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About This File

This is an ongoing work to bring actual functionality to Execution/torture devices added by zap ZAP (or any other source if i can get my hands on them).


Already implemented:

-The Garotte

-The Wayrest Guilloutine

-The MK2 Guilloutine

-The chopping Block

-Generic painfull script for stuff like static Racks/Crosses/spikey stuff/....



General Features

-works on player and NPC´s

-Fully interactive. The garotte for example allows to slowly suffocate your victims, or to keep going until their necks break.

-Nonlethal mode available which will knock you/NPC out for a adjustable time rather than killing.

-Fully reusable

-MCM with tons of options (death camera duration, knock out duration, amount of chocking damage to PC/NPC ...)

-sound Options

-Self construction routine. This allows you to place these things via console /cell builder/other placement mod (description below)



Hard requirements! (if you complain about any error thats caused by ignoring these, i WILL make fun of you!)

-Powerofthree´s Papyrus Extender

 For LE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95017

 For SE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22854



 For LE: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4688-zaz-animation-pack-v-80-2017-11-15/


For SE:  https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5957-zaz-animation-packs-for-se/

           (You need to scroll down a bit to see the links for version the 8.0 version)



           I believe that you can find one of these on your own.


- SE converted animations (PamaDeadlyFurniture_SSE_ConversionFiles_VX.X.X) can be found under downloads.

          !Always use the most recent version, even if its version doesn't match the main mods!

          Do NOT download these if you are on LE!




-Mod manager of your choice or drop manually into you data Folder

-SSE users install the the SSE-conversion files just like a regular mod

       -Install them AFTER the main mod and make sure they overwrite anything from the main mod

-Run FNIS/Nemesis


Demo Location

-outside of the regular world.

type the following into your console

"coc pamaTestZone"




Issues/Compatibility :

Crash when using Guilloutine/Chopping Block

This is caused by Nioverride. A quick workaround:

Open Data\SKSE\Plugins\nioverride.ini try to find [Overlays/Face] and make it look like this


[Overlays/Face] ; "Face [Ovl#]" and "Face [SOvl#]"

; Determines how many face overlays there should be

iNumOverlays=0 ; Default[3]

iSpellOverlays=0 ; Default[1]


For special Edition users, this setting can be found in



For Sexlab-Defeat users:

You need this version: SexLab Defeat v5.3.5 fixed - Eng 180903 Bane Version Defeat v535 Fixed 030918 (+Bane fixes v2) (+ restored all rest eng strings 24.09.2018) ESP

which you can find here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/19941-sexlab-defeat/page/505/

The old default v5.3.5 WON´T work properly!


Interactive BDSM

Not fully compatible right now.

Only the NON-Lethal variants will work properly.



All mods which place the Player or NPC´s under an Essential Alias will be problematic, since these characters cannot be killed by anything



SE Version

-It should work in SSE, but i didn't test it. It cannot damage your savegames, so using it shouldn't come with any risks.





For those who cannot use the Creation Kit, but still want to place this somewhere else


1. use the console/placement mod to spawn one of these.

2. For Furnitures with activators (i.e. Garotte, some Racks, ....) you need to attack the main Furniture first to spawn in the remaining parts. (if it doesnt work first time, keep trying)



If you want to vote on which device i should do next, Want exclusive early access to new Stuff, or Just like my work, consider supporting me:




Detailed Descriptions/property Explanations

TheGarotte (pamaGarotteFurniture):


This Thing works like This:

1. Victim Enters (NPC will be set to restrained, so they will remain locked)

2. turning the wheel will increase "intensity"

  -initial intensity is 0. nothing will happen

  -on intensity 1, victim will start to loose health every second. damage increases slightly every second (this is to ensure characters with high health cannot out-regenerate the damage)

  -on intensity 2, the damage will be dealt at double the speed.

3. If health of the victim reaches zero or "intensity" reaches 3, the victim will die/be knocked out (depending on lethal/nonlethal settings)

4. NPC´s have to be released manually by turning the wheel again.

5. if set to nonLethal, the player will be ejected automatically after an adjustable time period

6. resets itself automatically



-automaticForNPC: not used yet

-automaticForPlayer: not used yet

-damageNPC: the initial value dealt to NPC´s every second, if intensity is rising.

-damagePlayer: the initial value dealt to the Player every second, if intensity is rising.

-equipOption1: not used yet

-equipOption2: not used yet

-equipOption3: not used yet

-equipOption4: not used yet

-GarotteDummyID: For t.ara to use. select the fitting dummy-Furniture here

-wheelID: For t.ara to use. select the wheel here (this is only used by the self-construction routine. Modders wont need this.)

-humansound0: sound to be played while intensity = 0

-humansound1: sound to be played while intensity = 1

-humansound2: sound to be played while intensity = 2

-humansoundFinal: sound to be played when Character dies/gets knocked unconscious

-soundIntervall: seconds between sounds (leave blank to disable sounds)

-lethal: when set to true, characters will die. if false, they will just be knocked unconscious.

-deathCamDuration: controls the deathcamduration IF the player is killed BY the Garotte. when lethal is false, this will control the time the player remains unconscious.

-wheel: select the individual wheel you want to associate with this garotte.

-zbf: select zbf (this is the link to Zap bondageShellScript)



the Garottewheel needs to be fitted with the helper script "activatorForExecutioner"

its property "targetFurn" needs to be set to the Garotte



The Chopping Block (pamaHeadChoppingBlockFurniture)


Works like This:

-Player or follower uses the Block, He/She will be registered as the victim and locked in place. someone else can be made to use the Block by using the"setFavorState 1" console command.

-The script will search for the two closests Guards (within a 30 meter-ish radius) and and will send send them to their way to be the executioner/executionerGuard

-if it doesnt find Guards, it will grab the nextbest NPC´s

-if someone other than the player/follower is being executed, your follower will by default asume the role of the executionerGuard

-if someone other then the player is beeing executed, The player can assume the Role of the executioner by using the Block AFTER a victim is in place and BEFORE someone alse has arrived to do the job.



internal stuff (please leave this alone if you not sure what you are doing)

-zbf: select zbf (this is the link to Zap bondageShellScript)

-Block: set to PamaFurnitureAlias of the zbf Quest

-executionerAlias: set to PamaExecutioner of the zbf Quest

-executionerGuardAlias: set to PamaExecutionerGuard of the zbf Quest

-executionerGuardKeyword: set to isExecutionerGuard

-executionerKeyword: set to isExecutioner

-victimChoppingIdle: set to IdleHeadChop


optional stuff

cuffs: the type of cuffs to automatically equip on the victim. the default zbf cuffs break the PlayerLocking due to their enchantment. please use something without an effect if you want to change it.

followerAlias: This is used to find yhe current follower. Can be changed if a custom follower mod is used.

GuardFaction: The selected Faction´s members will be prioritized when searching for an executioner/executionerGuard


Predefined Executioner: this can be set to a certain Alias, if you want a fixed actor as your executioner. for example if you want to use this for a scene in your own mod. this should obviously only be changed on a specific reference, rather than at the BaseObject.

PredefinedExecutionerGuard: see above


The Guillotine:


If you want to spawn a new one, you need to spawn in the basic table first, and then start the self-construction routine by attacking it (flames/frostbite spells or a bow work better for this, since its a bit difficult to hit with melee.


How it works:

Just as you would expect if you pull the release handle while someone is inside, that someone will die.

The MCM option "Autoplay" will lock you in and kill you automatically after an adjustable time.

Otherwise you have to pull the lever yourself.


When you command an NPC to use it, you need to wait until the cuffs appear before leaving command mode. otherwise the NPC can escape.

When the NPC is in Place, you have to activate the release handle to start the execution.

After an execution, you have to raise the Blade first, before someone else can enter the device.



The Generic Painfull Furniture (pamaGenericPainfullFurniture):


This can be attached to any Type of Furnitures which are supposed to be painfull, but not deadly.


-NPC´s will be locked upon use. You need to attack the Furniture to release them.

-comes with sound Options and screenspace modifications to make it "feel" painfull

-healt will be reduced. It will dance around 1/3 of the victims health.



-zbf: select zbf (this is the link to Zap bondageShellScript)

-bloodyScreenIntervall: the intervall between visual effects (recommended = 2)

-humansound: sound to be played when active

-soundIntervall: seconds between sounds. (leave blank to disable sounds)




For Modders

-If you want any modifications for Use in your own mod, just ask. I´m always happy to help :)




-if you want to use/upload it somewhere else, please give proper credit and include a link to the original.



Also, check out the Gallow:


Special Thanks / Credits

-T.ara for all the Furnitures/animations/Motivation

-very Special thanks to Erholung for Fixing the Wayrests collision Model

-To All my Patrons for the support, love you Guys :)



What's New in Version 1.7.0


Completely reworked The MK2 Guilloutine from scratch. whats different?

   -now completely free of errors and visible Glitches/actor Dupes

   -Blade will now drop immediatly after pulling the release Handle

   -dead victims no longer get Stuck and can now be removed.

   -Added Sounds

   -Added an Alternative version with an up-facing animtion


Implemented The Wayrest Guilloutine

   -reworked the original animation

   -added an alternative version with a BoxTie-animation


Both of these can now initiate their constroction routine simply by activating the main part.

You no longer need to attack them.

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