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  1. In MCM menu: 1. Under Bodymorphs set the Category to "NiOverride", if not already. 2. Set NiOverride to 0% (default is 100%) and is the cause of the "barrel-belly". 3. Set it to 0% for all three areas (Breasts, Belly, Butt) 4. Set Category to Percentages and tweak the values as if it was RaceMenu. How to force SLIF recalculation (great for creating inflation preset): 1. The changes won't (always?) auto-update, so make sure SLIF auto-registration is enabled under "Toggles". If it is, great, if not toggle it and register player again (maybe?). 2a. Go to
  2. Just wanted to report incompatibility with USCP (Unofficial Skyrim City Patch). USCP adds fire damage triggers to fires/fireplaces in cities and interior cells. I got insta-killed during the cage event in Jorrvaskr. Had to remove the fire trigger with TES5Edit and now it works as it should. Unless dying immediately upon entering is the intended function? And that's only Whiterun. Might be more places where it can break things. Found the problem thanks to this post (shout-out to myriad!): Another problem I've always had with Cage events and using Tags for SL scenes: as soon a
  3. The Diamond and Ivana walking off problem can be temporarily fixed through the Problems tab in Slaverun's MCM. Also, there's no known fix for Bellamy/Murphy walking off (AFAIK), but there is a workaround: if you have a EFF (or AFT or so I've heard) you can force-recruit them and they will not wander 'home'. Once you're done you can safely dismiss them. Edit: Still, if you want the best Slaverun experience the LE version is the way to go. AND save often. I recommend disabling autosaving and only save using regular saves. That means no quicksaving. With Engine Fixes you can turn F5 (
  4. That's a lie. Look again. There is an option to disable location change notifications. Done it myself the times I've used it. Not sure where it is, but I do know for a fact that it exists.
  5. Here are some screenshots (and don't mind the drooping (HDT-PE + my slider settings)): And I fixed the incorrect bone weights I noticed when I took some screenshots. Arsenic Haru Bondage Conversion - UUNP conversion (fixed weights).7z Unless you want to change it to slot 32 don't use this one. E: Like I said, I also angled the collar down a bit. And the labia should work. E2: Just realized it doesn't occupy slot 32, so there's no reason to include the UUNP reference. So here's my final recommended release: Arsenic Haru Bondage Convers
  6. Great work! I did a quick and dirty UUNP conversion for my own personal use, and I'm feeling generous: Arsenic Haru Bondage Conversion - UUNP conversion.7z DON'T USE THIS FILE - FIXED VERSION FURTHER DOWN E: Forgot to mention: I also angled the collar down a bit. Looks a lot better on my end this way. And I tried to make sure the labia works. I think I managed to get it working.
  7. First, a big thank you to for providing UNP compatible Arched Feet! Secondly, the meshes jbezorg provided was pre-made and it had noticeable gap (feet vs. body) on my end. So, I took upon myself to try to fix it in OutfitStudio. It's not perfect, and if you look too close you might see a gap, but I tried to eliminate it as much as possible. Installation: Just install with your favorite mod manager. Do let me know if I did something wrong. PS. Assuming it's up to skyrimfet's standards it would be nice if this file/post could be linked in the
  8. If you ask me 2.1.3 is latest stable build. Works out of the box with the latest DD as of writing. I use the ZaZ Animation Pack 8.0 Plus with 2.1.3 and have had no problems. Bit overkill, sure, but you do get all of the bodyslide files in the box. However, you do miss out on a lot new features that comes with 3.0 Beta. Unfortunately, it is still somewhat unfinished. Not everything works as it's intended, and from what I've gathered you might need to cheat (read: skip) parts of the story. As for me personally, 3.0 Beta became unplayable at a point. Where no matter what I
  9. TBH, I never did keep away long enough for hunters to show up so I don't know how viable it is to for the PC to actually escape. I realized after typing it that I actually don't know if it's even possible to run away and be free. E: If I was the author, I'd make it so that the PC can actually fight for her freedom. If the PC forces the hunters to retreat, the slavers will then realize the PC is a "Strong Woman", much like It's the only way for me to make it work with what I'm given. I reacted like you did the first time too. Had to bend over backwards to make it all mesh.
  10. Well, to be fair, the PC can escape at any time. The PC is actually allowed to leave Slaverun, doing tasks and whatnot. The PC chooses to come back. I like to head canon that the PC does it out of solidarity for Ivana, PC's first real "friend". I like to think the PC have lead a sheltered life, haven't had any close friends. Leaving the PC somewhat inexperienced when it comes to friendship dynamics. And I like the fact Ivana is self-serving/psychopathic. That she treats you as a friend, only if it serves her purposes, that she wouldn't think twice about throwing you to the wol
  11. No idea how I fixed it on my end, but I enabled Rape and the Combat Rape trigger. When you hit an enemy they will eventually capitulate and you can then abuse them. And if they're female you can bind them and sell them, but I would not recommend it. See below: Once you go to any settlement with them in tow (incl. the inn) is when the problems will arise: They're still flagged as enemies (and friendly NPCs will want to kill them) While in combat you cannot talk to the Slaver and hand them over This works fine with lower level enemies (considering the friendl
  12. The answer can be found in the error message. E: SE = Special Edition.
  13. That's what I thought. Why I didn't upgrade. You can tweak that in SlaverunConfig.json in "%path_to_skyrim%\Data\SKSE\plugins\Slaverun". Anyway, the novelty's worn off (again). Time to uninstall Slaverun and start over again, this time without it.
  14. Good catch! I wanted to try it out, but I was waiting for impressions first. Now I will definitely wait and see.
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