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  1. Mator Smash doesn't merge plugins(anymore), from https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/90987. Also, Merge Plugins can't automaticly flag ESP's, Wrye Bash can however. That's why I use Wrye Bash to generate a bashed patch and then generate a Smashed Patch on top of it. That's not really what I asked lol, I asked what settings I should use on Wrye Bash / Mator Smash. I'll ask Mator(author) directly on his discord and will post back the answer.
  2. Hi, do I need to prevent mator smash from applying stuff to the esp? And what about wrye bash? I first run wrye flash, and then mator smash. Both with the default settings. I have a feeling that either may remove the lists because they are empty by default. In the wrye bash docs: I don't know how matorsmash handles leveled lists. Can you add some info on what settings we should use for either wrye bash / mator smash on the file page?
  3. Having the same issue. Only the TBBP version has textures loaded for me. Maybe https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/41534/?tab=files just for the textures? I will try. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/44125?tab=files also has textures that are more shiny. Captured Dreams also has the mxw catsuits, but they are the CB++ version. EDIT: fired up nifskope. copy all textures from textures\devious\mxw_catsuit\ to textures\devious\cursedloot\mxw_catsuit\ EDIT2: scratch that, seems DCL wasn't installed properly
  4. langmans

    HDT SMP for SSE?

    I have the same problem Thank god for loverslab lol.
  5. Here's a table of all patches that can apply to DD/DCL for SKSE 2.0.11/2.0.12 and CBBE SE: This assumes DDA(3.0e), DDI(4.1b2) from download page, DDX(4.1b2) from mega.nz, ZaZ animations and DCL are installed in that order. Short name - Full name - Filename - overwrite instructions DDI-DLL - Devious Devices Updated DLL - either SKSE 2.0.11 on page 31 or SKSE 2.0.12 on page 31 - overwrite / load after DDI DDHOTFIX - Devious Devices Hotfix - DDHOTFIX on page 9 - overwrite / load after DDX DD_DCL_New_CBBE - CBBE SE bodyslide for DDX and DCL - DD_DCL_New_CBBE on page 9 - overwrite / load after DDA, DDX, DCL DCL-DD-ZaZ-HDT-SMP and other patches - HDT-SMP + CBBE SE bodyslide for ZaZ - DCL-DD-ZaZ HDT-SMP and other patches, page 34 - overwrite / load after DDX, DDA, DDHOTFIX, ZaZ, DCL, DD_DCL_New_CBBE I don't have the zadslaveboots.pex on page 35 script because I dont know if DCL-DD-ZaZ-HDT-SMP should overwrite it or not (don't have the psc source file so I can't do a diff). Also, can the DCL-DD-ZaZ-HDT-SMP (4) be used with CBPC/CBP? Also, what other patches are included in that file? Can anyone working on DD/DCL and/or the bodyslides confirm this order of patches / add to the list? Also, did I link the latest versions? Could be nice to group them together in a new patch file so people don;t have to walk through 36 pages.. I suggest making an unofficial download page out of it for the time being...
  6. Hello, is there a beta or test version of the DDi DLL for SKSE 2.0.10 or do I need to downgrade skyrim and then downgrade SKSE if I want to play with DDi? EDIT: Never mind, I seem to have overlooked this post :). It works for SSE 1.5.53/SKSE 2.0.9/2.0.10. If anyone is getting error 193 for DeviousDevices.dll in "my games/skyrim special edition/skse/skse64.log", you need this DLL.
  7. This is amazing, thank you pugwash and pfiffy! So I use those files as override (nmm/mo2/vortex) for the 4.1 release ? Or do I drop 4.1 all together? (assuming the first)
  8. Wondering this as well, but is it KSHairdos? What belly button piercing is that? EDIT: Never mind me, I just saw in bodyslide. It's the mod Going to try this out, 600.000 combinations will most likely cause me to never ever use another armor lol.
  9. Yes I saw, thank you so much
  10. Can I download beta 2 somewhere? I want to try out Devious Devices
  11. Are there any plans to update this to the latest SKSE (1.39.50 / 2.0.8) ?
  12. langmans

    CBBE / BodySlide and Outfit Studio

    Are there any resources (PSD) for the special body?
  13. I have the same problem. Do I build the physics (hdt) body or the special body for sexlab? If the latter, can I find labia resources somewhere?
  14. langmans

    SSE Conversion Tracking (Feb 14 #2874)

    Yes I read that that it somehow didn't took notice of what could be fixed by USSEP and that when you install it, it doesn't work. It's too bad.
  15. langmans

    SSE Conversion Tracking (Feb 14 #2874)

    Does anyone know if can be used with SSE (SKSE64 2.0.8) and the unofficial SSE patch?