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  1. Hey. Such problematic CC usually have 'default for body type' flag that allows it to stay dressed. You just need to remove all of such flags (uncheck them) in S4S warehouse tab for each CAS part to get rid of this.
  2. Those colors are taken from default head hair colors and match the colors that used in WW. All of the light pubic hair colors have the same problem, they are not clearly visible with one or another light skin tone. I think it's because pubic hair doesn't have shadow. So unfortunately I don't think that changing the tone a little can result in something better (if you're talking about this). Also I can't configure any color I want as a standard WW pubic hair color, eventually this would result in a mess. And if I add such non-standard color as a 'custom' cathegory color, it won't be applied to sims as native, depending on their head hair color.
  3. I don't know what could be the reason of this, applying of cum is configured correctly in the animation config and there is no such problem in my game.
  4. There is no setting for this, it just works once installed.
  5. Разве что только на мой Патреон подписаться. Можно подписаться разово на текущий месяц и до первого числа следующего месяца отписаться, чтобы не подписка продлилось автоматом если вам это не нужно.
  6. @clamman5 what male skin do you use there? I like how the butt looks. Also wondering about hd feet version.
  7. Перевод обновлен Адаптация под WickedWhims v.161c Спасибо @simiya за репорт.
  8. For those who missed it. The inappropriate unlock addon has been updated and the unlimited 'no mosaic' is now included. So you can delete my NoMosaicAllAges.package from your mods after updating the addon.
  9. Спасибо, гляну. По ченджлогу я не увидел, что в b-версии что-то поменялось.
  10. I needed animations for my sims to have non-standard sex on a date in a park, this is how monkey bars idea was born. It's a common object in parks and it has great potential. I'm glad you like the sequence 🙂
  11. No, I don't. I'm focused on quality two actors animations.
  12. LL update Added animations: MF Monkey Bars Stand Behind (vaginal / monkey bars) preview MF Bed Edge Doggy (vaginal / double bed) preview MF Monkey Bars Cunnilingus (oraljob / monkey bars) preview MF Holding Hands Cowgirl (vaginal / single bed, double bed) preview MF Meet The Cock (oraljob / monkey bars) preview Improved 'Passionate Reverse Riding', 'Passionate Reverse Riding 2' (vaginal / sofa, loveseat, bench_outdoor). Patreon update Octobber gold animation available for early access for gold patrons and higher on Patreon: Reverse Cowgirl Teasing
  13. Those macs are strange things, it turns out that subfolders are loaded first and main folder is the latest?.. Brrr... Don't even want to rack my brains with this:) I'm glad you finally got it working.
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