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The Rescue (Kirstia's Adventure, Chapter 21)



"You never did explain how you found me," I said, looking across the bed of the carriage to where Mother was sitting.


She smiled at that, responding, "I suppose I didn't, did I? It was your mercenary friend, Atar, who tipped us off. Both groups were in the employ of the Silver-Bloods, and when the pirates took you they passed right by Atar's company without a word."


"Why didn't they stop the corsairs then?"


"I asked them the same thing, and unfortunately it's a simple answer - it was dark and they didn't realize you were the one who'd been kidnapped."


After we reached Solitude, we'd considered traveling to the redoubt on foot, but after some discussion we decided to hire a carriage. We'd ride to Rorikstead and then sneak up on the redoubt through the hills. If we did it right, we could slip past the Forsworn sentries and rescue Fjotra with a minimum of disruption. 


After a few hours on the road, we reached Rorikstead itself. We stopped for a lunch of bread and beef stew at the local inn before turning our efforts back to the north. We soon left the road and started hiking cross-country. The whole time, I thanked Flora for her enchanted ankle bands since I was more or less continuously stepping on twigs, sharp rocks, and other pointy things.


At length, I paused on a rocky rise to take in the scenery.




Catching up with my, Jenassa pointed towards some stone structures rising up past the next hill.


"That's the broken tower, there. We've almost reached the redoubt. From now on, we need to move carefully and watch for sentries. We don't want them to catch us out in the open."


I took Jenassa's warning to heart, spending our remaining daylight to take a stealth path through the tundra until at last, I was able to look down a rocky cliff and see the Forsworn campfires far below in the mist.




"Now for the hard part," I said, not relishing the steep descent. 


My mother agreed, adding, "the shadows will hide us but they'll also mask the safest route down. We should go very slowly." Jenassa silently nodded her agreement.


"Well," I confessed, 'it's now or never. With the sun setting it's only going to get more dangerous by the minute." And with that I started to make my way down the steep slope.


Once again I was glad that the Forsworn magics had hardened my body against the elements, for as I crept down  the hillside I could feel the rocks and grit trying to scrape and chew my knees, trying to crack and break my fingernails, all in turn trying to pull me into a fatal slide to the rocks below. Still, I got closer and closer until I could start to make out details atop the decapitated tower that gave the redoubt its name.




For the final stretch of our descent, the grade of the hill grew more and more steep until I was looking down on the towers from an almost vertical cliff. I said a prayer to Dibella then, trusting her to keep me safe, and leapt down, landing in a crouch on a lip running around the circumference of one of the intact towers. Moving quickly from my landing place, I made sure Mother and Jenassa also completed their descent. 




We carefully circled the tower, until we caught sight of a guarded door just below. After making sure only a single Forsworn stood watch, Jenassa leapt down, crushing him under the weight of her armor and silently dispatching him with a deep slice to his throat. After waiting a moment to make sure we hadn't revealed ourselves we quietly entered the tower.


"Stop!" called a woman's voice and I whipped my head to the right just in time to see a woman charging me, spear in hand. Even as Jenassa drew her sword, however, I struck her in the neck with a snap shot from my bow. The spear fell from her hands as she crashed into the ground. 




After hiding the body out of view, we continued deeper into the fortress. We stuck to the shadows as best we could, and it paid off - we avoided several patrolling warriors and also snuck past a chamber where a number of Forsworn were taking their evening meal. I'm not sure we could have defeated all of them in a pitched fight, and the noise certainly would have drawn others and spoiled our plan for a stealthy rescue.


Unfortunately, our bloodless infiltration didn't last forever. As we moved higher in the tower, we found four guards blocking our path with no obvious way forward. After watching them for a time, Jenassa and I picked them off with bowshots from the shadows. To first two - one of whom seemed to be a spellcaster of some sort - fell immediately. Our second volley was less successful, only felling one of the remaining guards, but foolishly the survivor didn't flee to raise the alarm. Instead, she charged down the stairs, triggering a pressure plate in the process. I sunk an arrow into her leg and she fell hard - but she barely had a chance to cry out before the heavy rocks she had unleashed with her ill-placed step crushed her.


"Time to pick up the pace," Jenassa said, "someone's sure to investigate the noise of that trap."




After that, we had to dispatch two more lone sentries before we finally reached the apex. Within, we found an eerie sight - a statue of Dibella marked with strange and unfamiliar signs. At its feet were signs of human sacrifice... and a dead woman in the temple's vestments. I searched her pack briefly, recovering some papers. But before I could read them, I heard a sizzle of magic and barely dodged out of the way as a bolt of fire blasted past me. From the gloom, a man emerged, his chest flayed open and some sort of plant filling the bloody hole. Jenassa didn't hesitate, striking at him with her sword. She staggered for a moment as flashes of lightning leapt from his skin, but her sword flashed again and swung true, sending him to the ground in a heap.




As this played out, I heard a young woman scream, followed by a whimpering that continued after the fighting ended. Following the noise, I came to a prison cell - and a young woman withing. 


"Please," she asked, her eyes pleading, "open the door."




I tested the door, but to no surprise it was locked. Glancing over my shoulder, I saw that Jenassa was searching the fallen sorceror.


"Jenassa, see if he has a key on him," I said.


The Dunmer search his brief garments before shaking her head to me. 


"Hold tight," I told the girl, "we'll get you out of here."


After a few moments, I heard Mother's voice. "Here, Daughter, maybe this will help." She placed a small set of lockpicks into my hand. "I couldn't find the key, but in the Briarheart's chamber I found these."


Good enough, I supposed, then set to work on the lock. I was pleased to find that my skill at lockpicking hadn't waned and soon I had the lock released. 


"Are you one of them?" she asked. "You don't look like one of them. Please don't hurt me."


"You're Fjotra, of Karthwasten, aren't you?"


She nodded in assent.


"I'm here to bring you to the temple in Markarth."


"The temple..." she said, musing, "I heard them say something about Dibella. Is it true? Am I touched by the gods?"


I wondered if it was out of place for me to answer that, but at length I nodded. "You're meant to be the new Sybil of Dibella."


"I've heard so many stories about the wonders of the temple. But I never dreamed I'd see it... let along be a part of it," Fjotra sighed, her eyes growing dreamy.


"Are you able to travel?" I asked.


"Yes, please lead on. We should leave this place."


Once she was out of her cell and standing in the light, I could see that the left side of Fjotra's face was injured, a network of cuts and gashes running from her brow to her jawline.




"Are you all right?" I asked, pointing to her face.


She shrugged. "This? Left over from an old injury. It won't hold me back, I promise."


"Good, I'm glad to hear that. Let's leave this place before we're noticed."


Carefully, we slipped down the side of the redoubt's battlements before using the cover of darkness to make our way into the nearby brush. We continued on for several hours before settling down to rest. As dawn finally came, I took a moment to check on everyone. We rested for a time, breaking our fast with part of a cheese wheel Jenassa had wrapped up in her pack. After, with our stomachs settled, Mother beckoned me close.




I could tell from the size of her bust that she must have been feeling full again, so I comforted her with a good milking. She sighed and trembled as I released her pent-up milk, but soon she turned the tables by snaking a hand between my legs. 


"You're filthy, daughter. I think we need to find a riverbank so you can wash up."


I couldn't muster much of a reply from the way her fingers were expertly massaging my clit, so I just nodded in agreement.




Once she'd suitably moistened me, she lifted one of my thighs and crouched, licking the folds of my pussy in light, languid strokes.


"I gave you my milk," she said between slurps, "now it's your turn to give. I know you haven't let your morning water yet. I want it. All of it."




I heard a little gasp then and turned my head to see that Fjotra was watching us wide-eyed. In truth I'd meant to deny Mother her request until she'd brought me to orgasm at least once, but since I had an audience I decided to give her a good show. Relaxing the muscles in my belly, I let me urine flow. Mother had already positioned her lips right at my hole, and so at first it just flooded into her mouth, but I was quite full by then and soon the hot yellow fluid was running down the sides of her cheeks and over he chest. The unmistakable smell of fresh, concentrated piss bloomed off of us and Fjotra watched slack-jawed as Mother gulped between slurping kisses between my legs.




At length, we both slid to the ground, with Mother continuing her greedy sucking at my now quite wet pussy. At the same time, I parted her lips and began slowly licking her clitoris with little flicks of my tongue. As I started to establish a good rhythm, I left a finger probe at my anus. Small and gentle, it must have been Mother's little finger, but soon she'd worked it at least half way into me, enough that she could hook it on the inside of my rim to tug and massage my back passage while she continued sucking. With that extra stimulation, it didn't take long before the rising tension in my body released suddenly in a shudder of contracting muscles and little squirts of fluid.




Having found my release, I released my mouth from her nethers and turned, cradingly her head under one arm as I looked into her eyes. With my other hand, I vigorously entered her with three fingers, sliding deep inside her and pressing at the hidden, sensitive spaces in the roof of her passage, as Elizabella had showed me. Mother's breathing became fast and shallow, and her back slowly arched towards me.


"Do you like that?" I whispered.


"Yes, yes!" was the answer I got, and so I intensified my thrusts. Soon Mother was also quivering and shuddering, and I had to use my knee to keep her from clenching her thighs closed around my hand. I pressed on, continuing my invasion of her until I saw her visibly relax. Only then did I slow, and then stop my hand, finally pulling it free followed by a trail of her sticky juices. 




Fjotra had been watching our whole encounter wide eyed. I looked to her then, smiling. "Would you like to join us? Learn some lessons about the Dibellan Arts?"


The girl blushed deeply, then shook her head. "No, no. Thank you, but I don't think..."


I brushed it off without offense. "It's fine," I said, "it took me a while to get comfortable too. Come on, let's leave this place. We're still too close to the redoubt for my taste."



Behind the Scenes

Despite our characters' low levels, the infiltration of the redoubt actually worked out more or less as the story describes it. With some careful jumping and judicious use of sneak mode, we made it through the fortress with only minimal interruptions. 


You can see one minor problem in the screenshot of Kirstia making the snap shot with her bow. There's something off about the first person model for the Sorceress bands - probably a consequence of my conversion of the pieces to fit the Armor of the Old Gods ARMO/ARMA records. 


Towards the end, we start to see content from Young Adult Fjotra meshing pretty seamlessly with Sisterhood of Dibella. This is especially valuable because Sisterhood renders a lot of Fjotra's dialogue silent by changing her voice type. YAF has new voice files, un-muting her.




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