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Happy New Year!!!!


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:heart:   Happy New year !!!  :heart:



Happy New Year you horny dinosaurs !!! :tounge_xd:    :heart:   :yum:

I wish to all of you, a very good journey for the year that is about to come upon us and I wish you to be as horny:love: as possible luuulz :tounge_wink: for when the opportunity arises :heart:   :naughty:   :heart:


Have a good one you Sexy Beasts !!!    :relaxed::relaxed::tounge_xd:



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*I felt like something was missing and I saw that there wasnt a

thread about New Years. So I thought it would be nice to get the

community together for this*


I love LL, I love my friends here, 

I love the mod authors, and I love

the community. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :smiley:


I havent been on so long I forgot this belongs in Offtopic!

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Happy New Year.


 I wish you a year in which the present problems are only experiences of growth, an opportunity to become stronger and happier.

 Whether you are alone, with your families or with someone you love, keep in mind that you will always be with someone very important and irreplaceable ... yourselves.

 A kiss and a hug from someone who wishes all of you only the best.

 Thank you all for sharing your knowledge, your time and your love.


 Para mis hermanos hispano parlantes, recuerden que los tropiezos son solo retrasos en nuestro viaje, al cual si o si llegaremos si lo queremos.


 Y para mis herman@s Chilen@s: Chupen, coman, y chup pa' dentro, pero con moderación y cuidado. :blush:



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2 hours ago, blutoblutarsky said:

Why do people think ll people are perverts just cause we are normal and accept sexual shit? 


If anything I'm worse than all you. I got so much 80s action hero violence in my mind that it's beyond all. 


Yet- sex stuff is preverted? You are all normal. I'm the only pervert here. I've never seen anyone debate if rambos choke is stronger than Vaders (it is- Jedi can't stop bullets). So yeah. Want a scapegoat for violence it's me. But ll is not perverts. 

It is what it is. Sex and making sex mods isn't perverted. It's normal. Thinking about or slaughtering droves of people like all video games tell us we should is perverted.


you ask me. Ll is the last bastion of sanity. Just me.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah calm down, it's really NOT that deep.

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26 minutes ago, pantherlux said:

i wish you all a happy new year, mine started like shit and i can only hope it gets better now...

it depends on you, if the year will be shit, you have to make the best of it.
I experience this year already the 61st year and I made the best of it. :classic_wink:


gesundes neues Jahr an alle. :classic_smile:

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