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  1. Every file that isn't included in the latest version of my mods is outdated and has to be removed.
  2. I also don't mind having Batuu objects but I don't want those stupid sims (I'm not a fan of SW), especially to appear in the common worlds. It's possible to make a mod that disables all of the Batuu faces permanently, I can even make such mod myself but not sure if it doesn't already exist.
  3. Так там же написано WickedWhims v162g, посмотрите внимательно. 169 версии в природе пока не существует, на Патреоне последняя 164.
  4. В смысле? Перевод соответствует 162 версии, разве нет?
  5. No, unfortunately. I guess because career outfit is not listed in CAS.
  6. As a part of a regular outfit, not as a part of WW underwear. But there is a possibility to have accessories dressed together with underwear. If you have stockings in the sim's regular outfit and have them not allowed for auto undressing in the Nudity/Undressing Behavior Settings, then stockings will be kept while undressing to underwear and so you can get what you want.
  7. Because underwear is exactly top and bottom clothing (for females) and no accessories allowed. Read the green WW notification that appears while changing underwear.
  8. Patreon major update Reworked all mod parts to use the new LRLE image format for better display quality. Added 3 types of vagina.
  9. Hey @AdriftAtSea! Thanks for reporting, I'll fix that soon.
  10. No problem buddy. Yeah, normal skins are most predatory things since they have to devour everything else to use their own color tones.
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