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Hello everybody.
This gave me the idea to create one - what, if - world. That is, what if you changed the actual lore and devised some crazy and funny situations? For example - Succubi are servants of Dibella, women have odd manners or some absurd situations, all in a very indecent way.


Entries in this blog

All my played Characters 2017-19

My first one, with her it all begun Zilvra Arabrahel Mild mannred Succubus Age: 183 Race: Succubus Dunmer Married a female Angel/Valkyrie     2nd Adagiona Arabrahel - Zilvra's Daughter Race: Succubus, Angel Hybrid Age: 81 Nun of Mara - it's not a joke Women loving Futa     3rd Character  Lady Capt. Northwind  Race: Nord Age: 27 Privateer and Adventuress Lesbian   4th



The Kaleen - Zilvra's Version

Here is an older Bolg of mine, which I had already created elsewhere. I apologize before for my modest English. I'll hope you like it.  BTW, i didn't use any heavy ENBs oder Photoshop - Graphic is predominantly vanilla   The Kaleen - Zilvra's version   From Tamriel far far away small Island in the North of Nirn, nearly of Atmora in the east lived a small Colony of the Mystical People, named the Kaleen. The highest population was 880 - 9/10 were Females and the rest Ma



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