 2*Face (swap)
  • Nostril, Septum, Right Labret, Central Labret, Right Eyebrow, Nose Bridge piercings: each 1*Face
  • Snake Bites: 1*Face + 1*Face (swap)
  • Navel, Clitoris (Labia is not yet implemented): each 1*Body
  • Nipples: 1*Body + 1*Body (swap)
  • Fingernail polish: 1*Hands + 1*Hands (swap)
  • Toenail polish: 1*Feet + 1*Feet (swap)
  • Lipstick: 1*Face
  • Eyeshadow: 1*Face
  • Pubic hair: 1*Body + 1*Body (swap)
  • Nylons: 1*Body + 1*Feet

Add up the slot numbers; swap slots only count once (even if you use more than one piercing needing a swap slot).
E.g. using Earlobe piercings plus Snake Bites plus Nostril needs: 2+1+1 normal face slots, plus the maximum of 2 swap slots, for a total of 6 face slots.
Then add the corresponding numbers in the file Data\SKSE\Plugins\nioverride.ini to the variable iNumOverlays in the four sections [Overlays/...]
Note that high values for iNumOverlays may slow down your computer! In particular use a lower number for face overlays, if you don't use that many face fashion items. Maximum number of Overlays in a section is 12 (SlaveTats won't recognize more).

Upgrading from any non-alpha previous version to 5.2 or higher should be ok. YMMV as usual.

TO GET STARTED (spoiler)


Makeup: Use the makeup items (potions) that can be purchased from Yolie (and other fashion merchants around Skyrim) or stolen from the counter in Radiant Raiment (Solitude) or in Dibella's Temple (Markarth). For more details, purchase the nail polish guide from Yolie. For a professional manicure, talk to Yolie in Radiant Raiment.
Piercings: Wait until MCM menu loads up.
- Earlobe piercings: Just try to equip an earring (crafted or otherwise obtained), or visit Yolie.
- Other piercings: If you dare, look in the basement!
Pubic hair: Make sure that this is enabled in MCM. Buy shaving cream and a shaving knife to shave your pubic hair.

Nylons: Talk to the fashion vendors and purchase the nylons package. To wear/remove nylons, click on the package.



Activate the "remove all YPS SlaveTats" function in MCM, then remove all YPS files from your installation.



- This mod is designed for female player characters; several features might also work on male characters (ymmv)
- This mod is made to work with cbbe hdt bodyslide
- This mod works smoother with FNIS 12000 animations (FNIS Behavior V6_3)
- If you use any function that activates SlaveTats (make-up, stud piercings), wait until the action has finished before trying another one. Otherwise the game might stop responding to certain actions.
- If you decide to get your piercings welded onto your ears, there might be conflicts with other mods that try to force equip an item into the same slot as your piercings (e.g. DD). In that case, disable the piercing monitoring for the corresponding slot in the MCM menu.
- Cinderella Feet, nail polish and welded piercings will conflict with mods that don't allow items in your inventory. If necessary, turn the corresponding options off in MCM.
- The high heel training stumble animation might conflict with other mods that require certain movements from the PC. If necessary, turn the "pain animation when running" option off in MCM and switch to walking mode [caps lock].
- To decrease papyrus load, it is recommended to turn features off you don't use (especially piercing slots); this is in particular recommended on slower computers to prevent crashing.
- If you use Deviously Cursed Loot, enable the "princessity's hat" option (in the console type "set dcur_princessityshatmode to 1"); otherwise the slut collar (and similar items) might constantly punish you for wearing nail polish or having piercings welded onto you.
- If you use the nail polish system, it is recommended to use a body texture without colored nails.
- If run speed is too low or too high when wearing heels, disable the runspeed debuff in options or change the value of the run speed debuff slider. Yes, the run speed can indeed be too high (because the game counts a 105% speed debuff only as a 5% debuff etc.).
- If piercings in certain slots behave strangely, disable the piercing monitor in MCM for these slots.
- If the mod continuously fines you for not wearing piercings or polished nails, disable the option in MCM menu.
- If you run into problems after updating this mod to a newer version, try to do a clean update first. (Save the game, uninstall the old version of the mod, load the game, wait 15 seconds, save the game again, install the new version of the mod, load the game).
- To recover your previous status from a clean update, or for testing or debugging purposes (or just to have some fun) you may use the following items: "Cursed Potion of Arched Feet", "Cursed Potion of Bondage Feet", "Earlobe Piercing Kit", "Navel Piercing Kit". These are not available in game. Conjure them up in the console. Technially they are potions (alchemy items). The piercing kits can be used to pierce yourself and will set your healing stage so that you may wear all kinds of piercings immediately.
- If makeup does not show up, make sure that you have enough free SlaveTats slots for the corresponding body section.
- If you need more SlaveTats slots, edit the iNumOverlays variables in the file Data\SKSE\Plugins\nioverride.ini
- Glossy lipstick may appear to be non-glossy due to a SlaveTats bug. Restarting the game often solves this issue.
- After traveling or when waking up, wait a while until all animations have played.
- If the new shaving cream or the earring backs do not work, first to drop them on the ground and pick them up again.
- If random pubic hair appears on new player characters, remove it in the SoS menu (this has nothing to do with this mod).
- If SlaveTat piercings only show up from very close distance, restarting Skyrim sometimes helps.
- When clicking on a MiscItem (such as Shaving Cream or Piercing Boxes), please ignore the message "you cannot equip this item". The message doesn't matter, and I don't know how to turn this off.

Several functions of this mod can be called by a initiating a ModEvent. A few StorageUtil variables are available as well. See the code examples below. Feel free to contact me if you need further functions.
For details, please look here.
Suggestions by other modders are very welcome.


This mod just provides a framework to add immersion when wearing earrings, piercings and other fashion items. It does not contain any artwork (shapes, meshes, textures...).
Credit for the artwork goes to the creators of all these wonderful jewelry mods.
Credit for the barefoot meshes goes to xinafay.
Thanks to Kaw from the Nexus for providing the finger nail meshes.
Thanks to weird letting me use part of the code of SlaveTats Event Bridge.
Thanks to pchs for having the wonderful idea of growing pubic hair. Thanks to Mambo for the Pubic Hair Alternatives; variants of some of his textures were used for this mod.
Thanks to jb64 for the non HDT patches.
Thanks to googlyman for the equipable stockings mod.

Thanks to poblivion for the devious chastity piercing mod.
Thanks to dePog for the armpit hair textures from Nordic Warmaiden Body Hair.
Thanks to nokturnihs for the UUNP body piercing textures.
Thanks to Skyrimll for very important hints, mod event suggestions and bug fixes.
Thanks to Gnaddelwarz for providing an import/export script, as well as for the port to the SE.
Thanks to Crudo for hair configuration files.
Thanks to nisa9022 for fixing issues with werewolves and barefoot meshes.
Thanks to Kakabishan for his wonderful Barber resources, included in the texture pack.

Thanks to Osmelmc and Gnaddelwarz for many bug fixes and continuous work on this mod during my break! You did a great job!!!

Thanks to 3DMsAsura for providing a Chinese translation of this mod.

Thanks to countless LL community members for suggestions and bug reports.



- This mod is not focussed on adult content, but it still contains some "adult" stuff (mostly consensual).
- may only be used if legal in your region or country
- may only be used in conjunction with other mods if they are all legal in your region or country
- may not be posted or reposted on a website other than LL
- may only be distributed free of charge
- may only be distributed as a whole, including this readme file
- you may use the contents of this mod for your own mod, as long as you give proper credit, distribute your mod for free and post it on LL

You are welcome to do a translation, but you need to post it here on LL. (This includes Russian and Chinese translations :P)


Any problems, please post here.
HAVE FUN!!! :shy:




What's New in Version 6.2.1


v. 6.2.1:
- Dibella Quest: can now properly get standard hairstyles as custom quest hairstyles (untested)
- Dibella Quest: quaffing potions will now correctly advance the quest
- Dibella Quest: no longer need to complain to the smithy
- Vendors: fixed a script error causing messages in the papyrus log
- MCM: can now set the likelihood for lipstick and eyeshadow to smudge
- High Heels: enabled again the message to show whether high heels are being equipped or removed
- General: when checking the piercing status (e.g. using the mirror), the result will now split over several pages when needed
- Hair: Vanilla hair default configuration now copied to “00 Base” package, so that the hair feature will work even when not properly configured


v. 6.2:
- New Feature: Girl Talk. As female player character, you can conveniently chat with friendly female NPCs about various issues, like pets, gardening, cooking, makeup, and other important topics. You also can exchange small gifts. Should work with the following female NPCs (if properly flagged in the game): Followers, innkeepers, bards, vendors, merchants, farmers, innservers, housecarls.
- Dibella Quest: Added more quest stages (for feedback on the quests use spoilers please)
- Dibella Quest: female characters will be notified that they cannot start the quest
- Dibella Quest: Ray has been relocated to a side room (might need to restart the quest to get this work.)
- Dibella Quest: now you will get your ears pierced by another NPC (due to unresolvable problems with a quest alias)
- Chastity Piercing Quest: chastity rings should now correctly be detected as labia piercings
- Piercings: now correctly detecting nose rings from "Melodic Indian Jewels"
- Gender Change: added a (vanilla) visual magic effect upon gender change
- General: fixed some script issues causing errors in papyrus log
- Hair: frequent hair checks should no longer overlap with required hair checks in the script, thus reducing load on the hair script
- Body Hair: MCM menu now has separate options for quick armpit hair shaving (default: on) and quick pubic hair shaving (default: off)


v. 6.1:
- Added MCM option to set the duration of nail polish (standard and professional manicure).
- Added MCM option to enable/disable the selection of custom hairstyles (default = disabled); if you are using custom hairstyles, enable the option in MCM and all should work fine.
- Fixed bug causing +1 health added to the player
- Hair catalog: Once you have chosen hairstyle type and length, you can now browse through all hairstyles of all properly configured hairmods. This will make choosing a hairstyle much easier (as well as detecting improperly configured hairstyles).
- Added complete hairstyle configuration for Dint KS HG HDT Hair (thanks to Crudo)
- Dibella quest: Changed way to start quest. You need to read a note on a barrel at the left side upon entering the Hall of Attainment in Winterhold, then talk to Lena Golvo. (This should solve issues with the quest not starting properly.)
- Dibella quest: Added more quest stages, including one possible ending. The main quest line will still be continued in a future update.
- New chastity piercing quest: This is a “devious devices” quest. Installing the mod Devious Chastity Piercings is required (must activate the esp file). To start the quest, read the “torn book page”, found on a barrel in the cellar of the Bee and Barb Inn (Riften). The quest is rather hardcore and dramatic in the beginning, but then softens out and will soon lead to a happy end (unless you are doing really stupid things).
- For modders: mod events may now remove lipstick and eyeshadow, for details see here.


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