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Alien symbiotes spread through Mojave, making their hosts very promiscuous, but happier.


Work in progress

Consider this mod to be in a very early WIP stage, or an Alpha ver. It is not a real mod, just a very, very tiny part of it.

So, you could try it out, have fun with it, maybe leave a comment (much appreciated), but don't make important saves with it, as it could brake something.

It is safest not to use it during usual gameplay as a constantly active mod.

This works only with female courier.



Couple weeks ago I was thrilled with great ideas found on the Alien Symbiote thread, so I've started working on a mod of my own right away.

Thank you all for being so creative back there, hope that best is yet to come..

This is my first "real" mod, and I'm learning my way through this GECK'o thingy alongside making it, and for now it's been a very painful, but fun experience

So, please don't expecting anything done fast.

Any bug reports, ideas, comments.. are welcome! For any and all feedback about this mod please use 'support topic' button in upper right corner, and 'reply to this topic'.




[spoiler=The Story]

An alien race with highly developed genetic engineering skills wants to infiltrate humans in Mojave, for some(?) reason.

So, they've created a symbiote, and placed it at a convinient location, where he's waiting for an unsuspecting victim (host).

When it finds host, it has two goals, mature to reproduction phase, and reproduce finding new hosts, thus spreading through Mojave.

To ensure this, it's directly attached to human female reproduction system, like an unavoidable sexual companion. It is capable of changing size, shape, hardness and texture instantly, and release different chems that benefit the host (so it wont be rejected), and also raise sexual arousal.. It feeds on vaginal juices and ejaculate that give him energy and genetic material to grow.


What will happen when there's enough(?) symbiotes happy in their host I don't know.. (but aliens do )

There will be a way of removing it, and control their numbers, maybe meds that make it go to hybernation, lower addiction etc..




[spoiler=The Details]

Done so far (partialy):

North of Horowitz farmstead (where aliens are), you'll find a hollowed rock with a greenish light. After activating it you'll get some msg challenge, which is not important, but it will release the Symbiote.

It's attached to you, and develops trough several stages.

First it enters is incubation period, during which you'll feel some sickness.

In second stage it's adapted to your imune system, so from now on you'll feel much better. You'll get a message and dialog quest is started. It will hold dialogs with doctors, scientists (etc) to learn more about Symbie, and start other specific quests once they are made. There's only one dialog with Fantastic, as I'm working on functionality for now. During this period Symbiote is young and hungry, so it will raise your lust, and after having enough sex it will go to third stage.

Third (adult) stage begins with some forced masturbation, a bunch of msgs, and courier will finally see it's new symbiote friend. From now on it can reproduce, addiction is possible, and is wearable sometimes. It gives some permanent bonuses to host, and provides unique dynamic help when in danger. Symbiote behaviour is managed through repro stages, in During Repro stage Symbiote can be equipped, and there should be a dialog line (with anyone) "Wanna try out an alien ?" folowed by few sex options.



Symbiote maturity stages:

(mostly done)

Stage 0: Incubation -> found a host, fighting immune system, duration ~30h (maybe make it a rnd 1-3days, or mcm setting)

Stage 1: Young -> very tiny and hungry, duration 3 times have sex (maybe a rnd 5-10, or mcm setting)

Stage 2: Adult1 -> can reproduce, addiction chance, symbiote wearable

Maybe more.. I have no idea right now

Effects in each stage:

These are just some numbers for starters, it's yet to be balanced out.

Stage 0:

Sickness (-1 on all special)

raises lust (in second half of period)

Stage 1:

raises lust

gives temporary positive effects after sex (+1 on a.c.e.)

Stage 2:

permanent effect (AG +1, AP +20, Poison resist +15%, Rad resist +15%, Damage resist +15%, Fire resist +15%)

Dynamic effects (each given once a day):

- Poison detected -> removes animal poison

- HP < 20% -> Restore 20-40%

- SLP > 500 -> Restore 100-200

- H2O > 500 -> Restore 100-400

- FOD > 500 -> Restore 100-200

- RAD > 500 -> Restore 200-500

- Restore all limb condition by 1-10%

- STD check once a day -> 10% chance of cure


Could be based on counting times helped host in danger, and/or time host spent using it (wearing).

Higher addiction could result in forcing host to have more and more sex, and maybe wear the symbiote more often.



(partialy done)

Ways of reproducing (maybe something like):

Sexual intercourse with another female will give her a chance to 'catch' a Symbi (just like the first host(Player))

While host is gravid there's a (low) chance that offspring will be born with a symbi of her own

I don't know, anything could happen.. maybe one day there will be a bunch of little green children runnin' round desert..

Reproduction stages

Before -> takes special care of host to be in good health, counts times host had sex. Duration 1 day for now.

During -> Pumps lust high, and Symbiote is equippable. Also there's a dialog line "Wanna try out an alien ?" folowed by sex.

If lust is over 75 it forces host to stay naked, and have simbiote equipped.

If lust is over 90 host will ask nearby NPC to have sex. (not yet implemented)

Gives positive effects proportional to number of hosts sex acts in Before stage. Duration 1 day.

After -> Symbiote is sleeping, not helping host. Duration of this stage depends on times actor had sex. For now 2 times.




[spoiler=Next steps]

Next few weeks (or months) I'll primarly work on the functionality (wearing (using), addiction, reproduction).

When equipped, it's size changes with lust lvl, but during sex allways using the same model, so anims could line up.

The idea is that in During repro stage symbiote is equippable, and possible to use as a dildo in sex scenes. It will keep lust very high, and should be a bit harsh. Any help povided to host is proportional to times she had sex in Before repro stage. In After repro stage Symbie is sleeping, thus not providing any help to host.


There are two possibilities:

(partialy done)

-first is having a "usual" sex anim, (symbiote dissapears)

-and second, where it would be used as a dildo, thus having host play the male anims.




[spoiler=To be done]

Dialogs and quest for doing research on symbiote, interaction with doctors and scientists (maybe others)..

As English is not my native language, it's very hard for me to write good dialogs. If there's somebody who would want to write down dialogs and/or ideas for interactions with some npc that would be awesome!

Further interaction with other sexout mods, like pregnancy, etc.

Make it work on everyone, and be able to activate by male courier (host would be a female companion).

MCM settings, not anytime soon.

Ummm, there was a bunch of things, but I realy got tired while writing this, so nothing else comes to my mind.




A Note

This is my first mod on LL, so please be gentle, and don't be surprised when I do something incredible stupid, as I'm a noob.

I hope this wont burn down your PC, will work, and wont completly suck..

Name is totally uninnovative, but it's ok for a working title, I guess..

I really think you should not make important saves with this mod active!


Compatibility, bugs and latest news

Major bugs removed, hopefully. Should be playable as described in "Done so far" part above. Having sex while symbiote is wearable will always result in using it. This part needs more work, so we can call it a known bug :D

After few months I'm back, and about to work on this mod. It will take some time to make any serious progress.

Besides new NXvars, dialog and spell callbacks from Sexout, it uses Variable04 SexoutNG.FlagInUse for sex detection. There's a world edit for placing "Strange rock", but besides that it should be compatible with other mods.




SexoutNG -> master

SCR -> master

Spectrum Warrior's Adult Resources for SCR

SexoutLust -> this mod is all about lust, and pointless without it

SmallerTalk - or alike



Prideslayer, Halstrom, Chase Roxand, Spectrum Warrior, and many more, for their great work on Sexout mods.

box888, Coffinbag, sen4mi, and many more, for their ideas.

LoversLab community, and all the modders out there, for making all this possible.



Do a clean save if updating, or it won't work! Old version was very buggy, so I hope you don't have it anyway :D

What's New in Version 0.18a


  • major bugs removed

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