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Last edit on 8/28/2023: Update description after 3.3 release.




Nate or Nora are great fighters (just ask Strong!) and extremely valuable to the factions in the Commonwealth.  Thus, if the player romances NPCs or their health gets too low then that faction may assimilate them by changing their looks or locking them into the faction.


It consists of several small quests that trigger after certain events like your health getting too low or AAF animations.  There are MCM options to control many mod features, for example whether romance is enabled or not.


This mod complements LL mods like AAF ViolateSexual Harassment and Sex 'Em Up and is similar in some ways to LL mods like Tattoo After Rape and Rad Morphing Redux.




If the player health falls below a configurable value or after the player romances a partner of a particular faction, there is a chance that the player's hair, body, skin, clothes, and faction may be changed.  The chance for a change to happen for each body section and for each faction is configurable through MCM.


  • Hair - Your hair will be changed to something appropriate for that faction.  Expect to get a mohawk for Raiders and a military cut Gunners.  There are differences for male and female characters.  Supported hair, beard, and pubic hair styles will also regrow over time or fall out from radiation.  There are some penalties if your hair gets too long so you should find & drop some scissors on the ground and use them to trim up to avoid them.  I could tell you what all the hairstyle possibilities are, but that would take away the fun and surprise.  Currently, base game/DLC hairstyles are supported plus the following mods:
  • Body - Your CBBE body will be morphed based on settings in MCM.  Configure them as you see fit, but by default it is set for female characters making the breasts and butt bigger and the waist smaller, i.e. an hourglass figure for most factions except "settler" factions which are the opposite.  It is possible to configure the settings for male and female characters.
    • FEV - If you romance a super-mutant, then some FEV may sneak into your system and cause increased muscle mass and some increased strength side-effects.  Beware!  (This can be configured or disabled in MCM).
    • Actions Effect Body - Similar to mods like WTTF. You eat - you get large, You swing & bash & workout - you get muscle, You lounge & get rads - you get thin (can be configured or disabled in MCM).
  • Clothes - Your clothes will be changed to something appropriate for that faction.  Expect to get a harness for Raiders and a suit for Triggermen.  There are differences for male and female characters.  There is an option to swap your clothing hats/helmets when combat starts/ends and an option to swap your clothing gas mask when bad weather starts/ends.  I could tell you what all the apparel possibilities are, but that would take away the fun and surprise.  Currently, base game/DLC apparel is supported plus the following mods:
  • Skin - If certain mods are installed, then tattoos can be applied to the entire body when first affected and thereafter one after romance, combat or helping faction members.
  • Faction (version 3.0 and greater) - Your faction will be changed to that faction and possibly moved to a faction-friendly location.  Your last partner will have a small dialogue to initiate it.  You will remain in the faction until you help or romance enough faction members to leave the faction.  When leaving, a small dialogue allows you to confirm leaving or remaining in the faction.  While assimilated to the faction, you will gain a perk appropriate for that faction.  Asking to help or romancing faction members may result in them offering gifts or to be a companion (up to 2).  You will receive better gifts based on your faction reputation which can increase each time or when a non-faction member is killed.  It can decrease as well!  Talking to faction members using an assigned hotkey allows you to ask for info/gifts or help/romance them.  Some faction members may be a doctor and can help heal you.
    • NOTE: Some details on implementation here: To make other factions hate the player if they become a Raider, those factions must be modified to dislike the player.  The faction relations are saved before faction assimilation and restored after un-assimilation, but there is some risk here if they never get restored properly.  I have been careful to assure that doesn't happen in the scripts, but that said I would only play version 3.0 with faction assimilation enabled on a new game not your long-term game with 1000's of hours played.
    • Post a comment if you notice an NPC is unexpectedly a friend or enemy after faction assimilation and I can likely fix it.


NOTE: There is no quick undo for the changes once they happen.  If the player's hair changes, then you're going to have to see John in Diamond City or Horatio in Vault 81 to get a new hairstyle.  If the player's body or skin changes, then you're going to have to see Doc Crocker in Diamond City to fix it.  You can put your other clothes back on if you don't like the ones given to you (the mod doesn't remove them), or some may play with mods where all your clothes are stripped and then the changed clothes will be the only ones you have!  There are easy ways to change all of these with the showlooksmenu command, but role playing and continuing with whatever changes is more interesting.




Review the Conflicts and Requirements sections below then install with your favorite mod manager.  Additional features are available in the mod if the Optional Mods listed below are installed.  Version 3.0 and later has many portions re-written and it is unlikely that an upgrade from any 2.0 version will work properly.  Versions 3.0 and later are so different that I would recommend starting a new game after download and installation.




Assimilation conflicts with the following other mods mostly because they are also modifying your faction relationships:

  1. Raider Pet - Does something similar to Assimilation for Raiders and you end up with the Raider Pet and Assimilation systems fighting each other.  For the best experience, use one or the other.  If there is a feature from Raider Pet that you miss when using Assimilation then let me know and I may be able to add something similar.



  1. Fallout 4 v1.10.162 or newer
  2. F4SE - needed for lots of expanded script functions
  3. MCM - needed for extensive configuration options


Optional Mods

  1. AAF including some themes/animations - for animation triggering
  2. Tested with CBBE (LMK if you have another one where it works) - for body changes
  3. BodySlide - for body changes
  4. Looksmenu - for skin overlay changes
  5. Random Overlay Framework - for skin overlay changes
  6. Tattoo After Rape - for skin overlay changes
  7. F4z Ro D'oh - for better silent dialogue lines



  • Bethesda for Fallout 4 as without it none of this would be possible
  • The F4SE Team for their great work in finishing what Bethesda did not
  • registrator2000 for MCM a really great menu option framework
  • dagobaking for AAF and probably a reason LoversLab exists
  • expired6978 for LooksMenu making it easy to change the player's looks
  • Invictusblade for Random Overlay Framework and having an API method that could be called to apply random overlays on the player
  • twistedtrebla for Tattoo After Rape as I used the snippet of connecting to AAF from that mod
  • jaam and Chosen Clue and EgoBallistic for their highly useful string functions
  • LenAnderson for Rad Morphing Redux as I learned how to do the body morphing from that mod
  • MxR for the mod review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGl2sOJyf88


Prioritized Issues (these will roll off each release)

  • Mods that undress like CWSS or AN76 conflict when apparel is locked.  Need a way to delay re-locking till after redress by those mods.  Also, resetting the lock time.  Tricky but probably not impossible.  There is a difference between ones that should abort the redress (like conflicting clothing), and those that should delay and then re-lock (like undressing when using a toilet).  Aborting the redress is already implemented/working, but the delay/re-lock is not.
  • Fusion Girl and True Wasteland Body (TWB) support. Both are similar to CBBE with slider names but different Vertices they effect and more spaces in the slider names (CBBE only has 2).  Need to test spaces in slider names to make sure they are working correctly (can use "7B Upper" and "7B Lower" with CBBE for that) and pick "muscular" slider names/values to be affected for FEV.
  • SKK Combat Stalkers only uses Friend/Enemy factions.  Thus, if you are Raider assimilated and Raiders spawn to come after you, then they will be your enemy which doesn't make sense.  Not sure how to fix this one as I cannot add the Combat Stalkers enemy faction into your friends because then (in Raider example) Super-mutants that spawn will be your friend. Challenging, no known solution.
  • Hair stretching out and actor disappearing on AAF animations.  This is not an issue with this mod and looks like it involves the timing of hair changes, but I would love to find a workaround.  Challenging, no known solution.


Prioritized Features (these will roll off each release)




What's New in Version



  • Initial version (it was revisioned several times privately before posting)


  • Support DLC and implement progressive hairstyles from long to short


  • Faction assimilation, create hairstyles/apparel databases, FEV effect, hair growth/loss, helmet swap on combat


  • Bug fixes and stability/error recovery improvements, gas mask swap on bad weather


  • Bug fixes from 2.5 release discovered right after release


  • Bug fixes still existing in 2.6 version


  • Assimilation via Combat & Theft, NPC Talking giving 7 generic side-quests with faction specific ones planned for future


  • Bug fixes from 3.0 release discovered right after release, Simple sit out ground feature to rest


  • Bug fixes from 3.1 release, shortcut consumables, Atom Cats faction assimilation, info popup menu


  • Bug fix from 3.2 release, issue with Atom Cats faction assimilation - finish Atom Cats assimilation or go back to save before assimilation before updating

Edited by louisthird
Clarify mod description details

What's New in Version 3.3


If you are Assimilated to Atom Cats then finish your assimilation before updating.



  • Fix issue with faction assimilation with Atom Cats.

What's New in Version 3.2

Released August 20


  • Fix big regression issue with Theft quest not taking all of a particular type of item.
  • Rust Devils bump dialog incorrectly saying Raider lines. This is because in base DLC Rust Devils are both in Rust Devil faction AND Raider faction.
  • Theft quest not checking for DD.
  • Takedown not starting.
  • Help Quests are not cancelled when leaving faction due to 100% reputation.
  • Atom Cats are treated as Raiders and cannot be faction assimilated.



  • Info dialog reporting on mod statistics (assimilation count, reputation, etc.)
  • Chemistry Bench Constructible Consumable Shortcuts for MCM Hotkeys
  • New option to prohibit 100% reputation release if Help Quests still active
  • Separate Atom Cats faction #26 (after Hubologists) implementing all settings/dialogue

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