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OLM: The Interview





Interviewer: "Ahem, Lady Zilphia? Can i have your attention please? Berwen my Name."

Zilphia: "Uhm, what? - Oh, Miss Berwen, of course. Moment... so, can i Help you?"




Interviewer: "Fine, i hope I didn't disturb you, you looked busy. Well?! I heard, you're a very special Succubus, with special interests, can you tell our readers, how it is to life as a Person like you in Skyrim?"

Zilphia: "I am a Succubus Angel! Well, it is not harder then your life, okay with some trouble with the Vigilants of Stendarr, but they leave me alone now, after they seen, that  my Intensions are good."

Interviewer: "Okay Thank you. How did you do it? They're a bit uuhhm.... difficult."

Zilphia: "Some good arguments and a bit Succubus Angel magic." *her right hand wandering to her dick.*




Interviewer starts to giggle. "Ah, okay, I see. Hmmm. It looks tasty. By the Way, as I arrived you read a book, whats about it?"

Zilphia: "Thank you! Nothing Special, just about the heroines of Nirn. In this moment you arrived, i read the part about Cassidey the Paladin. There some illustrated Images in the Book, wow, she is hot, I would meet her, when i get the oppurtunity. She is amazing and i think, she's a little bit like me."

Interviewer: "How far like you, she's not a Succubus.... Angel?"

Zilphia: "No no, inside her. She give always a helping and manicured Hand, so like me. That is impressive."

Interwiever: "Okay, you're right with it. Hmmm, why are you always playing with you Dick, you're at this moment horny?"




Zilphia: "I do this only when I'm relaxed and when i am in Thoughts. Hmmm, okay maybe I'm now a little bit horny, I can't get Cassidey out of my Head. I can stop it, whe you wish this."

Interviewer: "Its Okay for me. An other Question. You Help other Succubi and you're married with one. Does this have any particular reason?"

Zilphia: "Oh yes. I help them, to be themself. Some of my Clients are my friends and many of them are Victims, they dind't have a Choice. The real evil People are Mortals, line Norcormancers or Summoner. My Wife Ceraph got a very sad Background story, she was one of these Victims. When I not helped her, she would be totally corrupted. Now she looks outside like a Succubus, but inside her, she is still the same Person like before. Maybe one day she can be the same again, when she won her inner fight."

Interviewer: "Sounds Strange, but I think you do the right thing."




Zilphia: "I hope this too. Uuuuh... "

Interviewer: "Whats Up? Are you thinking about your Wife?"

Zilphia: "Yes and no. I thinking about my wife and myself, we have lewd Sex together, during we invite this blonde sexy Paladin."

Interviewer: "Weird thoughts, Lady Zilphia. Your wife know this?"

Zilphia: "Of course, my love is hers, but a nice Threesome is more fun. Ceraph and I are Faithful and when we like both one Person, why not?"

Interviewer: "Ah, I understand. Okay, thank you for this small Interview and I wish you all the best for the Future."




Zilphia: "No problem, it was an honor. Miss Berwen, wait a moment please! Do you want some Succcu cream for at Home? You can use for your Skin as lotion or you can drink it."

Interwiever: "Hmmm, why not. I can try it."

Zilphia: "Fine... oops, there's some in you face now, sorry."

Interviewer Berwen rubs the Cream on her face: "Uhhh, It feels good. Thank you again. Maybe one day we meet us again. See you!"




Zilphia: "For your Skin, twice a day." *reaches her a Bottle of Succu Cream* "Okay, have a good journey back home."




Zilphia: "Aaaw, such a kind Person. Why are not all Mortals like her?" *sigh*



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