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  1. Right now, I think you will need to skip S1. You can read the full scene here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ph59h5ktrpftLnaPgwMwE1p20M1qmpXrOQr-HSPMYeo/edit#
  2. DSN is awesome - though it didn't exist at the time. I use DNS myself, and love it. But that's not what he requested. He wanted the player's CHARACTER to speak, not the real person playing the game. None of that would make a difference if he just wanted to player to speak the lines out loud.
  3. Sorry for the silence, I'm planning on a refactor to fix the.issues, but not until sometime next month.
  4. Just copy it into the actual Skyrim data folder then. It will not load without the mod installed, and will not effect games without the mod enabled.
  5. Evilynn

    Skyrim VR BDSM Mods

    Flower Girls BDSM
  6. @lordescobar666 I did some digging last night, and it's not a locked script. It's a problem with scenes. While scene (Story) is running, it calls scene (OralSexSceneManager), and that scene calls scene (OralSexScene). For some reason this is causing problems. I think I need to completely rewrite that part of the mod. The manager is really just there to provide timing control - so that the same scene can be played over and over with different timings in different situations. I think I'm going to end up rewriting that entire system. The new version will have use an alias and OnUpdate for it's timings - but also have an option for passing in "-1" for a stage timing to wait for an external call to update. The problem that I was trying to fix is that I will need animations and sex scenes to wait for things to happen at specific stages. For example, an actor might need to talk across the room. Because I don't know if it will take 5 second or 30 seconds, I can't just enter a hard coded time and leave it at that.
  7. You can try running the scene again: Reload from your backup save. Cast the config spell twice. Select "Debug Settings" (I think) Select "Developer Tests" (I think) Select "S1" to rerun the scene... (optionally) select either the "Hero/Victim Path" or "Villain Path", and select "Start" to skip that one. I'm not 100% sure on the exact button wording because i'm not at my normal computer.
  8. Evilynn

    Steams new approach ?

    I'm not sure what you are upset about... It doesn't sound much different than what they do now other than allowing things like adult content... I'd like to see adult content on steam... It's not like they police games for quality now. Buying a game without looking into it will continue be a waste of money. I'd love to play some good adult games, and right now it's hard/impossible to find. What am I missing?
  9. Evilynn is a corruptor, not a corruptee... There is going to be corruption in the story.
  10. just copy it into the LichEvilynnVR mod. Right click on LichEvilynnVR in MO2 Choose "Open in Explorer" Drop the BSA into the folder.
  11. There is a great deal of lore behind her that will be added over time. A couple things I'm willing to mention: Sexlab is broken in VR. Thankfully Flower Girls works well.
  12. If you turn on all subtitles, you can read the vast majority of it. Your only issue will be a few places where the screen goes black (and it covers up dialog windows) I think I'm going to change how that works, so, perhaps the next version will not have that problem... In the current story, I think only the narrator text hidden in the spoiler below is actually blocked...
  13. @lordescobar666 thanks, I didn't know about the console command DPS... That will help me find it quickly - I hope. Assuming it's fast I may have time when I get home tonight to test and update.
  14. I'm going to be out of town until next weekend. I'll try to respond to questions before then, but no promises. Unfortunately, I expect this first release to be very buggy - I've had several strange issues (like the first scene stopping unless logging is turned on) but I want to put up what I can before my trip.
  15. Lich Evilynn VR (and SSE) View File Lich Evilynn Includes rape and torture! You have been warned! Supplemental Warnings: Story Based - Expect long scenes and lots of dialog and reading. This is very early alpha. Only the intro quest and part of the victim story exist. [READ ME FIRST] Please read this entire block before downloading. This mod is in early alpha, and I want feedback and suggestions! For some unknown reason, the first sex scene locks up unless logging is turned on. You can turn it on by using the "LichEvilynn Config" power. The first time it just gives story settings, the second time you can turn on logging in the debug options. This is a story. There are (or will be) a lot of scenes, dialog, and narration. You will be railroaded at times (sometimes literally losing control of your character), but your actions, words, and choices have a deep impact on the story. If you take the good path, I want you to feel trapped, helpless and powerless... You must endure until you find a way to escape... Will you remain a victim forever, or will you destroy the evil that dominates you? If you take the evil path, I want you live in a world of predators and victims. If you make the wrong mistake, you will become the next victim yourself. Can you survive in a world where your wits are the only weapon that matters? The default story is heavily focused on lesbian sex. There is a setting to "gender swap" a few characters into male. This adds some heterosexual sex. You can also play as male or female and the story will adjust. There are times when the screen goes black and stays that way until the narrator finishes speaking. You will not be able to follow the full story without sound. In order to trigger the opening scene... VR players: The first scene is buggy for VR right now. The NPC stands against/inside the player. It's a short scene, just listen to what he says and it will automatically continue afterwards. [VR] This mod will work in SSE, but is designed for VR. That means that I have tried to maximize immersion and minimize things like pop-up windows that break immersion... [Voice Acting] In it's current state the mod is fully voiced... by 5 different PAID voice actors. I'm taking a break to play with Unity, and when i return I plan on setting up a patreon account and asking for donations to cover my costs. I will not gate content, and am not trying to make a profit, but I've already spent several hundred dollars on voice acting... I can't continue this way. Each scene runs between $10 and $80 for voice acting. If you're interested in volunteering, please let me know! [HOW COULD YOU CREATE SUCH A HORRIBLE MOD?] Personal, feel free to ignore.... [INSTALLATION] When installing a WIP mod like this, it's best to either: Use a throwaway save game. Make a backup save, install the mod, try the content, remove the mod and revert to the backup save. Once you have your backup: Install the requirements. (FNIS, FlowerGirls, and FlowerGirls BDSM) Download the mod, and install it as normal with your favorite mod manager. If it's your first install, download the LichEvilynnVR.bsa file (this will probably never need updating - it's just ZAZ textures in a bsa.) Place LichEvilynnVR.bsa in your Skyrim data folder. Run FNIS [FAQ] Q: What about my follower? A: Standard followers are handeled, but special followers are currently ignored. I suggest leaving them at home when you start the quest-line. Q: After the first scene, nothing happened. Why? A: After the opening, Evilynn will leave you for a bit. She will be back in a few days (content ends when she gives you a name). Q: I think I found a bug! What do I do? A: That sounds likely. Post it in the support thread. I'll try to help. [REQUIREMENTS] FNIS Flower Girls SE and VR 2.0.1 Flower Girls BDSM Base 1.4.0 (and any requirements of the above mods) [CREDITS] @Sarge Misfit - for his all of his help re-rewriting my original sub-par dialog. @t.ara - for his work improving ZaZ. @-alpha- - for an awesome magic strapon texture. @supremebeholder - for cane marks @Mitos - for sharing some awesome animations @Funnybizness - for sharing awesome animations @Ekirts Ykcul - for awesome skin textures I don't know if they ever stop by, but we all owe a large round of thanks to: @ZaZ and @xaz - for their work on the original ZaZ Animation Pack Submitter Evilynn Submitted 06/07/2018 Category Adult Mods Requires FNIS, Flower Girls SE and VR 2.0.1, Flower Girls BDSM Base 1.4.0 Regular Edition Compatible Yes