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(To Moderation. I cannot Access ZaZ's version and I'm unsure if it's doable to pass ZaZ's page over for editing access, so I have remade the page with the latest versions.)

Note: IN Light of the Nexus Situation. I have opted to Move Fusion Girl back to LoversLab. Support is offered on the Fusion Girl Server.



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This body project started out as a concept for a body that would natively support the functions and bones of the brand new Extended Skeleton. With Help from Leito86 and Vioxsis, This project came to life. The body originated as Vioxsis's Citrus Body for Skyrim, but expanded to fit both what we needed for the project and what we felt we could improve on for Fallout 4. 





  • Fully Unique Bodyslide
  • Skinned Genitals (Vagina/Anus)
  • Skinned Breast/Butt/Belly for the Skeleton
  • Vanilla Styled Nevernude
  • Compatibility with CBBE based Textures (Provided appropriate genital textures are added in.)
  • Improved Knees (No More disjointed knees when croucing, kneeling or posing)
  • 3Bone Breast Bounce (3BBB) with OCBP (Ver 1.75+)
  • Clothing Refits for Vanilla (WIP)

Clothing refits are currently being worked on, More features are also being worked on. 



ZaZ Extended Skeleton


Optional Requirements for Extra Features:
LooksMenu: Morphs and BodyGen
OCBP/OCBPC: Physics Options
 MTM's OCBP Physics Preset: Recommended Physics Preset 
ZBG: Recommended for LooksMenu BodyGen






Leito86 & Vioxsis:
  - Base Meshes & Bodyslide Sliders

  - Skinning, weighting & the Extended Skeleton

  - Further Bodyslide Tuning, Configs & Presets

TyperTM & Trophihunter:
  - Textures, Normals & Speculars

  - Mature skin base Textures 

  - Amazing Screenarchery for the Mod images, Further Mesh help (UV fixes and improvements)

  - Further Fixes to the Fusion Girl UV maps, Neck Seam and weighting

  - Amazing Logo, Banner images

Extra Sliders Credit
Pippin - Base Sliderset Compilation passed for use
XunAmarox - Xun Abs Slider
Alan81512 - FFB fitness More Slider
Nightasy/TigerSan - TigerSan BB Slider
Coldsteelj - SSBBW Slider used as a base
Sevennity - SeveNBase Bombshell shape used as a reference

Extra Credit to the TulliusGallery group (Korean Modding site, no longer available) for providing the ground work for the 3B system. I'm attempting to establish exact details on who, once done I will add their credit here! 
Our Beta Testers in the ZeX Discord. Without the beta testing, development and encouragement, this mod would have never seen the light of day. 

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